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On Shangyang's reform

After reading this story, I know the cause and process of Shang Yang's reform. Diary 100 words

Qin is located in the west of the Central Plains. In 361 BC, Qin Xiaogong ascended the throne. He was a more promising monarch.

In order to change the backwardness of our country, we decided to adopt Shang Yang's opinion and carry out the reform. In the reform, the old system was reformed and the new law was carried out. Ten years after the implementation of the new law, the state of Qin became the most prosperous and powerful country. Shang Yang's reform laid a solid foundation for Qin Dynasty to unify China.

This historical fact has proved that no matter what social system or country changes, it will become strong and unchanged, it will die.

Grade 2 of Liaoning Fushun general school: Li Haoyang's Thoughts on reading Zizhi Tongjian_ 600 words since I was a child, I have read a lot of good books with books as companions: Fairy Tales growing up with me; famous literary works that let me know people's feelings and accidents; and popular science reading material & hellip; & hellip; all in all, I have read a lot of books, but my favorite is history book Zizhi Tongjian. I was different from others when I was young. I like the so-called boring history in other people's eyes. Since a unique pick in the bookstore "Zizhi Tongjian", I can't put it down. I often indulge in books and forget to eat and sleep. The author of Zizhitongjian is Sima Guang, a famous historian and statesman in the Shenzong period of the Northern Song Dynasty,

It mainly narrates the vicissitudes of history from the division of the three powers to the Five Dynasties and ten states, in which the change of dynasties and the cultural situation make me feel very deeply.

There are many characters in the book, and many of them I admire. Zhuge Liang of Shu was resourceful and resourceful, and created Shu by himself. Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, made great efforts to govern the country, and made the feudal dynasty prosperous. Wu Zetian, the empress of Tang Dynasty, had the talent of governing the country and the skill of employing people. She could be described as a woman who did not let men down. Lin Xiangru, who had returned to Zhao perfectly, had a decisive victory over Zhang Liang, who was thousands of miles away. There are so many people I admire. What's more, I should learn from them to enrich myself so that I can make great achievements like them in the future!

No one is perfect, and no gold is pure. Although there are brilliant people in the past dynasties, there are countless notorious people. Although the first emperor of Qin made great contributions to the unification of the six countries, his cruelty is also well known to all women and children. He burned books to entrap scholars and indulged in immorality. He built the extremely luxurious Afang palace and made the people live in dire straits. Yang Guang, the emperor of the Sui Dynasty, was very resourceful, hypocritical, and tyrannical, which made the prosperity of the original times difficult for the people. The one who invited the emperor into the urn was Lai Junchen, and the one with honey in his mouth was Li Linfu. They have a long history and are reviled by the world. I should bear in mind the lessons learned. This is also the original intention of Zizhi Tongjian.

This book "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" has benefited me a lot. It has taught me how to be a man and do things. I read it not only enrich the knowledge, but also let myself remember the things of predecessors all my life. Remember the fate of villains, learn the quality of holy heaven, work hard to serve the motherland and the people.

History is brilliant. Let me enjoy the vast sea of history. In Chairman Mao's Qinyuanchun, it is written: "I cherish the Qin emperor and Han Wu, but I lose my literary talent slightly; Tang Zong and Song Zu are less coquettish. Genghis Khan, a proud generation, only knew how to shoot big sculptures with curved bow. The number of celebrities still depends on the present. It seems that our great Chairman Mao also believes that as long as we integrate the merits of the so-called heroes in history, real heroes are still in the modern age. In today's prosperous age of Kangtai, we should learn from the advantages of our predecessors, remember their mistakes, and strive to become a 'true hero! '

Sixth grade: Lu Xiaoxuan's reading notes_ There is a mother's education method worth learning_ 3000 words have a mother's education method is worth learning!

My son's mother, who entered Tsinghua University in 2007 with the city's number one student and full marks in Mathematics

1. In terms of eating: one bowl, which is the basic amount. For example, he said, mom, I can't finish eating. I said, I'll let him off the table. When I eat in the evening, I will put his lunch in front of him, and eat new food when it's not enough. It won't happen again. Do not require full should be seven full, excessive only harmful to the body, enough energy consumption is good, so that the cerebral cortex more gullies, conducive to memory; eat less meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not accumulate body fat affect the brain.

2. Homework after school: set a time, and he will not be allowed to do it when the time comes. He said that if he does not finish his homework, he will be punished by the teacher tomorrow, but I told him that he should not misappropriate what he does at what time. The next day, he got up early in the morning to do it. I was not allowed to do it. He went to school crying. After that, he finished his homework first and then had dinner. After that, until he graduated from high school, he took it as his first duty to finish his homework first. From junior high school to senior high school, all homework is done in school. At that time, I didn't allow my son to use his time of playing and reading extracurricular books to do his homework. (have fun)

3. Teachers complain and punish homework (about criticism): my son was also punished in the first grade of primary school. I picked him up from school and waited until he finished the punished homework. At the same time, I listened to the teacher complain about his son's carelessness in class and how he had something to do with his classmates. But my son's eyes are still very kind, waiting patiently for him to finish (inner monologue: it's just right to write one more time). When I got home, I asked him about the situation carefully. If his classmates were wrong, they would not criticize him. It was their own problem, but they all told him how to pay attention to it and correct it. It is very important for parents to use reason to remove the negative emotions they may have on teachers. It's parents and teachers who are mainly responsible for the blow to children's self-confidence. For example, if a child is scolded at school, the mother should understand the matter clearly that night, dissolve the child's emotions, and repair his self-confidence. People's self-confidence in life is very important.

