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Reading notes of scientific and technological articles

British philosopher Popper once said: "scientific progress is a mixed blessing. This is a philosophical metaphor. Looking back at the development history of human society, we can clearly see that the reason why we can create more wealth in a century than the sum of all other periods in history is that our scientific research always brings good news. Without the progress of science and technology, we can not get rid of the poverty and backwardness of agricultural society; without the progress of science and technology, we will not have our industrial revolution again and again; without the progress of science and technology, we will not have our electronic age and colorful comfortable life. However, the development of things has its duality, which is the so-called "misfortune, happiness, and disaster". 」

The development of science and technology promotes the process of human beings, and it is the development of science and technology that makes human beings have this brand-new and beautiful life. Throughout the ages, which generation did not attach importance to the development of science and technology? Looking back on the past, you can see the four great inventions, which are unique; you can marvel at the astronomy and calendar; you can see the Zhaozhou arch bridge, which is exquisitely designed; you can see the compendium of Materia Medica, the Oriental classic; you can see the pI value, which is seven decimal places; you can see the Silk Road, which is developing the economy; you can see the blue and white porcelain, which is famous overseas. Science and technology development is the road to a powerful country, and science and technology development is the first driving force for the progress of the Chinese nation. Without science, where can we live a happy life today? Without technology, where can we get comfortable material life and spiritual enjoyment? Without the progress of science and technology, how can we get hybrid 2? How can we put on cotton clothes, how can we live in high-rise buildings?

We are happy, we are lucky, we have caught up with an era of rapid development of science and technology, an era full of high technology, this is not only our ancestors chose development and progress in the evolution, but also the unremitting efforts and hard research of all people, how many hardworking scientists we have today in exchange for wisdom and even life.

Life is so comfortable, life is so pleasant and life is so wonderful. Our average life expectancy is 30 years higher than that in ancient times. We don't even have to go out to visit relatives and friends. Isn't that all the benefits brought by the development of science and technology?

When human beings develop high technology, relatively, it has also brought about a significant impact on the environment, biology and the earth. For example, Taiwan has changed from an agricultural society to an industrial society. As a result of human industrial activities, the earth's emissions in the atmosphere have increased, and the problems of greenhouse effect and acid rain have become increasingly serious, causing ecological problems such as the death of organisms in rivers and lakes, building corrosion and global warming; In addition, although organ transplantation has saved many people, the society has paid huge medical costs, and there are also many bad phenomena, such as the sale of organs, cloning technology, etc. & hellip; & hellip;. In the future, how to achieve a balance between the development of science and technology and human well-being is a very important issue facing mankind.

In a word, science is arduous and honest labor, which enlightens people's wisdom and cultivates people's spirit of hard struggle and seeking truth; science explores and creates the future, which cultivates people's grand mind, broad vision, courage of exploration and innovation; science develops in the struggle against fallacies, which cultivates people to be not afraid of difficulties, setbacks, and difficulties Science is the common wealth of mankind, which is incompatible with all kinds of opportunistic, profit-making and selfish behaviors. It cultivates people's noble sentiment and cultivates people's dedication.

Science and technology change history, knowledge change destiny. We have entered the 21st century and an era full of high technology. Science has changed our lives, science has changed our destiny. "Knowledge is power". Why can the people's Republic of China, a great country with a population of 1.3 billion, stand up in front of the world? Because of our continuous development of science and technology! Our science and technology is constantly improving!

Fourth grade: Liu Weilian's writing about reading notes: such a "fall grass for the bandit"_ Feeling after reading "outlaws of the marsh"_ The word "1100" has no different intention. Life and death are entrusted to each other. They act on behalf of heaven and protect the country and the people. If there are people who are not benevolent, heaven and earth will not allow them, and the gods will destroy them. "-- outlaws of the marsh

'all things are empty when you die, but you can't see Kyushu together. Wang Shi set the Central Plains day in the north, and told naiweng about the family sacrifices. 'at the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, the world was dark and morbid. In these troubled times, a whole group of people resigned and revolted because they argued for the poor, but they were isolated from the world because the leaders were proud of their merits, trusted and sycophantic officials were alienated and loyal.

In such a state, with full enthusiasm and indignation, Shi Naian met his confidant Luo Guanzhong in the same situation and began to create water margin.

Gao Qiu, a notorious rascal, takes up a lot of pen and ink at the beginning of the story to describe how he became a great captain because he can play shuttlecock to please people. On the contrary, Lin Chong, a coach who is brave enough to command 800000 forbidden troops, is chased and killed because he won the competition. The more unfair the description of social status competition, the more aroused the readers' sympathy and emotional fluctuations, which made people feel a little bit sweaty. After that, a group of heroes Cao Gai and others used Wu Yong's stratagem to make Song Jiang, who was a detainee, become a bandit. On the contrary, the writing idea of "officials force the people to fight against" gradually revealed: "kill Yan Po angrily", "Jingyang Gang Wusong fight tiger" and "blood" The Liangshan heroes with distinct personalities, flesh and blood, valuing righteousness and wealth gradually have their own place in the society. They recruit talents, rob the rich and help the poor, attack corrupt officials, and where they go, they have strict military regulations, help the people, and spread good stories among the people.

