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Green's fairy tale reading notes

I watched Green's fairy tales several times during the summer vacation, but I felt different from before. Perhaps, some people may think that fairy tales are childish and purely fictional. But I think fairy tales have a lot of truth and rich knowledge. Diary fourth grade diary

From it, I realized one word: goodness. Be kind. Goodness, which is a virtue, refers to the beauty in one's heart. In life, we often see things like this: when we see an old man in the car, we have no seat to do. As good children and good people, we should give up our seats to the old man. The man who offered his seat was kind.

Good people will eventually have good results, the so-called 'good will be rewarded'. One of the articles in this book is Cinderella. The protagonist is Cinderella. Although Cinderella was bullied by her stepmother and two sisters, she endured it until the end. She was kind-hearted and finally got the prince's love and happiness.

However, not all people are kind, and vicious people will always be punished. The stepmother and two sisters in Cinderella are good examples.

"Grimm's fairy tales" let me understand that human nature is sincere, kind and beautiful. At the same time, I understand the ugly side of human nature and wish everyone to become a kind person. In this way, the world will coexist peacefully.

Grade 4: Zhu Wenzhi was interested in reading Andersen's fairy tales_ 300 words some people say that the stories in fairy tales are false. However, in my eyes, fairy tales write the truth, goodness and beauty of the world, and teach us to debate right and wrong, good and evil in simple language. Andersen's fairy tales is such a good book.

Andersen's fairy tales is a classic in fairy tales and the best in reading. My favorite story is mother and death. The mother exchanged her pain for her child's eternal happiness. He has lost his eyes and hair! This is the maternal love in fairy tales. Maternal love is like a mountain, great and firm; Maternal love is like water, gentle and delicate.

The truth contained in fairy tales plays an important role in life. Although fairy tales do not directly tell us the great truth, we can read the principles of life. The vivid and beautiful language in the fairy tale made me forget myself. With the protagonist's mood, my mood has also changed. I seem to be integrated with the characters in the story. In fairy tales, maybe a word or a word will change us.

'book' is like our life. With books, life will be gorgeous. With books, life will be beautiful. Students, read together to add a gorgeous color to your life!

The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Let's taste the rich culture from the book, feel the true meaning of life from the book, and experience the happiness of life from the book.

Grade 5: Lingyun's composition on reading notes: reading notes of Andersen's Fairy Tales_ 550 words since I read Andersen's fairy tales, I am very fascinated. Fairy tales are very interesting and wonderful. I understand a lot of truth from the book. The author of this book is Hans & middot; Christian & middot; Mr Andersen

In Andersen's fairy tales, there is a story of Snow White: a long time ago, there was a king whose wife gave birth to a white and tender princess, and then her wife died, so the king married another wife. The wife had two daughters. Her heart was vicious, full of jealousy towards snow white, and often targeted her. The wife drove snow white to the forest. Snow White's gentle character made her have many friends in the forest. They lived happily together. However, one day, when his wife knew that Snow White was not dead, she became an old woman and took the poisonous apple to snow white. Snow White ate it, and then fainted to the ground. At this time, the prince came and kissed snow white. Snow White woke up. Finally, they lived happily together

Every interesting story in Andersen's fairy tales makes us understand the truth. There is also a more interesting story - "the emperor's new clothes". This story tells the story of a foolish emperor who was cheated. Tell us not to say that you can see this kind of deception just because others say that smart people can see it. Don't deceive yourself. If you see it, you say you see it. If you don't see it, you say you don't see it. There are no such stories in Andersen's fairy tales, as well as more interesting stories such as daughter of the sea, snow queen, red dancing shoes, snow princess, Phoenix and Thumbelina. Students, please read these interesting stories. I believe you will love this book. You will love this book.

Andersen's fairy tales is really a good book. It not only has wonderful story content, but also has all kinds of reasons!

Grade 4: Wu Jiayi