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Reflections on Xiao Mao's Diary

Ah! The summer vacation is finally coming! Excellent! Excellent! I like reading best! When I went to school, I didn't have time to watch it. Now I can have a good summer vacation! So, I read the original set of "Diary of Laughing Cat" again. I still have a lot of feelings after reading "Diary of Laughing Cat"! Let's talk about it together!!! Diary winter vacation diary 0s net.Cn

The author of Xiao Mao diary is my dear aunt Yang Hongying. There are elegant lady dog Xiaobai, old mouse who doesn't know how long he has lived, mischievous bag Ma Xiaotiao, selfish artist, lady dog phena who loves to dress up, affectionate Di Baotian, smiling cat and otherworldly. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Tiger skin cat with faith, tortoise who can smell children, crazy girl Du Zhenzi, Penguin Tang Fei, stupid girl angel, hippo Zhang Da, nonsense King Mao Chao & hellip; & hellip; ah! My God? So many characters!

One of my favorite books is cat born in a secret cave. It's said that after the marriage of tiger skin cat and laughing cat, tiger skin cat became pregnant. Like human beings, tiger skin cats also have 'prenatal syndrome'. So, ah, tiger skin cats are either sullen in the cave or angry with laughing cats every day. So the old mouse gave Xiaomao a plum blossom petal pillow to calm down. Let the smiley cat put it on the pillow. After the plum blossom, there is nothing on the pillow. Tiger cat calmly waiting for the arrival of the baby. Tiger cat in pain finally gave birth to four kittens, the eldest fat face, the second beautiful, the third lively and clever, the fourth thin and sick. Xiaomao gives four names to the lovely kittens: the eldest one is fat, the second one is Erya, the third one is Sanbao and the fourth one is pitiful. The Spring Festival has finally come, and the poor little girl is getting better. However, a sudden cold let the poor forever left this beautiful world & hellip; & hellip;

My favorite characters are Xiao Mao and Hu PI Mao, because Xiao Mao is a cat who understands people's feelings, cat's feelings and dog's feelings, which I admire very much. In addition, he will smile, laugh, sneer, grimace, laugh, bitter smile, but also skin smile meat does not smile, which makes me more worship the cat. Tiger skin cat, she is a supernormal tiger skin cat with faith in her heart. She is also a good mother for kittens. I will never forget her gorgeous figure.

"Diary of Laughing Cat" is so beautiful!!!

Grade 2, class 3, grade 3, Xingyuan primary school, Yuyang District, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province_ 450 words since I opened this book and fell in love with it, I always can't help recalling the twists and turns of the plot and the profound truth.

Many times, in order to fight for fame and happiness, we do not hesitate to hurt the people we love. Let's choose between happiness and the people we love. We may think that it's troublesome, because neither of them can be lost & hellip; & hellip; too many people will be dazzled by fame and happiness. However, our choice forces us to hurt the people who rob us of their happiness, whether we love them or not.

If you plant a melon, you get a melon. If you plant good, you will get good results; if you plant evil, you will get bad results. A lot of times, we can make others hurt, and in the end it's just ourselves.

Everyone has their own sky, no matter who can't occupy their happiness, can't rob their sky.

In this book, the nanny loves shuaizi silently in his heart, but because shuaizi is loved by everyone, the owner only dotes on shuaizi and no longer gives too much love to the nanny dog, he murders shuaizi. Later, the old nanny dog planned a car accident. He wanted shuaizi to get hurt or die, but as soon as the car turned the corner, he was hit by a nanny Dog & hellip; & hellip; before he died, the nanny dog found out his conscience and said: "shuaizi & hellip; & hellip; actually & hellip; & hellip; I love you & hellip; & hellip;" and then he died. There are too many plots in this love, but it is still a special love.

This book, let me know a lot of the truth of life, let me learn a lot. It's like eating a big meal made by a special chef. Only by chewing slowly can you taste its fragrance and understand its meaning.

Fourth grade: Li Nuo's Diary_ 250 words you are familiar with when you listen to joking cat. I'll tell you, it's aunt Yang Hongying's vivid smile cat. I've read the whole book. My favorite cat was born in a secret cave.

The content is: Xiao Mao takes tiger skin cat to the secret cave. On this day, Ma Xiaotiao and he come to the secret cave and give tiger skin cat a greenhouse. Another day, Laughing Cat and old mouse became underground friends. The next day, the old mouse gave tiger skin cat fish bone. He said that shrimp skin can supplement calcium, which is more effective than fish bone. So he went to Ma Xiaotiao's house to get shrimp skin. That day, laughing cat did not know why tiger skin cat ate grass. A few days later, the tiger skin cat had prenatal syndrome, and the old mouse gave the pillow to the tiger skin cat. On that day, tiger skin cat finally gave birth to four lovely kittens, the eldest one is fat, the second one is Erya, the third one is Sanbao, and the fourth one is pitiful. The next day, the old mouse disguised as a panda. Another day, the poor boy died in a cold current. The next day, we sent the poor boy to heaven.

After I read it, tears came out. I thought, my mother gave birth to me and suffered so much. I will study hard and be useful to the world and life in the future!

Grade 4, Zhangcha Central Primary School, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong: Chen Chikun