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I feel the destruction of the Old Summer Palace

Read & lsquo; The destruction of the Old Summer Palace & rsquo; After this article, I feel very indignant! One is the angry and hateful British and French coalition forces, the other is the angry corruption and incompetence of the Qing government! Diary third grade diary

The article describes the splendid palaces in the Old Summer Palace, with magnificent pavilions and exquisite carved beams and columns; There are exquisite national buildings and various western landscapes; Some are built in accordance with the poetic and picturesque flavor of ancient poetry, and others are built in imitation of scenic spots and historic sites all over the country. What a fine building! It's incomparable! But it was destroyed! As Hugo said & lsquo; There is a garden, which has the style of the world. Unfortunately, it was destroyed! This is the old summer palace& rsquo; Moreover, the Old Summer Palace also has valuable cultural relics such as ancient and civilized bronze ritual vessels, celebrity calligraphy and painting. What a magnificent scene it is! However, two robbers ransacked it. There are no magnificent palaces, pavilions, national buildings and Penglai Yaotai & hellip& hellip; Isn't this a disgrace to China!? What's worse, the corrupt Qing government was indifferent to it! And it was the son of the famous poet Gong Zizhen who led the British and French coalition forces to burn the old summer palace! Isn't it China's shame that the Chinese bring outsiders to beat themselves!?

Turning to modern Chinese history, China's humiliation is more than that. From 1840 to 1895, this fertile land of China was constantly eaten by European powers! Opium War, Sino French war, Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, the war of aggression against China by the Eight Allied Forces & hellip& hellip; This relentless war has brought profound disasters to the Chinese people. For hundreds of years, some capitalist countries have openly invaded, and some have fought undeclared; Some invade alone, others plunder in partnership. This is really a disgrace to the Chinese people! The country is not strong, being bullied! However, since 1919, the Chinese people began to resist tenaciously. A cry, a pride, a piece of loyalty, a clank iron bone, an emotional elegy! The Chinese people rise up! The Oriental lion showed its claws and tusks, lit the spark of the revolution, buried the arrogance of foreign aggression and ushered in the victory of the revolution!

We must not forget these humiliations. Our new generation of young people should not forget national humiliation and revitalize China! We should make our motherland stronger and better! We want foreigners to look up at us!

Grade 6, Jinjia street second primary school, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning: Jiao Aoran's anger and regret_ I'm interested in reading the destruction of the Old Summer Palace_ 500 words Zhong Yufen, class 5 (1) of Experimental Primary School in Changting County, Fujian Province

After reading the article "destruction of the Old Summer Palace", I can only describe my deep feelings with anger and regret.

The Old Summer Palace is the largest museum and Art Museum in the world. It took more than 100 years to complete this great project, which is beyond the reach of modern people and even beyond their imagination. But in 1860, the British and French allied forces looted and burned the Old Summer Palace. After the looting, the Old Summer Palace was burned mercilessly. A big fire burned for three days and nights. The Old Summer Palace, the masterpiece of world garden art, collapsed into ruins, leaving only some poor broken buildings.

These savage and hateful robbers. Stealing from China and running wild on our territory. Known to the world as a royal garden be destroyed on one day, the essence of Chinese Old Summer Palace art is destroyed.

On October 7, 1860, after the leaders of the British and French invasion of China broke into the Old Summer Palace, they immediately sent three British and French members to take the treasures in the park. The rest is hidden in the French Museum. The day after the British and French invaders entered the park, they could no longer resist the temptation of goods. Officers and soldiers rushed forward in groups to rob the gold and silver treasures and cultural and artistic treasures in the park. According to a British eyewitness, the entire French camp was filled with extremely gorgeous clocks and watches of various colors. Around the soldiers' tents, there were silk, satin and embroidery everywhere. This was our Chinese thing. These robbers still allocated it righteously. This is shameful. We can never erase the crimes and acts of these robbers.

Today's Old Summer Palace has been washed away, but we still can't forget the humiliation and bullying we Chinese people have suffered.

Students: a strong youth makes a strong country. We should always remember to revitalize China, never forget national humiliation, and study for the rise of China!

Grade 5: Zhong Yufen is interested in reading the destruction of the Old Summer Palace_ 450 words I have read many historical stories, among which the article "the destruction of the Old Summer Palace" often reminds me of my reflection and urges me to forge ahead. So far, I still drill into the book with incomparable anger and regret to see the destruction of the Old Summer Palace and the ruins buried by waist high weeds.

Located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, the Old Summer Palace is known as the "garden of ten thousand gardens". It is a world-famous royal garden, not only the essence of Chinese architectural art, but also the largest museum and Art Museum known to the world. There are halls, pavilions, shopping streets and mountain villages in the Old Summer Palace. Moreover, there are many places of interest in the park, such as Anlan garden in Haining, Lion Forest in Suzhou, Pinghu autumn moon in Hangzhou West Lake, Leifeng sunset and so on. People forget to return to the buildings with different styles. Yuanmingyuan also has a collection of the most precious pages. The contents of this page are pushed to you by "Sihai reading network".

However, on October 6, 1860, the British and French allied forces invaded Beijing and broke into the Old Summer Palace. They plundered everything that could be taken away from the garden; If it cannot be carried, it shall be carried by cart or animal; If it cannot be transported away, it will be destroyed and destroyed at will. What makes people more angry is that in order to destroy the criminal evidence, on October 18 and 19, more than 3000 invading troops were ordered to set fire in the park. The fire burned for three days. Smoke and clouds shrouded the whole city of Beijing. At the same time, the fire killed more than 300 eunuchs and palace maidens.

Today, under the tile blue sky and on the bloody loess ground, the remaining stone pillars are still standing, as if to remind the Chinese people that falling behind will be beaten! Yes! We should remember how those hateful invaders wantonly destroyed our cultural treasures! We should remember how the people who loved them died innocently in the hands of the aggressors! We should bear this painful historical lesson in mind!

Grade 6: Leng Nuan knows himself