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The wizard of Oz 400 words after reading

The wizard of Oz tells the story of Dorothy's adventures.

She started out in Kansas with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. One day, he and dog Toto are playing, tornado came, Dorothy and dog Toto hid under the bed, and Aunt Em and Uncle Henry hid in the cellar, the house slowly flew up, after a while, the house slowly fell down, Dorothy also came to another country.

Along the way, she met a scarecrow with no brain, a tin man with embroidery and a timid lion. After a lot of hardships, they came to the Emerald City and met the great Oates. Oates promised them that only by killing the Western witches could their wishes be realized. Smart and brave Dorothy killed the evil evil Western witch. The great Oates realized their wishes. The scarecrow had a smart brain, the tin man had a kind heart, and the timid lion had courage. Dorothy and Toto finally returned to their hometown, Kansas, where they met their dear Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

After reading the wizard of Oz, I realized that friends are very precious. Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and lion never met each other. Then they went through difficulties together and helped each other. As a result, they realized their wish. Our classmates are friends. We should help each other. Friends are very precious and important. We should cherish them and let the flowers of friendship bloom forever.

I also understand a truth: people must move forward towards their set goals, go forward bravely on the road of progress, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and have the courage to work hard, and finally realize the ideal harbor. Reflections on the wizard of Oz_ 400 words read "Wizard of Oz" this book, I have great inspiration.

This book is about a little girl and her dog, Toto, who are swept into a magical country, Oz, by a fierce and powerful tornado. They all lost their way in this country and wanted to find her uncle and aunt very much. Through the guidance of the good witch, they went to a place called Emerald City to find wizard oz to help her fulfill his wish. On the way, she met the scarecrow without brain, the tin man without heart and the very timid lion. In order to realize their wishes, they followed the little girl to find oz to fulfill their wishes. During the journey, they helped each other and made progress hand in hand. They went through a lot of hardships and encountered many strange things. Finally, with their extraordinary intelligence and tenacious perseverance, they all fulfilled their wishes: The Scarecrow who can count, the tin man who has a healthy heart, the lion who regains courage, and the little girl who is in the arms of her uncle and aunt.

This story praises the quality of kindness and bravery and the spirit of fraternity and mutual assistance and unremitting struggle for the ideal. In the story, in fact, the Scarecrow's brain turns faster than anyone else in an emergency; the tin man is very loving and always helps others; the timid lion will be bold in danger and fight bravely with the monster & hellip; & hellip; it tells us that surpassing ourselves is surpassing the impossible. We should also learn from the little girls here, strive for their own ideals, never give up and face life bravely.

Reflections on reading the wizard of Oz_ 800 words "Wizard of Oz" is a book full of knowledge and reason, let me learn a lot. Every chapter of the story is worth my savoring.

The girl in the story, Rosie, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, lives on a ranch in Kansas. Because was blown to a strange place by a whirlwind. Under the guidance of the good witch of Oz, she set foot on the journey home and finally overcame many difficulties to return home.

On her way home, she met many difficulties and dangers, but she knew many friends, such as' Scarecrow without brain ',' iron man without heart 'and' lion without courage ', to help her through the difficulties together. Let me really understand the importance and value of friendship. Sometimes I think: if Rosie went to that strange place, without the help of these friends, she would not come back home, would not go back to her uncle and aunt. I may live in the street and become a slave, which makes me realize the importance of friends again. And my classmates sometimes they will laugh at each other, encounter some small things on the fight. I think we should help each other, build friendship, love each other and unite as one. Don't quarrel over a little thing and destroy the friendship between friends.

Of course, it's not only the power of friendship that makes such a perfect ending, but also because they struggle for their good wishes. No matter how many setbacks and difficulties they suffer, they still keep on working hard. I admire their noble qualities.

In that dangerous journey, they could not go on because of a huge trench across the road. At this moment, it seems to us that their journey is about to stop. At this time, the scarecrow came forward; the timid lion also bravely stepped out to carry everyone to jump over the ditch one by one. When everyone arrived at the other bank safely, the lion was already out of breath.

What attracted me to this book is not only the wonderful plot, but also the inspiration it brought to me. The most outstanding point is: to do anything, we must have perseverance, perseverance, to have success, to have the rainbow after the storm.

