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High school students reading David Copperfield

This winter vacation, I read David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. After watching, I was deeply moved by the spirit of the host. Diary first grade diary the protagonist of this novel is David Copperfield. His childhood was miserable: his father died before he was born, his mother remarried at the age of 8, his stepfather, Mr. mordstone, was cruel and cruel, and his sister, miss mordstone, was also hard hearted and inhuman. Later, he was sent to school - one of Qian's worst schools, where people were not friendly - cruel principals, cunning friends David suffered a lot in school, but his kind mother had to swallow it. Soon after, David's mother died. His stepfather seized the property and sent David to work in the factory, even though he was only ten years old. Reading this, I can't help feeling very sorry for David's miserable childhood. By contrast, my childhood was just too happy. I enjoy the love of my parents, the kind teachers and friendly classmates in the school, how happy I am! But David's life is so miserable. What a pity! However, David did not give up all hope, he fled the factory, ready to go to his aunt - a seemingly serious but with a Bodhisattva heart. With her help, David started a new life: he was sent to a regular school and finished his studies there. Then he became a lawyer. Although David lives well now, there are still malicious people around him - Uriah Heep. David's life is a wave after wave. He got rid of his cruel stepfather, but came across a very scheming pedigree. I think, if it was me, maybe I would have given up. However, with his firm perseverance, David bravely went on. evil can never prevail over good! David defeated Uriah Heep with his good friend Miguel and Agnes. What a happy thing it is! David finally defeated the enemy, overcome the difficulties and setbacks. If you think David's life will be carefree and smooth from now on, you're wrong. David and his favorite Dora - a most lovely girl, blonde, sweet and beautiful, innocent Married. However, Dora was ill at the right time, so David was in great pain. After experiencing too many twists and turns, David found that there was another person who cared about him in her life, that is the quiet and gentle Argus. Since then, they have lived happily together This, perhaps, is the most perfect ending. Although David has experienced numerous difficulties and met many unkind people, there are also many kind-hearted people in his life: a lovely nanny Peggotty, Mr. barkers, who has few words and is not good at words, and Mr. and Mrs. Mikhail, who have a bad life. Sometimes they are elated, sometimes they are melancholy, but they are always looking forward to the "turning point". And, of course, there's the smart Agnes and the lovely Dora. They all brought infinite joy and help to David and made him live a stronger life. &The content of this page is provided by "read. 4" ”I've finished reading David Copperfield. I learned a lot. He is just like Paul in how steel is made, strong and brave I think: we should learn from David, although there are many disappointments in life, but I believe that as long as we are strong, confident and brave to face it, we will succeed!