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400 words after reading Journey to the West

Journey to the west is a mythical novel, which vividly describes a number of distinctive characters: Monkey King who loves to fight injustice, pig Bajie who likes to eat and lazy, monk Sha who is open-minded, Tang monk who cares for the world, Guanyin who does good and helps the poor, and Buddha Buddha who has boundless power

Among them, I like the monkey king most. He is a man who is astonishing and weeping. He dares to be brave, love and hate, and he is smart and lovely. I like him!

One of my favorite chapters is: Chapter 18, true and false Monkey King. There are several robbers who want to steal money, but the Tang monk has no money. When the monkey king sees them, he goes to beat them. But they are stopped by two robbers. The monkey king kills them. As a result, the monkey king is driven away by the Tang monk. After a while, the monkey king knocks out the Tang Monk and goes back to Huaguo Mountain. He finds that there are two monkey kings. After a few fights, no one can help but fight. So he goes to the Buddha In order to tell the true from the false, the Buddha refused to accept the false Monkey King.

I was fascinated by this book. I read it before I ate and before I went to bed. Sometimes my mother told me three or four times before I went to eat. Once, I accidentally bumped my head when I was walking.

There are many books in my family, but what I like most is the journey to the west, a pearl in China's splendid culture. It is full of fantasy and legend, giving me a feeling of being on the spot and never getting tired of reading it.

I will read it well. I will learn from the four disciples of Tang monk. They are not afraid of hardship and tiredness. It makes me understand that we should be patient in doing things. Reflections on journey to the West_ The 400 word journey to the West tells the story of four monks and disciples of Tang Dynasty who went to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures. Each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages.

Tang Monk's advantage is that he has a firm will to learn from the Scriptures. He never flinches from any difficulties he may encounter. With this spirit, he influenced his disciples and helped him get the Scriptures together. But Tang Monk also has some shortcomings. He doesn't know the truth and is easy to believe other people's words. As a result, he is always deceived. If there was no monkey king, he might have been eaten by the white bone spirit.

The characteristic of Monkey King is his great ability. He is loyal and jealous of evil. However, he was very angry and disobeyed discipline. He often made trouble, such as pushing down ginseng fruit trees, so the master put on a hoop curse.

Zhu Bajie is a lazy, gluttonous and sleepy man. When he meets difficulties, he wants to break up and go back to gaolaozhuang to marry his wife. However, Zhu Bajie is also indispensable on the way to get scriptures. Tang Monk and monkey king are in conflict. He always asks monkey brother back.

Monk Sha doesn't seem to have any ability. He can only fight a few little demons when he is fighting. But monk Sha is the most serious. Without him, who can safely carry the burden to the west?

It is because of the determination of Tang monk, the ability of the monkey king, the exquisite appearance of Zhu Bajie, the conscientiousness and responsibility of Sha monk, and the joint efforts of the teachers and disciples that the sutra was finally obtained.

After reading this book, I also understand a truth. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. We can do one thing together. As long as we can bring our advantages into play and control our disadvantages, we can gather our strength and do things well.

Reflections on the sixth journey to the west of Nannan primary school_ 400 words in the summer vacation, I revisited the book journey to the West. The mythical characters in this book made me immersed in the wonderful and legendary plot, and I couldn't help thinking about it.

The monkey king is very loyal to his master. Once, the Tang Monk misunderstood the monkey king and wanted to drive him away. When the monkey king left, he kowtowed to the Tang monk. The Tang Monk turned his head and did not look. The monkey king kowtowed to the Tang monk. After he left, he went to Guanyin Bodhisattva. Younger martial brother Sha went to find the Bodhisattva after the Tang monk was in danger. When the monkey king learned that, he immediately went back to the mortal world, rescued the Tang monk, and went to the Buddhist scriptures with them. Accompanied by the witty and Brave Monkey brother, chubby old pig and honest younger martial brother Sha, Monk Tang obtained the Sutra and provided for all living beings. After reading this book, I deeply realize that in our daily life, we often encounter some difficulties and tribulations. As long as we unite as one, we are not afraid of difficulties. Unlike the old pig, the content of this page is pushed by " reading" for you, we can get rid of difficulties like Monkey King. In the journey to the west, there are many monsters disguised as adults, which arouse the sympathy of Tang Seng. Tang Seng really believed them, but Sun Wukong saw them through with his eyes and wanted to teach them. Tang Seng recited the tight hoop curse and drove Sun Wukong away. Sometimes, I really think Tang Seng is stupid. But in our life, isn't that the case? Some bad people cheat money by pretending to be good people. We should be good at distinguishing between good and bad people, and train our own eyes. Journey to the west not only has a good plot, but also contains a truth. It's nothing to call it one of the four famous works Shame. Magical travel notes_ Magical travel notes_ Thoughts on reading Gulliver's Travels_ At the end of the 400 word issue, I found a Book Gulliver's travels when I was tidying up my desk. I looked through it, and the plot of the story moved me.

Gulliver's travels is written in the way of Gulliver's autobiography. It mainly describes captain Gulliver's wonderful experiences in Lilliput, adulthood, Feidao and Huihe. In Lilliputian country, Gulliver felt the boring struggle of the society, in adulthood country, the malpractice of the society, in Feidao country, the absurdity of the scientists, and finally in Huihe country, when Huihe eliminated YeHu, Gulliver left.

