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Reading notes_ Grandmother on the apple tree

In the class, students often read the book "grandmother on the apple tree". I read the cover of the book and found it very interesting, so I looked it up on the Internet. I learned from the Internet: "grandmother on the apple tree" won the 1965 Austrian National Prize for children's and youth literature. Since its publication, it has become a recognized German children's literature classic, and is still being reprinted. It is one of Mira & middot; lobe's many children's literature works, which has been translated and published the most. It has become a story that children all over the world love to read. "Grandmother on the apple tree" has eight chapters. My favorite sentence is: Andy didn't answer. He knew his parents didn't want to go to the amusement park. Mother gets dizzy when she sits on a horse. And my father's favorite thing on Saturdays is to stay in the garden. My father didn't approve of going to the devil's palace. He said that he would have nightmares after going to the devil's palace. He's right. The last time Andy and Jorge went to the devil's palace, Andy couldn't sleep well at night. In his dream, he was more afraid than in reality. But even so, Andy wanted to go again. 'come on! 'mother stood up and said, 'I'll show you a picture of grandma. 'They went through the corridor and into the living room. In the glass photo frame pushed by "Four Seas reading network" on the piano page, there are pictures of Andy when he was a child. In the picture, he looks at the world around in surprise, holding a toy rabbit tightly in his arms. Mother found a picture from the album, put it in the frame and put it on the piano. 'all right! So you have your grandmother. 'mother took Andy to the piano chair and turned it up. It was as much fun as riding a merry go round. 'look at grandma, isn't she very amiable? 'in order to show grandma's picture, we had to take out Andy's picture. Andy was a little dissatisfied with it. But he admitted that grandma looked humorous. She was wearing a hat decorated with feathers, with little curly white hair under it, and a large embroidered satchel on her arm. She was wearing an old-fashioned dress with white lace under the hem. Mother asked: 'do you like her? This picture was taken during the carnival. This is your grandmother's appearance at the masquerade party that day. Grandma thought that this photo was often shown to us. 'diary 200 words

This book is very interesting. If you are interested, you can have a look!

Fourth grade: Li Yuhong's reading notes_ Love on the blind road_ I read love on the blind road with 100 words, which moved me very much. Love on the blind road mainly wrote: the daughter of the author's colleague has experienced a decline in vision acuity in the past two years. The doctor said to his colleague, "you should be prepared mentally - your daughter will be blind.". 'the mother begged bitterly to give his eyes to his daughter. How great the mother was when I saw it! During that period, he was ready to give his eyes to his daughter, so that she could see the color of the world. This mother is to live well for the next generation, she can make such a decision. Maybe God was moved by this great mother. Miraculously, her daughter's eyes were suddenly all right. What a shocking news!

First day of junior high school: everyone's sentences about learning well in 2013_ The 600 character book is still medicine. Good reading can cure foolishness. --Liu threw himself at me like a hungry man on bread. --Qi Baishi's talent is a blade, and hard work is a sharpening stone. If you don't use it for a long time, it will rust and become waste. --Lao She people's brain and body are the same. If you use it more, you will be able to use it. If you don't use it, you will lose it. --Mao Yisheng's excessive use of learning as decoration is false; it is a scholar's eccentricity to judge things completely according to the rules of learning. --Bacon a wise man has long ears and a short tongue. --Freig repetition is the mother of learning. --Don't go to bed when you can't tell yourself what you've learned today. --The inquisitive in lehidden is a fool for five minutes; he who is ashamed of asking questions is a fool all his life. The three conditions for learning are: more observation, more hardship and more research. --Garfield people learn something every day, and what they often learn is that what they learned yesterday is wrong. --B. I have gained no other benefit from my hard study, only that I am more and more aware of my ignorance. --Descartes learned a lot of things, the trick is not to learn a lot at once. --Locke's learning is an extremely precious thing. It is shameless to absorb it from any source. --Learning is labor and full of thought. --Wushenski's idle study is no better than his idleness. --The first mark of the cultivated mind of John Burroughs is the ability to ask questions. --Plekhanov's life is not equal to breathing, life is activity. --Rousseau's life is a narrow and dangerous valley that only brave people can pass through. --Michel pan, a great soul, will strengthen thought and life. --Emerson there is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, people who understand and love life. --We have to give our lives in order to get them. --Tagore's rich life is a long life. We need to measure life by actions, not by time. --If little Seneca can make good use of it, his life will be long. --SENECA study hard and make progress day by day -- Mao Zedong

Xinghanwei, the second year of junior high school in Baoji, Shaanxi Province