You may wonder that this is just a novel with strong storytelling collected from the folk. How can it become one of the four most famous novels in China? This is not an empty name. You can see his description of shuigong: "when the man punts a little and pushes his feet, the boat paddles towards the middle of the river like an arrow. When his two feet shake the boat, the bottom of the boat turns to the sky, and they both fall into the water. Zhang Shun's dexterity and agility are expressed in the following words: point, arrow and flash. On the contrary, if you look at the "Black Whirlwind" that dominates the land, Li Kui is furious. He takes off his cloth shirt and fights with both hands. He has already snatched five or six pennies in his hands, and it seems that he has broken them like a spring onion. This "twisted onion general" makes Shi Naian's vivid writing skills deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Of course, when I read this work, I often have doubts: for example, the "magic" once appeared frequently in Wu Yong's mouth; for example, the well-known story of "Wu Song beat the tiger" in the chapter of "Wu Song beat the tiger", the big white headed tiger with hanging neck was hungry and thirsty at that time, and he would jump several meters higher than others. How did Wu Song grasp the fur on his head and press it down when he was drunk? I also know Wu Song's bravery and belligerence, but this story has gradually become a myth in the mouth of the people.

In fact, Shi Naian was worried about his family, his country and the whole world. He was able to write such vivid stories and integrate all kinds of stories and characters perfectly. In terms of the cultural level at that time, Shi Naian was already outstanding. I often try to imagine Lu Xun's words in his thick brush. Lu Xun saw from the textbook is full of 'cannibalism' words, and I see from Shi Naian's book is full of 'mind' of the spirit. Song Jiang likes to make friends with heroes, support justice and wealth, and treat people with ability, no matter how noble or humble they are. He is famous for his kindness and leadership spirit. I think when he is writing character literature, he is like Shi Naian himself All of them will more or less reflect their own inner thoughts. When creating character attributes, they will have their own shadow. Song Jiang is the shadow that Shi Naian longed for, that can be used as he wishes.

"My heart is in Shandong, my body is in Wu, and my heart is in Pengjiang. The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you. When he was pushed by "Sihai reading network", Ruo Sui was Ling Yunzhi. He dared to laugh at Huang Chao's husband! "Song Jiang wrote a book with such a spirit of" falling grass and becoming an aggressor ". He was so short-lived that he became a powerful Liangshan hero.

First day of junior high school: two notes on reading glass lamp_ 1100 words 1. Everyone has the same wealth, whether they are poor or rich, they all have such precious wealth -- time, which is fair and equally distributed to everyone; time is selfish and 'more' is given to those who work hard; time is ordinary and some people waste their time; time is precious and some have made great achievements with it. It depends on how to use time.

Gorky said: time is the most fair and reasonable, it never gives anyone a point. Hardworking people can make time leave a string of fruits, lazy people can only let time leave them with white hair and empty hands. Time is a wealth, but wealth can't buy time. Those who use time will benefit, while those who waste time will only do harm to themselves. If time is not precious, there will be no poets who praise it: "you can't see the water of the Yellow River coming up from the sky and rushing to the sea. If you don't see the mirror in the high hall, your hair is white and sad, and the morning is like green silk, and the evening is like snow. "I urge you not to cherish the golden clothes, but to cherish your youth. We should all have heard the story of the old man of time, so we should cherish time even more. Do you have any feelings when you see the silver haired old man praising the short time and the black haired young man enjoying himself? Over time, you can make a lot of money. For example, if you deposit money in a bank, you will get more and more interest. But if you borrow usury, you have to pay more.

When a ray of sunshine shines in the morning, should you reflect on whether you have wasted your time? Time is like a bird that never returns. Today, some people are full of fruits, some people are full of silver but have nothing to do, some people donate their blood to their country, and some people still waste their time for pleasure. These results are caused by how he treats time. Just like shouting in the valley, the opposite side of the cliff will come back. How you treat time, time will treat you.

2。 Since I read the article "wonderful and terrible", I have been greatly inspired and have a lot of thoughts. The article has given me a deep impression, a feeling that resonates with the author. Two different ways, but both for a common purpose, that is to hope that their children can thrive.

There are two different ways of love: one is the power of paternal love: warning and reminding, which is strict and does not let children go astray; the other is the power of maternal love: praise and encouragement, which is gentle and makes children enhance their self-confidence. These two forces are intertwined and correctly guide the growth of children. The power of father's love makes children persevere in the face of difficulties and dare to face their own shortcomings. The power of mother's love gives children self-confidence, which is the source of inspiration and sense of achievement. A child is like a seedling. Mother's love is the sun. She sprinkles her own light on the seedling to make it crack. Father's love is like drizzle, sprinkling the drizzle