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After reading the story of the twelve zodiac animals

Today, I read the stories of the twelve zodiac animals and learned that the twelve zodiac signs are ranked as follows: rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, pig and dog. Diary grade one diary

The Jade Emperor wanted to rank the small animals. They tried a lot to win the first place. The animals wanted to get the first place the next day. The cat asked the mouse to call it in the morning. As a result, the mouse stole away. The mouse saw the honest old cow earlier than himself. The clever mouse jumped to the ox's corner and took the first place. From then on, the cat will catch the mouse who doesn't trust him, and he will get rid of his sleepiness.

This story tells people: people should be trustworthy when doing things, otherwise, they will be retaliated by others, and life will not be peaceful.

In the future, I will never keep my promise, and I will never be a man of my own.

Grade two of Sangshuping primary school in Hancheng City, Weinan, Shaanxi Province: Zhao Yujia cherishes his hard won happy life_ Reading the story of Wang Er_ Ji Jie, class 5 (4) of Xinsheng primary school

On Saturday morning, I read the story of Wang Er Xiao.

On the morning of September 16, the enemy went to Wang Er's house to "clean up". Wang erxiao was caught by the enemy to lead the way for the life of the whole village people and the hidden rear organs in the gully. He pretended to obey his own opinions. When Wang Er Xiao brought the enemy into the ambush circle of the Eighth Route Army, the enemy knew that he had been cheated, and the enemy threw Wang Er Xiao to death on a big stone.

After reading this story, I can't help but think of it: I want to learn from Wang Er primary school the spirit of fearing hardships and dangers. When I encounter difficulties in my study, I will resolutely not flee from the army and try to face the difficulties. I also want to learn from Wang erxiao's spirit that he would rather sacrifice himself to protect the villagers, love our class, maintain the honor of our class, and actively help those in difficulty To learn, to assist teachers, to become a qualified teacher assistant.

In my study and life, it will not always be smooth sailing. I will grow up slowly in those twists and turns. I will double cherish the happy life left by our revolutionary predecessors, and strive to change the content of this page from "read. 4" ”For you to push happiness to everyone around you.

Fifth grade: after reading 1397638085 the story of a small village_ Today, we learned the story of a small village. It turns out that the air is fresh, the trees are shaded and the environment is beautiful. Later, several families lived in the small village. They kept cutting down trees with sharp axes. One day, one day, the land was exposed on the hill.

Year by year, generation by generation, the trees are decreasing. In a rainy August, the heavy rain did not pant for five days and five nights. The rain stopped at dawn on the sixth day, and the village was swept by the roaring flood. The small village disappeared. Everything you get with an axe includes what sharp axes & hellip; & hellip;

This story makes us understand: protect the trees, love our home. If we don't know how to love the place where we live, our home -- the earth. If we don't love nature, we will be punished by nature and lose our home.

We should love the earth, love nature, protect our home, let's work together to be a small guard of environmental protection!

Grade three: Cheng Yizhe