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Idiom story Yugong moves mountains

Today, I read an idiom story called Yugong moving mountains. Diary 200 words

The story says that a long time ago, there was an old man named Yugong. There are two mountains just blocking the way to his house, and the whole family has gone through many wronged roads in vain.

One day at dinner, Yugong told us that we must move the two mountains away. All the sons said yes.

The next day the work started. The whole family was busy in the morning, with men starting the mountain and women delivering food. There was a gentleman named Zhisou in the neighboring village who said with a smile: "I don't think you can forget it. When and when will you be able to move these two mountains away? '

After hearing this, Yu Gong said that he would succeed as long as he persisted. After hearing this, Zhisou walked away.

This event moved the emperor of heaven, who sent the gods to move the two mountains elsewhere. The spirit of Yugong moved me and made me determined to overcome any difficulties.

Grade one of general No.2 school in Fushun, Liaoning_ It's a fine morning again. Yugong took his three sons to dig the mountain very early. But when they got there, they were shocked by the scene. It turned out that the two mountains had already disappeared. They gaped at everything in front of them, and no one knew what had happened. For a long time, one of the sons said: 'who cares? Just move it. 'it spread quickly.

This strange event caused a large number of people to come to visit. Soon, it was opened to traffic, and the asphalt roads with crisscross paths lead to all parts of the village. The village lost its former tranquility, the smoke and dust of cars filled the village, and the noise of horns kept on. However, there are still many people flocking here.

Soon, many buildings sprang up in this small mountain village. A large number of amusement parks were built in the village, with high-voltage lines, one meter asphalt roads and rows of factories. The liveliness of the village is comparable to the prosperity of the city. In order to commemorate Yugong's feat of moving mountains, people named the small village 'Yucun'. Recently, there have been several 'Yu's restaurants',' Yu's fruit shop 'and' Yu's clothes' & hellip; & hellip; looking at the bustling town in front of him, Yu Gong happily said: 'good! Our efforts were not in vain. '

However, greed is human nature, only a few years is time. Dozens of factories have been built one after another. Black chimneys make the blue sky diffuse in the black shadow. Untreated industrial waste water makes the river lose its jumping figure. Big trees fall in the roar of logging machines.

Soon, the sky was not blue, the trees were not green, the water was not clear, and the village was not beautiful & hellip; & hellip; a black cloud shrouded in the sky and pressed people's hearts.

"Yucun" is a small village once full of flowers, trees, birds and songs. But now it has become a 'smelly village' of civilization.

Looking at everything in front of me, I sighed with sadness and said: 'if I had known that, why should I move the mountain? Am I really wrong?

The third grade of Jianchi middle school in Hanyin County, Ankang, Shaanxi Province_ The text "five heroes of Langya Mountain" with 150 words mainly tells the story of five soldiers in the sixth class of the seventh company of the Eighth Route Army who lead the enemy to a dead end in order to protect the masses and the company, and finally bravely jump off the cliff.

After learning this text, I feel proud of the five soldiers' spirit of loving the party and the people. However, today, students have long forgotten those soldiers who sacrificed for their country. In learning, when learning the deeds of heroes, some people will think that the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”It's silly to push them for you, it's not worth it, and even ridicule them. Don't you think that life is hard won now? This is the exchange of countless soldiers, they use their own blood, dyed into a never fading five-star red flag.

Only when we study hard, love our country and put the interests of the people and the country first when we grow up, can the imperialist countries dare not bully us and stride forward in the new century.

Fourth grade: Liu Jiayao