4. Inattention: is sleep bad at night? Are you too full? Can't understand the lesson? Find out the reason and find the solution to the problem. Don't just scold the child. Such as: if the baby's body is hot and humid, people are uncomfortable, and naturally have no energy to listen to class. If all the reasons can not be found, we can consider using the Buddhist method.

5. Playful nature: to give him time to play, hands-on itself is equal to brain, nothing bad, parents and children set a good time after class to sleep, all according to the schedule. Playing card games is a way that special education teachers tell us. I applied and practiced it, and it was successful. When my son was in primary school, the teacher assigned his homework, which he did quickly.

6. It's OK. You want your child to play with his left hand more. It's to exercise his right brain and prepare for junior high school. Parents and children play card addition once a day, draw two cards and quickly shake them in front of him, let him quickly say the added number, insist on adding and subtracting once in the third grade, and don't use it after the fifth grade. Exercise the ability of attention, quick reflection and mental calculation.

7。 I have read a post: about children's education, I have been thinking about some problems, and also communicate with you. in my submission:

First, we should carry out period education, pay attention to the development of thinking and intelligence, and do not force him to learn anything.

Second, be kind to all life, teach him to think in another's place, and don't impose it on others.

Third, teach him to follow the example of water when he is a man and when he is doing things, to overcome hardness with softness when he is in trouble, and to make a detour when he is in trouble.

Fourth, learn to be content.

Fifth, tranquility, indifference to fame and wealth, ease and freedom

I use these methods to educate children.

1、 There are several things about homework

1. The teacher assigned homework to parents to check and sign: the way I take is to ask the child to check by himself, and then I will sign it. When signing, ask: after you check, there is no mistake, he confirmed that there is no mistake, parents will sign. However, when he checks, if there are any mistakes, you should not point them out to him, and let him have a red error in his homework tomorrow. In the face of this situation, you just need to say why he didn't check out yesterday. Parents should not be too strict, and don't let the child worry about when you beat him. Everything is based on reasoning. In this way, he will be more serious next time.

2. About Dictation: as for dictation, we know that trump is not standard. The way I solve it is to ask him to finish it in a silent way. He didn't understand. He stared at me with wide eyes. I said no one read it to you. You can think of all the new words you learned and write them silently. That doesn't mean that you are great. He went back to his study honestly and put his Chinese in front of me. I saw this move. I said I would take your book away. My mother believed you would not read it, and he took it away honestly.

In the first year of school, parents should have a good heart to heart talk with their children, let them understand that learning is the main task of his identity as a student, learning is not for parents, it doesn't matter to parents, parents have the responsibility of parents; let the children check on their own, it is a matter of learning, let the children manage themselves as far as possible. This avoids the responsibility of parents: for example, the day after the head of the family checks and signs, the child comes home and says to you, look, you have a wrong question that has not been checked out, then the parents have nothing to say.

2、 Early education is really important! Our family is very democratic, can say the truth, will not force him to do anything.

My family started when a child was able to speak. When he did anything wrong (including smashing things), I asked him to tell me what happened before and after. I would not criticize him or beat him. After that, I pointed out the problems and the ways to correct them, and then said that we should pay attention to them in the future.

Older children have developed certain habits, which depends on adults to adjust their own ways and methods to reason with them

1. The main thing is to let the child understand that his student identity should have tasks and responsibilities.

2. Let him understand that learning is a stage of laying the foundation for his own life in the future. Only when he controls his own life, can he live a relaxed and wonderful life.

3. Let him learn to be responsible for his life.

About eating:

1. It doesn't matter if he eats less. My son was in primary school and only had a few mouthfuls at dinner. If I don't chase him, I won't eat, but I heat the leftovers of the previous meal in front of him at the next meal. My attitude is: if you don't want to eat leftovers, you should finish them at noon.

2. Try to cultivate children to eat fruits and vegetables, your children do not eat meat. The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you, which is deeply in my heart (it's best to insist on it). I peel two or three apples for my son every day. I give him meat and rice as much as he wants. My family did not buy colored drinks and bagged snacks for my son before high school, only gave him mineral water or boiled water or tea. It's said that that kind of food is junk food. Why do you eat things that cost money and are also called junk? Please think deeply.

3. Your child does not eat meat, eat less -- teachers say she is smart, it will be such a result. 'it's just that you often don't pay attention'. Have you talked to your child carefully about why? It's not just rude criticism. You have to find the reason.

4. "She is not nutritious enough": we must take snacks, put all kinds of fruits and replace them with fruits. We must eat apples and bananas every day, both of which are related to intelligence and have calming effect.

5. To cultivate children's mind: different