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Impressions of Faber's Insect Records

In summer vacation, my mother bought me a set of fable insects. I was very happy. There are ten books in this set. Faber introduces the living habits and predation methods of dung beetles, scorpions, cicadas, red ants, spiders and other insects with wonderful stories. It is very beautiful. Diary

The insects that impressed me most were the scavengers of nature, the dung beetle, the mysterious hermit scorpion, and the summer musician cicada. Dung beetles are not turtles! They are an insect. Do you think dung beetles can fly? In fact, dung beetles can fly. As soon as the dung beetle smelled the excrement, it would fly over and roll into a dung ball. They are also sculptors. They carve their own fecal balls into the shape of pears.

I also like scorpions, scorpions have a hard shell, eight eyes, two big and powerful forceps. At the top of their tail is a poisonous needle, which is used to kill prey. Scorpions can kill hundreds of people every year. It's terrible.

I also like cicadas who can sing. The larvae of cicadas have to stay underground for four or five years before they emerge from the ground and become real cicadas. Their food is sap. The most amazing thing about cicadas is that male cicadas can call but females can't.

Nature is so interesting! I love nature!

Grade two of Fuyong Tangwei Wanli school, Baoan District, Shenzhen_ I used to be afraid of bugs. But it's not the same now, because I'm not afraid of this book. This book describes my most hated dung beetles are very lovely and vivid. The book says that dung beetles are also called scarabs. Six or seven thousand years ago, every spring irrigation, Egyptian farmers could see an insect pushing back against something similar to a ball. At that time, people thought that the planet was spherical, and the movements of these insects coincided with the operation of the planet. Therefore, people thought that they had profound knowledge of astronomy and were very sacred. Hence the name "holy beetle".

In fact, the tiny life also needs to be respected. Without these tiny lives, the world would not be so beautiful.

Grade two, Shijia primary school, Dongcheng District, Beijing_ After reading the book of insects in 1000 words, I was very fascinated by the book. It turns out that there are so many mysteries in the insect world: how cicadas shelled in the early morning; how ants eat aphid secretions. It is also made clear that the bee catches the green worm not as its own son, but as food for its offspring ”Push ellip; & hellip;

The first time I saw & lt; Insect Records & gt; & gt; attracted me somehow. This is a popular science book describing the reproduction, labor, hunting and death of insects. It can also make people laugh from time to time. It is like walking into nature with Faber. It makes me enter a vivid insect world for the first time, and explore the secrets of insects in nature. If you open a book and look down, you will learn a lot of knowledge: Fireflies have six short feet. They are insects that trot in small steps. Although the appearance of fireflies is weak, they are carnivores and hunters who hunt game.

Longicorn beetles are the main culprit of destroying tree trunks. Every Mid Autumn Festival, they hide in tree trunks to absorb nutrients. They use semicircular chisel shaped, rootless, black and short but extremely strong jaws to dig channels, and use the excavated debris as food.

Mantis is is a very fierce animal, but in its early life, it will also be sacrificed in the claws of the smallest ant. If you don't look at its deadly hunting tools, the mantis is is not terrible: its slim body, beautiful coat, elegant light green all over, and its long wings like Saro, are really like a beautiful girl.

There are also how pine caterpillars lay eggs and hatch, how hypnotic animals commit suicide, how strong is the venom of longuedoc scorpion, who will eat whom, and what is the food of golden carapace beetle & hellip;

The rich plot of the story makes me think. Watching and watching, these insects seem to jump out of the book. In the past, I didn't like insects in nature very much. I thought all insects were bad things. Since I read this book, I found that I fell in love with insects. I didn't hate insects as much as before. Sometimes I would look at them carefully. Because I have mastered a lot of knowledge about insects, now I can almost call most of the insects' names I really appreciate this sensitive and profound genius. With the general thinking of philosophers, the observation of artists and the narration of writers, I have opened a door to the insect world, and also the key to the door of science. I have once again come into contact with nature and understand the mysteries of insects in nature.

After reading the book "insects", I understand: Insects in nature also have their living habits, we should not hate them, try to contact them, you will involuntarily love insects; and fable's spirit inspired me: we should have the courage and perseverance to pursue the truth, and the things we are interested in should have the beginning and the end To believe in their own ability, to maximize their potential. Even if your pursuit is boring, lonely and boring in the eyes of others, as long as you have perseverance and confidence, you can certainly create miracles.

Huang Shiyu, grade 6, Nanyuan primary school, Nantong, Jiangsu Province