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Li Bai's iron pestle is ground into a needle

Today, we learned Li Bai's "meditation on a quiet night". When I went home, I opened the book "making friends with good children", and I found the story of Li Bai when he was a child. Diary 100 words

When Li Bai was a child, he didn't study hard. When he saw other people go out to play, he wanted to go out. My father thought that if he didn't study well and wanted to go out to play, he wouldn't let him go out to play and let him study at home. Under the supervision of his father, Li Bai went to study. But after reading for a while, Li Bai found it boring. He sneaked out while his father was away. He ran to the stream and saw the fish swimming around in the water very lively. He thought: 'how free they are! I read so many books every day that I have no freedom at all. At this time, he saw an old woman grinding a very thick iron pestle. Li Bai was very strange, so he went up to the old woman and asked her: 'old woman, why do you want to grind such a thick iron pestle? The old lady said, "I'm grinding the embroidery needle! Li Bai said, "Granny! You are such a good kid! "I'm sure I'll grind the needle every day, but don't look at it! After listening to grandma's words, Li Bai thought: 'yes, as long as I study hard, I will certainly become a great master of writing in the future! From then on, Li Bai worked hard to study. At last, Li Bai became a great poet. People called him "poetic immortal". There are more than 900 poems of Li Bai! What Li Bai's story tells us is: as long as the Kung Fu is deep, the iron pestle can be ground into an embroidery needle! Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it! Constant dripping wears away the stone, and the rope is broken!

Grade one of erligou Central Primary School in Haidian, Beijing_ How can a 600 character pestle be as fine as a needle without long-term training!

Gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, people often say: life is like tea, and a cup of good tea needs to be picked and extracted. After a rigorous process, a tea can be soaked out and a cup of tea will be soaked. Then life will also be like tea, need a person who knows how to temper themselves to temper a good life.

But it takes more perseverance than tea making to turn a big iron into a small needle. Have you ever thought about how long it takes to sharpen a cup of tea and an iron pestle? I don't know the tea ceremony, but at least I know that it's more difficult to sharpen the iron pestle than to sharpen a cup. It takes more time, strong heart and strong will to do it.

People who know how to taste tea are noble, but people who know how to appreciate a needle are more noble. This is because they know how hard it took people in ancient times to grind an iron pestle into a small embroidery needle, and because they know how to appreciate a life tempered by sweat and time.

Life should be as firm as a grinding iron pestle. Don't give up the original goal because of a little frustration and frustration. Life will never be mature without setbacks and there will never be a successful day. Therefore, we should accept the baptism of fate and temper a different life in adversity.

I think that everyone will have an unswerving side. This is a problem that the Chinese nation has always had for people all over the world. But problems are an important reason for progress and success. If there are no problems in life, where is the answer, where is the success without the answer. Therefore, the great people of all ages have overcome this problem in different ways, so that they can firmly move towards success and their ideal road.

People always worship great people. They think great people are very smart and dazzling. However, only those who have experienced know how they have experienced cruel life experience, how difficult they have been to study, and how unbearable they have been in the living environment. If we can learn the learning spirit of great people and the courage to go forward bravely in the face of setbacks, we will also create amazing life like them.

It's said that it's hard to grind an iron pestle into a needle, but how can we know that there is no successful day without trying!

The first day of the fourth middle school in Wulat Front Banner, Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia_ 400 words a good book, can let people benefit infinite, a good book, can make people taste the sadness of the world. What a good book is in everyone's heart? It may be "one hundred thousand whys", it may be "mystery of human beings", it may be a comic book. In my heart there is such a book, its name is "how steel is made.".

This book is a novel written by former Soviet writer Nikolay aleksyevich Ostrovsky, in which the protagonist Paul Ostrovsky is the hero; As the son of an ordinary worker, Kochakin experienced the severe life during the first World War, the October Revolution, the civil war and the recovery of the national economy. He changed his spontaneous resistance to the old life into his conscious class will. Paul's growth is not 'the self-development of character', but just as the author said in recalling his life: 'steel is tempered in the fire and sudden cooling & hellip; & hellip; our generation is also tempered in the struggle and hard test. '

This book has benefited me a lot, because I am a person who gives up halfway. I often do half the work and don't want to do it. For example, I used to embroider a lot of cross stitch before, but I didn't do it because I was too lazy to embroider. But I read "iron and steel" from "read. 4" ”Push for you is how to refine "made me understand, do not give up halfway, once the decision If you want to do something, you have to finish it, no matter how long it takes.

How steel is made is a good book that benefits me all my life. It makes me understand that I can't give up halfway. I really like this book

Grade 6: Jiang qinyi