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Company with red star_ Feeling of watching the shining red star

"If you want to look forward to it, the Red Army will come, and the mountains will be everywhere; if you want to look forward to it, the Red Army will come, and the mountains will be everywhere.". I have never seen YINGSHANHONG before. For the Red Army, the story of the revolution was only heard from my parents. A few days ago, I watched "shining red star", which gave me a deep feeling. Diary 400 words

Pan Dongzi's father is a revolutionary soldier. Under the guidance of his father, he has set up the belief of loving the party and the people since childhood. Dongzixiao was in the period of the Anti Japanese war between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang. The local tyrant officials bullied the people everywhere. They were very rampant, but they were very afraid of the Communist Party. Hu Hansan, the local tyrant, was such a person. Because of the arrival of the Red Army, he had to flee from the small village. However, it was not long before he was quiet. Because of the improper arrangement of the Anti Japanese war Road, the Red Army was forced to withdraw from the small village Dad also followed the troops out. Before leaving, Dongzi's father left him a red star to tell him the meaning and truth of revolution and let him learn to be strong. As soon as the Red Army left, Hu Hansan returned to the village and became more fierce. Dongzi and his mother live a hard life together. But Hu Hansan secretly tried every means to harm their mother and son. So Dongzi, a young man, began to fight with his uncle in the Red Army. With the support and cooperation of the villagers and the Red Army, Hu Hansan was finally brought to justice. Small village finally ushered in the spring, the mountains of Yingshan red open particularly bright. Dongzi's mother once said to Dongzi: "when the mountains are in full bloom, it's time to win the war, and it's time for your father to come back! "Ah, how familiar that figure is in the distance, it's dad! Dongzi grew up in the years of revolution, and the Yingshan mountain became more and more colorful.

What I can't forget for a long time after watching is Dongzi's eyes, full of firmness, unyielding and wisdom. When fighting with the enemy, he fully showed his wisdom: the enemy began to close the mountain in order to defeat the Red Army, and people from the mountain were not allowed to come down, and people from the mountain were not allowed to bring things up. He was determined to trap the Red Army, but the smart Dongzi worked for Midian to win the enemy Love, while secretly up the mountain for the Red Army uncle sent precious food - salt. Without salt, there is no strength to fight. The East son, in order to avoid the enemy's search, sprinkled salt on his clothes and soaked with water, avoiding the enemy's Eyeliner wisely. He also brought valuable enemy information to the Red Army. The adults couldn't help praising him: "what a clever boy, our motherland has such a future, and the war will surely win! 'I can't help but secretly admire Dongzi's tact. He has made great contributions to the revolution in the face of fierce enemies. Isn't this spirit of self sacrifice and dedication to the interests of the motherland that we should learn from?

But can we still be the same as pan Dongzi? Have we cherished the happy life of the old revolutionary martyrs in exchange for their blood? The uncle of the Red Army once said to Dongzi: 'revolution depends on war, not just waiting. Waiting can't wait for victory. "Yes, you can't get anything unless you work hard. There's no free lunch in the world. It's just a moment of luck to wait for the hare. Therefore, the older generation of people do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for our present life. They do not wait, but act. We should not do the same for ourselves and for the future. We should do our best to add luster to our motherland.

Grade 2, Qinhuangdao No.7 Middle School, Qinhuangdao, Hebei_ Reading "Hongyan"_ In the face of the enemy's butcher's knife, they did not yield; in the face of the black muzzle, they were not afraid; in the face of coercion and inducement, they were calm; in the face of the choice of life and death, they were tight lipped. They are the red stars of the party - revolutionary heroes!

In the underground work of the cruel and dangerous war of liberation, there were such a group of people who were dedicated to the party, worked hard, and fought with the Kuomintang flexibly. But because of the traitor's betrayal, they successively changed the content of this page from "read. 4" ”Push you to prison, but their loyal revolutionary faith has not changed. Jiang Jie, Xu Yunfeng, Cheng Gang, Qi Xiaoxuan, Liu Siyang revolutionary martyrs dyed the party's flag red with blood, and they made our party usher in a great victory!

One's death is lighter or heavier than Mount Tai. Without the heroic dedication of the revolutionary martyrs, we would not have a happy life today. &"Red Rock" is a great documentary novel, which proves the great righteousness of the revolutionary martyrs as well as the steel will of the Chinese nation! As Jiang said, torture is too small a test! Bamboo is made of bamboo, and the revolutionary will of Communist Party members is made of steel! Revolutionary martyrs are shining with infinite light like sparkling red stars! It was Liu Siyang's last smile; it was Jiang Jie's strong suffering; it was Qi Xiaoxuan's rock dyed red with blood; it was Xu Yunfeng's impassioned speech before his death; it was little luobotou's call before his departure & hellip; & hellip; the revolutionary martyrs defended the territory with blood, supported the machine gun with their chests, and faced the cruel torture of the enemy, they would rather die than surrender and shed their blood for the motherland. They died for justice and for the country. They proved the strength of the Chinese nation with their iron will! They are worthy heroes! It is the little by little that these revolutionary martyrs have exchanged with their blood that has created the permanent victory of our revolution!

Revolutionary martyrs also had youth, dreams and happy families. But they bravely chose to work hard for the party, the motherland and the people, even though they knew the danger and cruelty of their work. Don't they cherish their lives? No, they did not hesitate to give up the hope of life when the danger of their country contradicted their own life! Life is what I want; righteousness is what I want! You can't have both of them! The revolutionary martyrs sacrificed their lives for righteousness. They died for the country and for national liberation. Their death is more important than Mount Tai! They will shine like shining red stars forever and be respected by thousands of people!

Grade 6, Jinjia Street No.2 primary school, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning_ Today, in the class meeting, I watched a film "shining red star" with my classmates, which benefited me a lot. It made me feel the hardships of life in the revolutionary era, and I was deeply moved. The main contents of the film are as follows:

In the autumn of 1934, the main red army withdrew from the central base. His father, who took part in the main Red Army, left Dongzi a shining red star before he set out. Dongzi collected it as a treasure. As soon as the Red Army left, the great local tyrant Hu Hansan came back, and Liuxi fell into white terror again. Dongzi's mother, as a traffic attendant of the guerrillas, went to the East Village and went to the West Village to convey the spirit of the party. In one operation, Dongzi's mother was besieged by Hu Hansan's "Jingwei regiment" in a blazing thatched cottage & hellip; & hellip; his mother's death made xiaodongzi grow up a lot suddenly. With the Red Star left by his father in his arms, he took on the job of guerrilla transporter. They raised salt for the guerrillas on the mountain and skilfully escaped the search of the Jingwei regiment. Dongzi also cleverly worked as a rice shop assistant, got the exact information, and destroyed Hu Hansan's mountain search plan. After dealing with Hu Hansan's many explorations and interrogations calmly and freely, Dongzi seized the good opportunity and chopped Hu Hansan to death. In 1938, the Jiangnan guerrillas prepared to go to the front line of Anti Japanese war. Dongzi and his father met again. He took the red star, which had been preserved for many years, and became a real Red Army soldier.

After watching this movie, I couldn't calm down for a long time. Our happy life today is not easy to come by. It is the life and blood of countless revolutionary martyrs. So we should treasure it more. We live in a peaceful environment and grow up under the care of our parents. Never know what to complain, what is tired. Our main task now is to study hard, redouble our efforts, serve our motherland and maintain peace.

Fifth grade: Lu Yichen