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Clove Trojan horse

Every boy and girl's heart is guarded by an elf. At the moment of frowning, only the elf can hear the whispers of those hearts. Occasionally, it will fly out and fly into words like that or this. Diary 200 words

When I opened Peng Xuejun's lilac Trojan horse, I was unconsciously attracted by this text. The story mainly tells some experiences of a girl named lilac from willful ignorance to growing up and sensible.

When lilac was six years old, her mother took her to Aunt Juan's house, where she met a child similar to her age, (ah Gen). Ah Gen rode a Trojan horse, and lilac wanted to ride, but ah Gen didn't let her, so lilac took a fruit knife and engraved "Lilac Trojan horse" on the Trojan horse! In the process of engraving, clove accidentally cut her hand, but she insisted that it was Agan.

Six years later, clove went to middle school. Later, she posted this page and pushed it to you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Now her deskmate Jiang Minzhi is a Gen. clove and a gen apologized after experiencing some things.

This book unconsciously took us into their world. In their world, I saw their growth, their inner struggle, and the beauty of their growth process.

In my life, I am sometimes as willful and ignorant as clove. Once I had to watch TV when my homework was not completed. My parents wouldn't let me, so I shouted at home and even threatened them without eating. Finally, after my parents told me a lot of truth, I made an insincere apology!

We should learn from lilac and be a good child who can change his mistakes, because it is a kind of beauty.

Grade 5: Chen Yongjia's composition on reading notes: I'm interested in reading Hua Mulan_ During the winter vacation, I read a story named Hua Mulan. The main idea of the story is: Hua Mulan's father is going to be enlisted to fight, but Hua Mulan thinks that her father is old and afraid she can't, so she decides to dress up as a man, join the army for her father and serve the motherland. After 12 years, she finally returns to her parents and family.

After reading this story, I admire Hua Mulan's filial piety and courage. At the same time, I should learn from her.

Second grade of Yuxin school in Donghu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi: Wan Yanshan's composition on reading notes: I'm interested in reading the adventures of Ding Ding_ During the winter vacation, I read Erge's comic book Tintin's adventures. I like the protagonist Tintin very much.

Tintin has very keen observation and can find a breakthrough to solve problems in very small aspects. Tintin is very brave. He is not afraid of great difficulties. He will try to solve them and will not shrink back at all. Tintin is very kind. He will actively help others without asking for anything in return. Tintin is very wise. He knows a lot of knowledge. Tintin has a very positive attitude towards life and is always optimistic to analyze and solve all kinds of problems. Tintin can bear hardships and live in bad conditions for a long time.

After reading the adventures of Tintin, I feel very ashamed. I am already a second grade student. I have to rely on my father and mother for everything. Even my mother has to help me clean up my schoolbag. This comic book inspired me too much. In the future, I will take Tintin as an example to be independent, brave, strong Excellent students who are optimistic and upward.

Grade 2: Li Zhenyu