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Reading the true story of Ah Q

When I read Lu Xun's articles, I still have some difficulties, and my understanding is not very thorough. After reading the true story of Ah Q, I feel a lot. Diary Diary of grade one

Ah Q's life is miserable. He is always the target of being bullied, but what makes people laugh is that he always wins. Ah Q does short-term work for others. His status is not high, and he always annoys those idle people. Naturally, he can't do without a fight. Those people grabbed his collar and knocked his head on the wall. In less than ten seconds, ah q thought to himself: "in today's world, there are still sons who beat me & hellip; & hellip;", and then he left happily. This is what ah q calls' spiritual victory '. He is so poor that he can't get a wife, but he boasts that 'my son will be much richer'. This is undoubtedly arrogant and self deceiving. Ah Q's complacency and stupidity are vividly reflected in the "spiritual victory method".

However, ah q is more ridiculous, and what is more sad is that he is even uglier than Wang Hu, which fully shows that Ah Q's life is extremely boring. From "read. 4 ”Push for you to be bullied after the resistance to glare at self contempt, Ah Q has been numb, which makes people feel sad and pitiful.

In that morbid China, Lu Xun's purpose was to awaken the people by describing Ah Q, to change the fate of the oppressed working people like Ah Q, and to save the morbid China at that time.