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Feeling after reading friends of primary school students

Since I was in the first grade, my mother ordered "Friends of primary school students" for me. At first, I didn't have a deep impression of it. Later, I read the content and slowly made friends with it. Now, it has become a good teacher and friend for my study. Diary second grade diary

I like watching happy mathematics very much. It makes me learn a lot of calculation methods and problem-solving skills in relaxed entertainment, and develops my wisdom. For example, the article "counting line segments" taught me two algorithms and taught me how to "calculate the content of this page and push it for you by" read. 4hw. Com. CN ". I have never made a mistake in doing this kind of problem in this way.

I also like the doll story telling column, which vividly expresses the meaning of the story in the form of comic books, which is concise, easy to remember and easy to understand. Those interesting stories fascinated me. After reading these stories, I increased my knowledge. I can also tell the story inside! On the happy composition, the teacher asked me to tell idiom stories. All the stories I told came from friends of primary school students.

"Friends of primary school students" also has compositions, brain twists, jokes, comics and so on. In short, it deeply attracts me and makes me love reading more. "Friends of primary school students" has greatly improved my writing level. Each issue has exquisite model essays and wonderful stories, which lead me to learn. Through reading, I have accumulated a lot of good words and sentences. I am no longer afraid of writing compositions!

"Friends of primary school students" gave me a lot of fun and helped me a lot. I deeply fell in love with it.