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I'm interested in reading the preface to Dongyang Ma Shengxu

After reading this article, I was surprised by the differences between the ancients and modern us in learning attitude and respecting teachers. After careful consideration, I think what we should learn is not only a learning method like 'hanging a beam to stab a stock', but also a learning attitude. Diary 100 words

Song Lian's family was poor and had no money to buy books. At that time, she didn't have a copier, so she had to borrow other people's books to copy. " Copy 'ah! What concept! Just to see more books. And what about us now? Thousands of middle school students do not read books in front of their eyes in order to play computers and games, let alone take reading notes. I think this is a kind of 'disease of the times'. In our age, there are too many choices in front of students, and most of them are only children. They are usually the treasure in the palm of the family. They don't understand what the content of this page is pushed for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". It's hard to study and hard to get a book. What do you want them to learn from the ancients? It's impossible!

The children of ancient students wanted to study, so they had to work hard and travel a long way to visit the teacher. When they arrived at the teacher, they had to look at the teacher's face. The teacher was in a bad mood. Stand aside! But look at today's middle school students. They seem to understand the 'equal relationship between teachers and students' in books as the' exchange relationship between teachers and students'. I don't know if you remember. In a middle school in Hunan last year, a teacher knelt down and begged the students to study well. This move seems to be moving, but it also hints at the attitude of modern middle school students towards teachers. " Respect teachers' this virtue is a tradition that the Chinese nation has retained for thousands of years, 'heaven and earth monarchs, teachers and relatives'. From this order, it can be seen that in ancient times, teachers were ahead of parents and were more important than parents, but now students don't regard teachers as parents, but themselves as parents.

I think reading an article can't keep talking. We should learn! Imitate! More importantly, you should learn to introspect and learn his attitude. Song Lian's hands were frozen and he was still copying books. What are you going to learn? Learn perseverance! Song Lian's family was poor and had no money to buy books, but he was eager to learn, so he copied books to learn; Learn integrity! Song Lian never dared to borrow books beyond the agreed time limit; Study hard! Song Lian went to school hundreds of miles away and was scolded many times by his teacher. He never lost heart or complained; Learn to bear hardships! Song Lian had to go to school in the snow and hunger, but he never gave up; Learn to be satisfied! Song Lian's sentence "those who have enough fun in it" is enough. They enjoy the East interest of reading, and other eating, drinking and fun are not enviable; Learn to make unremitting efforts for ideals and pursuit, and make your heart full of happiness!

A good learning style is only a form, and a good learning attitude is the essence of reading!