I'm far behind the heroes. Once, my mother helped me sign up for a brush class. At the beginning, I worked hard with enthusiasm, but after a few days, I found learning brush words very boring. I would leave in class; I would not finish the homework assigned by the teacher when I got home. After reading this book, I finally understand that we should persevere, overcome ourselves, be not afraid of difficulties, and finally see the rainbow after the storm.

What I like most is the content of the last chapter. Although there are only a few short sentences, it can draw a successful end to the story of Rosie's coming home after many difficulties. There is praise for Rosie's perseverance and courage to overcome difficulties.

After reading this book, I seem to know a lot of truth & hellip; & hellip;

In the future, I will learn from Rosie in the book. I believe that one day I will try my best to achieve my goal like her. Friends · sunshine_ Reflections on the wizard of Oz_ The 800 word book is a treasure house of human knowledge. Not only to make good use of it, but also to develop it, only in this way, can we really have it. The so-called: reading a good book is like talking to a wise and noble person. Just before I went to bed, I couldn't help picking up a good book, the wizard of oz.

This is a lively book. The author's fantastic ideas and imagination make a fairy tale book more attractive. In the author's wonderful pen, the protagonist and the focus of the story, incisively and vividly expressed. The author is the father of American fairy tales of the old generation. His name is frank. Bower, as a fairy tale genius, wrote nearly 100 fairy tales in his lifetime. It's amazing.

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The wizard of Oz tells a story like this: Dorothy, a beautiful and kind girl, lives on the Kansas prairie with Uncle Henry and aunt em. One day, a tornado blew her to a strange country, oz. There she met the scarecrow, the tin cutter and the timid lion. In order to realize their wishes, they helped each other, supported each other, and went through all the difficulties together. They met many strange things. Finally, with their extraordinary wisdom and tenacious perseverance, they all got what they wanted.

Life is a seven color board. Here, we need tenacious perseverance, sunshine to light our heart, ocean like mind, and the encouragement and help of our true friends. As Sun Wu said: those who share the same desire win. Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and lion never met each other. Then they went through difficulties together and helped each other. As a result, they realized their wish. If Dorothy didn't meet the Scarecrows when she arrived, maybe she would never go back to Uncle Henry and sister em. Friends are important. When you are in trouble, you need the help of your friends; when you are in trouble, you need the help of your friends, so you can solve the problem well. Friends are very important, you have to cherish him: we should help each other, establish friendship, love each other, unite, not because of a little thing and quarrel, destroy the friendship between friends.

In the process of reading, Dorothy occupied my mind, Dorothy seems to be my good friend, my heart also with Dorothy's experience from time to time joy, tension, surprise, sad. Her brave performance, kind heart, strong will, let me feel very small, for their own cowardice and shame. Sometimes I ask myself: 'if I were Dorothy, would I be as brave as she is in overcoming difficulties and helping others? After watching this fairy tale, I am determined to summon up the courage like Dorothy, face all kinds of difficulties with the spirit of unremitting pursuit and struggle, overcome all the unfavorable factors in my study and life, and challenge myself bravely! It's not easy to realize the ideal. To achieve every goal, we must work hard. We should not be afraid of difficulties, and with a kind heart, unite with our companions, love and help each other. Then, the beautiful day in your heart will come.

Then, a friend is an Optimus Prime in your life; a glimmer of hope when you are exhausted; a beam of sunshine that warms your heart when you are wandering on the edge of loneliness;

Wenzhou Ouhai experimental primary school five read "Wizard of Oz" feeling_ Reading is a hobby, reading is a kind of sharing, reading makes my life rich and colorful, it is a part of my life. This summer vacation, I read a lot of books, they have their own characteristics, and are very interesting. But I like reading the wizard of Oz best.

This book tells the story of the adventures of Dorothy, a little girl from Kansas. Dorothy and her dog Toto were blown by a powerful tornado to a remote and magical country - OZ country. In order to return to her hometown and relatives, Dorothy has encountered all kinds of adventures and hardships. In her long journey, Dorothy meets a scarecrow who wants to have a wise mind, a tin man who wants a heart, and a lion who desperately wants to have courage. Along the way, they help each other and share weal and woe. They overcame all kinds of challenges and tribulations, spent those incredible and strange years together, and finally realized their wishes. I like Dorothy best because she is brave and intelligent. The most important thing is that she can help her friends in difficult times.

After reading this book, I understand a truth: when we encounter difficulties, do not be afraid, do not shrink back, to face bravely, I also know