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The story of Helen Keller

Helen. Keller is a famous woman writer at home and abroad. When she was a child, she got scarlet fever, which led to blindness and hearing loss. His parents invited a teacher to teach her to read and speak. Once, the teacher wrote a word "water" in her palm, and then went to the fountain to let her feel the water, so Helen. Keller learned the first word. After many years of hard work, Helen. Keller finally made it. After reading this story, I was shocked. If you can't see the colorful world and hear the wonderful sound, what will you do? Helen. How hard Keller's success is! As long as I am willing to study hard, I can understand that the ability to work hard is endless. Diary Diary of grade two

A letter from Jiang HaoChen to Helen Keller_ A 600 word letter to Helen Keller

Class: Class 5 Name: Li Shuxian

Dear sister Helen

Hello! Although you are not as hot as she and Jay Chou, I admire you. therefore

I will write to you with a pen and pour out my heart.

I am a primary school student who admires you. The world is beautiful! I embrace it by sight and appreciate it by hearing; I see the beautiful sea running in front of me and the brook murmuring in my ears. Sister Helen, I'm a normal child with hearing and sight. I can't imagine how you lived when you were deaf and blind since childhood? It must be a silent and lonely world!

Whenever I see your familiar deeds again, I feel very ashamed. You may ask me why I am ashamed? Because you were born to suffer misfortune, life in the world of blind, deaf and dumb. But you are not pessimistic, but eager to learn knowledge. No matter what you do, you always fail and never lose heart. You always encourage yourself until you succeed. Finally, you graduated from Radcliffe women's College of Harvard University with outstanding results. I know that it is very difficult to be admitted to this college, even ordinary people think it is not easy, not to mention you?

Your spirit is exactly what I lack and what I need. Every time I meet a little setback in my work, I will say to myself dejectedly: 'you give up, you won't succeed! 'because I always hold this kind of psychology, I always give up halfway every time I do things, and few things can be done successfully. Once, I saw your deeds by accident, so I thought: 'I want to learn from Helen Keller's strong perseverance, and I want to be as optimistic as Helen Keller in the face of life. 'so I try to make you study hard and persevere. Not long ago, I didn't succeed. Under your influence and with my efforts, I finally succeeded.

Sister Helen, I want to say thank you. Because it is your deeds that have taught me to persevere in doing things, not to shrink back when I encounter difficulties, and to be optimistic.

Sister Helen, your disabled spirit is an example for us to learn from. Your angel image of spreading hope of love to all unfortunate people will always live in the hearts of the people!

Sister Helen, I admire you! I must let people all over the world know your deeds, let them learn from your indomitable spirit, and become 'Helen & middot; Keller' one after another!

I wish you good health and all the best!



Your admirer: Li Shuxian

January 31, 2013

Grade five: Li Shuxian's composition on the most respected person: Helen Keller_ The person I admire the most_ There was a person who suffered from scarlet fever when she was one and a half years old. Her fever made her unconscious. When she woke up, her eyes were blind and her ears were deaf. Even her small mouth could not speak. She fell into the dark world, but she did not give up her life. She's Helen Keller.

She studies hard and tries hard to break the darkness in her heart. Finally, she becomes an educated and cultured college student. How bumpy her life is. However, she does not bow to fate, just like a strong flower in a storm. In the face of this cruel fate, she does not give in at all. Instead, she struggles with fate. Finally, she finally succeeds; …

Mark Twain said: 'the most interesting things in the 19th century are Napoleon and Helen Keller. 'yes, Helen Keller's story is really attractive, so strong, so brave to face their own destiny, not to bow to the fate, and now we? Helen Keller is a blind, dumb and deaf disabled person in the 21st century, but she has created miracles with her own life, which is the reason why she has become my most respected person.

Although Helen Keller's fate is bumpy, she doesn't bow to it, but works harder. What about us now? How many people are fooling with their homework every day? How many people cheat themselves by copying homework every day? Helen Keller, as a disabled person, can work so hard ”For you to push our healthy people? It doesn't mean that the score of that piece of paper is the definition of your efforts. Maybe you really worked hard, but you didn't get good results. Then you are not poor. At least you worked hard, and even if you failed, you have no regrets, right? But for those students who don't know how to work hard and complain about the exam, would you please learn more about Helen Keller's hardworking spirit? If you work hard, you can get great points. Students are good and bad, are you really willing to set off good students? Helen Keller has proved herself with her achievements, and I believe we can do it!

Because of her strong, her efforts, she became a very famous female writer, educator, it is also because of her many works, my heart was deeply touched!

Helen Keller, the person I admire most!

Lai Yulian, grade two, Middle School of Niejia Manchu Township, Qinghe District, Tieling, Liaoning