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Feeling after reading flying over Luding Bridge

Recently, I learned the text "flying to seize Luding Bridge", which benefited me a lot

It turns out that our happy life today is the result of countless revolutionary predecessors' blood and life. We should redouble our efforts and cherish it. Now that we are still young, we should study hard and master cultural knowledge. When we grow up, we will contribute to and win glory for our motherland and build our motherland into a more beautiful and rich country!

In short, we must make a contribution to the motherland and the people ”People who push for you! On the composition of reading notes: feeling after reading Peter Pan_ 350 words' book is the ladder of human progress', a good book is like a compass, so that we will not lose our way on the road of growth. I read several books during the winter vacation, among which the most interesting one is the most famous fairy tale play Peter Pan written by British writer Jim Barry.

Peter Pan is a child who will never grow up. He can fly. One night, he came to Wendy's home and taught her and her two brothers Michael and John to fly. He also took them from home to nihilistic island. Once on the island, there are many adventures. They met lost children, Indians, mermaids and vicious pirates. Because the pirate hooker is insidious, cunning, and mischievous, and misfortunes come one after another, Peter Pan can always show his skill, rescue his friends, and finally defeat captain hooker and his men. Wendy and her two younger brothers return to their home.

After reading this book, I think peter pan is so brave. He has come up with clever plans to rescue his partner again and again, and I envy him for flying. Oh, how free he is! He can fly to the island of nothingness. It is said that people will never grow up there and will always be a child. If I were a little boy forever, I would never have trouble, only happy. However, there is no island of nothingness. Everyone will grow up.

Third grade: Wang Baosen read "Water Margin turn" feeling_ 50 words Water Margin turn, a total of 100 single eight general. I admire Wu Song, Lu Zhishen, Lin Chong and Li Kui. Wu Song killed a big bug with five or six punches, Lu Zhishen beat Guanxi three times, and Li Kui robbed the Dharma field. But those soldiers are also very brave, even when they die, they have to hold up the banner of "tianxingdao". I also have a lot of insights: the feudal society in ancient times was dark, and there must be many just people to maintain it. Most of the just people spoke of loyalty and righteousness.

Grade 6: Wang Huailin