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400 words after reading father and son

Father and son, they live a carefree, happy and warm life, from a pair of ordinary father and son became the heir of the palace, and drifted to the uninhabited island, finally they accidentally met submarine and returned to the palace. They are so kind, simple character and deep father son love has been accompanied by them to the end of the cartoon. This cartoon moved hundreds of millions of readers with deep father son emotion, but it was also funny. Diary 200 words

In the story, the father loves his son deeply. Although he doesn't really explain it to us, it can be seen in his every action. He is very kind and humorous. At the same time, he has a silly feeling, which makes people want to laugh when they see him. The father often saw his son make a small mistake and beat him. However, after the fight, there was a very filial son, who loved his father very much. As the saying goes, fighting is pro, scolding is love. This is really a father who loves his children.

The son in the story is a clever and naughty little boy. He often "teases" his father, but at the same time, he uses his cleverness to solve problems for his father, but sometimes he is misunderstood by his father and gets a beating. He loves his father. When his father is ridiculed by others, he always tells others about his ability for his father. Sometimes he saw that his father had made a mistake, and he would use his own cleverness to help him solve the problem. Although this little boy is a little smart, he always wants to find opportunities not to learn. By the way, he is also greedy and will secretly read the content of this page from "read. 4" ”Push for you, buy things with pocket money.

Finally, the two men wrote a note to say goodbye, but after six weeks, Dad became the moon, and one became a huge star.