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Reflections on reading

This fable tells a story about a painting competition held in a village. The theme of the competition is to draw snakes. Those who draw like snakes will get rich prizes. So everyone enthusiastically signed up for the competition. After a while, a man drew a very similar snake. But seeing that everyone was still painting, he thought that there was something missing in the snake. He painted a few feet on the snake and handed them in with satisfaction. In the end, he was not only defeated, but also laughed at.

I think this one in the story of "paint a snake and add feet" is very similar to a classmate of mine. Once, the content of this page was pushed by "Sihai reading network". The composition gave us two options: one was to write the love of parents, and the other was to write a letter to a distant child. He wrote the first option, but when he finished, he wrote his signature and date, and the result was deducted Exactly ten!

"Paint a snake and add feet" has sounded the alarm for us. The consequences of doing too much are very serious. I hope you don't "paint a snake and add feet".