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After reading the adventures of the bragging King

This winter vacation, I read the world famous works Robinson Crusoe and the adventures of the bragging king. My favorite is the adventures of the boaster. It mainly tells the happy adventure story of bragging king menghaosen. Now I'll tell you. Diary first grade diary

Menghaosen is very boastful. Once he went to Russia, where it was full of white snow and only a wooden stake. Menghaosen tied the horse to the stake. When I woke up in the morning, the snow was gone, surrounded by high-rise buildings, and horses were hanging on the cross of the high church. It turned out that the tall buildings were covered by heavy snow last night, only the top of the cross was exposed, and menghausen tied his horse to it. The content of boast page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Wang raised his gun and broke the reins of the horse. The horse fell down, so he continued to travel on his horse.

Another time, the bragging King sailed to the moon. People on the moon grow tall, and people on the moon have fun eating. After they cooked the food, they didn't eat it with their mouth, but opened a hole in their belly and stuffed the food directly. They also call themselves very special. Unlike people on earth, they have their own names, but they are uniformly called 'cooked food eating creatures'.

Hearing this, students, do you think the story of the bragging king is really bragging?