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Listen to life

When one looks up at the stars, what can one hear? When a person is in a busy city, what will he hear? When one looks back, what will one hear? I seek and listen, discover and think & hellip& hellip; Diary 100 words

Today, I read listening to life, which makes me realize that life is a miracle, it is fragile, but our character can be strong. In life and study, when we encounter difficulties, we can't retreat or give up easily. We should try our best to overcome them. As long as we are serious, persevere and struggle, we will succeed. For the weak in life, we should not despise and laugh at them, but give them love and help; For the strong in life, we can't envy excessively and lose ourselves. We should remember to be ourselves through our own efforts. Life is a one-way ticket. It tells us that life is precious. We should cherish life and make life full of love. These chapters let me realize that the meaning of life is not a simple life, but a wonderful life for us to be a person with noble morality and pure soul. Although life is short, a person's contribution to society and valuable spiritual wealth can be immortal.

As the book says, there are many poor people in the world, but few people can hold their souls alive. Many people often lose their most precious things because of their pitiful interests, so that the weak body lacking spiritual calcium suddenly falls in this world. It reminds me of the words in how steel is tempered: the most precious thing for people is life, and life is only once for people. Therefore, one's life should be spent like this. Life is valuable, but what's the use of living in the world and wasting time?

Long life, how many vicissitudes? How much happiness? Feel life, be grateful for life, use the strings of years to move the Guqin of life, and use the notes of time to decorate the score of life. Faith through time and space, watch beyond the season, and commemorate sadness with dried tears. Listen to different lives and reap different lives. Those touched by the wind always exude intoxicating fragrance, refreshing and edifying one side of the land. Extending, extending & hellip& hellip;

Fifth grade: the track of tears falling and listening to the rain_ 550 word rain, the spirit of the universe, broke free from the shackles of clouds and fell on the earth. I once hated the rain.

I vaguely remember when I came home from school, it rained outside, and the dark clouds covered the sky gray. At this time, I always hold my bag to my head while complaining, run all the way home, frown and look at the stains on my trouser legs, but I have nothing to do. I don't know when I began to have a special feeling for rain, and I gradually fell in love with rainy days.

At this time, it was still raining outside. Raindrops playfully knocked on the window and made a clear sound like wind chimes. I picked up my umbrella and walked into the rain curtain, but the rain became smaller as if playing hide and seek. Some fell on the umbrella, but I saw the umbrella wet and didn't hear the rain. I walked in the alley with some water. I stepped on the water carefully, but I still heard the steps submerged in the water. The content of this page is pushed and splashed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN", as crisp as a violinist.

After a while, I seemed to hear the sound of rain falling on the umbrella. The rapid muffled sound was overwhelming. I suddenly felt a little cool, and the wind blew untimely. The roaring sound in my ears was mixed with the rain star. I walked in a hurry and pressed the umbrella down, but I still couldn't resist the baptism of wind and rain. Raindrops fall on the pond, rippling like the crisp sound of knocking on the glass; The rain drops fell on the leaves. It was stuffy. I seemed to hear the dissatisfaction of the leaves; Raindrops hit my cheek, I clearly have a heavy feeling & hellip& hellip;

Before long, the naughty raindrops seemed tired, calmed down slowly, and restored her lady posture, comfortable and long, pattering. I put away my umbrella, walked slowly in the drizzle, listened to the dull but very lasting sound of the rain, gently recited 'sneaking into the night with the wind, moistening things silently', breathed the fragrant air after the rain, and my heart seemed to precipitate. I suddenly remembered that someone said that the sound of rain is the voice of the earth and the cry of nature. I didn't think so, but now I feel the same. In the rain, I seem to hear her soft, meaningful, true and pure, flying freely & hellip& hellip;

Listen, it's raining.

Grade 6: Mao Minjuan's composition on life: Life_ 550 words from birth to now, I think almost every day about what to live for and how to make the burning life live a valuable life. Recently, I'm still thinking, and I also have some views and cognition on this.

People's life is different, but there are lofty aspirations in my heart. Everyone pursues different, and the value of life is also different. Whether it is a good person or a bad person, immortality or mediocrity, each of us has different values. Even though the road leading to the future is not bright, we believe that the darkness is coming to an end and the light is coming soon.

My life is not like a poet who can write a millennium style, nor is it a writer. There are not so many people watching my works, but I believe my life will still shine. Although I am not a figure who can make any great achievements, I am making little efforts. Although I have failed and setbacks, I still do not shrink back, My life burns more like fire. I can do nothing in my life, but I think if after my death, future generations accuse me of not being an adult all my life, I will end my life and die lighter than a chicken feather. I don't want such a life.

Although people who do nothing every day are relaxed, their hearts are empty and painful. Sometimes they are helpless, but no one has time to understand that although the hard life is bitter and sweet, it is full.

Life is in a hurry. Sometimes it's over before we can touch it. We should cherish every minute and second of life. We should not always live in memory and nostalgia, bravely overcome the obstacles in life, be a brave soldier, stand on Mount Tai, and go to the state of Cape I, which drives my life, Facing life with such a mind, you will gain something.

We should cherish and cherish the people who accompany us. You accompanied me through the ups and downs of life. I sincerely thank you for your love, so that my life will not be lonely for decades, and my life will be full of hope and challenges. It is worth fighting for you! Life is more wonderful with you!

Junior one: Ren Binbin