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Thoughts on reading Lei Feng's story

Today, I read the book Lei Feng's story with great interest. It mainly tells the story of Uncle Lei Feng's short and glorious life. Although Uncle Lei Feng only lived to 22 years old, he did a lot of good things: carrying his grandmother home, helping his comrades in arms mend their quilts, serving the people on the train, and so on. Diary 100 words

When I read that Uncle Lei Feng's life grew up in an environment of hardship and plain living. His parents died, but he was always ready to help others. After joining the army, Lei Feng asked himself not to waste any money. It's not difficult to do a good job. It's difficult to do a good job for a lifetime, but Lei Feng has done a good job for a lifetime! Lei Feng's frugal blood donation to the people in the disaster area reminds me of the donation of our class: 20, 50 and 100. Aren't these all modern living Lei Feng?

Lei Feng did good deeds everywhere and got everyone's praise. Let me think that I also helped some people, then I am also a little Lei Feng.

Although Uncle Lei Feng left us, he is always in my heart. He has never left. It is the same now and it will be the same in the future. I want to learn from Uncle Lei Feng and be a little Lei Feng.

Third grade: he Shiya and Lei Feng's story_ 500 words since reading the story of Lei Feng, it has been moving me. Lei Feng is a loving and helpful person. He regards serving the people as his living habit, which is often reflected in his work and life. When he meets people with difficulties, he tries his best to help others. Lei Feng does good deeds, which is very common for him. He goes to other places to carry out tasks. He takes a train halfway through the journey and does good deeds all the time. Therefore, the story of "Lei Feng's business trip is 1000 Li, and good deeds make a train" spread among the crowd. Lei Feng is still a conscientious and hardworking person. He said: 'I am a screw. The party will work wherever it screws me. 'that's right. Lei Feng does what he says.

Where the party assigns him, he will work hard. After finishing his work, he will help others to do it. When others rest at night, he studies hard. After work, he found time to read and enrich his knowledge.

Lei Feng is also very open-minded to accept the opinions put forward by others, and he also takes the criticism seriously. Once, he crashed a Xiaoming railway with a bulldozer. Master Li, who taught Lei Feng how to drive a bulldozer, criticized Lei Feng. This is Lei Feng's first driving accident. It's his first time to be criticized! But he didn't lose heart. He accepted Master Li's criticism and education, and used his break time to repair the railway.

"Learn from Lei Feng's good example, be loyal to the revolution and be loyal to the party" is a song that everyone must have heard. There are many stories about Lei Feng in the world, which tell us to learn from Lei Feng. Lei Feng is our example, but we are not going to learn from him in rescuing national property regardless of his life, but the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”Push for you to learn his spirit of sacrificing oneself for others and serving the people. Only when you grow up can you become a useful talent of the country.

Don't hesitate, extend your helping hand, learn from Lei Feng's good example, and help those who need help!

The story of Li Xu and Lei Feng_ 650 words since I finished reading the story of Lei Feng, I was deeply moved. Lei Feng was an orphan when he was a child. He was raised by his sixth uncle. When he went to the Chaishan mountain to cut firewood again, the landlady found out that he grabbed the sickle and chopped three times on the back of Lei Feng's left hand.

In August 1949, the Chinese people's Liberation Army passed Lei Feng's hometown. When Lei Feng saw the camping team live down, he asked the villagers for help and helped them carry water and sweep the floor. The desire to join the army arises from the bottom of my heart when I pay the price for firewood and vegetables without taking a single needle from the masses. Lei Feng found the company commander of the army and decided to be a soldier. When the company commander learned of his suffering, he told him that he was still young and could not be a soldier until he grew up. He gave him a pen to encourage him to study hard and protect and build China when he grew up.

At the beginning of December 1959, the new year's conscription work had begun. Lei Feng urgently asked to join the PLA. However, in view of the limited number of recruits in the coking plant and Lei Feng's outstanding performance on the construction site, the leaders were reluctant to let him go, so they did not agree to his application. Lei Feng was so anxious that he came to Liaoyang people's Armed Forces Department and told political commissar Yu about his experience, which showed his willingness and determination to join the army.

On January 8, 1960, Lei Feng received the notice to join the army and came to Yingkou with the new soldiers from Liaoyang. As a representative of the new recruits, he spoke at the meeting of welcoming comrades in arms.

Lei Feng and his assistant Qiao Anshan drove back from the construction site to the station at 8:00 a.m. on August 15, 1962. After driving into the company yard, they found that there was a lot of mud splashed on the car body. Regardless of the fatigue of long-distance driving, they immediately asked Qiao Anshan to start the car and wash it in the open space. After a narrow passage in front of the barracks, for the sake of safety, Lei Feng stood on the edge of the passage, raised his arm and directed Xiao Qiao to reverse and turn; 'left, left & hellip; & hellip; down! Down! 'suddenly, the left rear wheel of the car skids into the ditch, and the body shakes violently. Suddenly, it knocks down a square wooden pole used for drying clothes and quilts. Unfortunately, Lei Feng is hit on the head by the fallen square wooden pole, falls to the ground on the spot and faints;

Comrades in arms immediately sent him to the nearby hospital with a stretcher for rescue. Leaders at all levels rushed to the hospital immediately, and at the same time, they took Shenyang medical experts to Lei Feng's bed as soon as possible. As a result of skull injury, leading to brain dysfunction, Lei Feng, the good son of the working people, an excellent member of the Communist Party of China, is only 22 years old, so he said goodbye to us forever!

Second grade: Song Fuquan