Although Gulliver's travels looks like magical travels, it shows the author's extreme hatred for the ruling group everywhere. The author also expressed his anti war thoughts in his works. He expressed his hatred for war by the giant king. In this book, the author analyzes the characteristics of human beings from different perspectives. In the Lilliputian Kingdom, the author adopts a condescending perspective, overlooks the absurdity and insignificance of human beings from the perspective of giants. In the adult Kingdom, the author looks up to the vulgarity and iron heart of human beings from the perspective of dwarves. In the Feidao Kingdom, the author looks down on the madness and evil nature of human beings with a normal attitude, and in the 'Huihe' Kingdom The author examines human beings from a rational point of view.

Reading this book, the protagonist Gulliver always reminds me of a Robinson, because he and Robinson are born adventurous, unwilling to be lonely and bored. Through the author of this book, swift reminds me of Lu Xun, a famous writer in China. They all used pen as a weapon to satirize the darkness of the society at that time. Reflections on journey to the West_ The 400 word journey to the west, a classic literary masterpiece, has become a household name in China and even in the world. I think many literary experts have already made comments on this famous work, so I don't want to express my own views on the content of this famous work. I just want to talk about my own views on the characters in it.

Among them, I most appreciate Monkey King's bravery and resourcefulness, Zhu Bajie's sincere emotion, monk Sha's hard work, and monk Tang's kindness. The most charming character in journey to the west is monkey king, a powerful monkey who goes to heaven and earth. He is independent and unrestrained, and has become the symbol and sustenance of children's ideals. The 81 difficulties on the westbound road and the magical, strange and soul stirring conflicts between gods and Demons all the way reflect the tribulations and hardships in the process of learning scriptures. The Sutra has become a symbol of success and goal. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I always think of the spirit of the monkey king, who is not afraid of difficulties and persevering in order to help Tang Monk get the Scriptures. I will be brave and overcome one difficulty after another. They are a good group, five people are indispensable, without Tang monk, the remaining three apprentices and dragon horse have no goal; without Monkey King, they will be eaten by monsters; without pig Bajie, there will be no interest in adventure; without sand monk, there will be no burden; without white dragon horse, there will be no transportation for the weak The benevolent Tang Monk rode.

From this point of view, in real life, we need not only Monkey King and Tang monk, but also Sha monk, Zhu Bajie and bailongma. In my opinion, they are an invincible team, a team not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and a successful team worthy of our learning. Feeling after reading Journey to the West_ When it comes to journey to the west, you can certainly remember some of the fragments thoroughly. So do I. once again, I took out that journey to the west, which was slightly yellow on the shelf. I couldn't put it down. I didn't open a few pages. With the wonderful description of grandfather Wu Chengen, I was attracted by the plot.

In the whole journey to the west, what makes me feel the most deeply is that four Tang monks and disciples cross the flame mountain. It's said that the flame mountain can turn people with copper head and iron body into juice. Later, the monkey king and the Tang Monk flew together, but the Tang Monk had to walk step by step. Later, the monkey king went to borrow a banana fan. For the first time, he was fanned to a place more than 50000 li away. The second time, the monkey king ran to Princess Tiefan's stomach, so Princess Tiefan borrowed a fake fan to monkey king. Unexpectedly, the more the monkey king fanned, the bigger the fire. Finally, he borrowed a banana fan, put out the fire and went on to get the Sutra after crossing the flame mountain.

Seeing this, I think that in our study is not plain sailing, all difficulties have to overcome it one by one. Once upon a time, my mother helped me with my composition. Now I have to finish it by myself. I have used all the methods that my teacher taught us, including total score, total score before total score, total score before total score & hellip; & hellip. I used all the good words and sentences. Finally, my mother praised me for writing a good composition with concise language and rich content, which makes people understand what I said at a glance.

Reread the journey to the west, let me think it does not belong to the characteristics of the general name. I believe and hope that it will always show you the three themes of freedom, myth and hero, and bring you inspiration and inner strength. Therefore, I hope you can come to see one of the four famous journey to the West. Reflections on journey to the West_ The 400 word journey to the west is one of the four famous works in China. Every holiday, wonderful clips are always shown on TV, which makes people never tire of watching.

Journey to the west is divided into three parts. The first seven chapters are the introduction of the whole book. On the one hand, the monkey king is arranged to appear and explain clearly his origin, apprenticeship, ability and temperament; on the other hand, the four realms of heaven, earth, hell and water are depicted by the monkey king. Eight to twelve chapters tell the story of Tang Monk's birth and Tang Taizong's going to the underworld, explaining why he went to the west to get scriptures.

Thirteen to one hundred chapters write about the protection of the Tang monk from the west by the monkey king, the white dragon horse, the pig Bajie and the sand monk. Along the way, they met many monsters. Some of them were uneasy and kind-hearted. Some of them wanted to help these four people on the surface. In fact, they all wanted to kill them, eat the immortal meat of the Tang monk, and others disguised as the monkey king to bully them. Fortunately, there were many kind-hearted people along the way to help them and the sea With the help of these kind-hearted people, the tortoise, the king of the daughter Kingdom, the rowers and so on, they conquered the demons and Demons all the way, and helped the countries with difficulties. After the difficulties of 9981, they finally reached the western sky, but