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Feeling after reading elephant mother's complaint

Among them, this story moved me most: at the edge of the Nahu river valley with the fragrance of birds and flowers and the gurgling water, the sun suddenly turned like blood, the bodies were everywhere, and the blood had permeated the whole Nahu River Valley - in order to compete for the field, a bloody war was coming, and the male elephants of the two elephant groups died in order to compete for the field.

Although the female elephants have no teeth, killing, grief and hatred also make them tense, making the female elephants lose their reason and only want revenge. The mother elephant Mo Wan couldn't bear to watch the loss of life one by one. When everyone was about to start fighting, she rescued a small elephant of the other elephant group from the sharp claws of the Jackal. In order to prevent the war, it desperately pulled out the poppy belt next to the Nahu River Valley, the symbol of the field separating the two elephant groups. Alice, the mother of the little elephant rescued by it, loved it as the 'elephant mother' and pulled out the poppy belt side by side with it.

Mo Wan leads the new elephants out of the Nahu River Valley to make everyone forget today's war and start a new life. In order to take good care of the life of the mother elephant and the baby elephant, I would rather wait around the mother elephant in childbirth for two days and two nights, and try my best to let the baby elephant be born safely in this world; It is willing to give the only milk to Alice's children to protect the baby elephant's healthy growth; In the face of two elephant groups, it never favors either side, is fair to the matter, and has a clear distinction between reward and punishment. Alice has been doing her best to help it; In order to make the two elephants forget the previous war, the remains of a heavy male elephant were thrown into the river to clean up the remnants of the war & hellip& hellip;

After returning to the Nahu River Valley, it still tried its best to maintain a harmonious and peaceful life: it racked its brains to think about how to let the growing elephants play, and tried to prevent them from having fun by fighting, but in the end it failed; When the big bear comes, it takes the opportunity to let the two little elephants fight side by side and experience the unbreakable brotherhood & hellip& hellip;

However, the little male elephants were aggressive by nature, and the battle game inevitably happened. Mo Wan had to drag her weak body to kneel to the ground, stop them with a pathetic roar and beg them. Fortunately, the little male elephants had no conscience and finally stopped the battle. When the little male elephants dispersed, Mo Wan knelt weakly next to the newly grown poppy belt, crawled forward inch by inch, and firmly pulled out the poppy. Alice walked slowly, shoulder to shoulder with it as usual.

"Peace is not dead, there is still hope." The end of the story is such a warm and firm word.

Fourth grade: after reading the last war elephant_ 450 words recently, I finished reading all the extra-curricular books at home. I begged my mother to buy some more for me to read during the eleventh day. My mother thought about it and said it was a bit too wasteful. You might as well exchange books with some familiar children in the community. I think this is also a good way. Act immediately when you think of it. When you go to a good friend's house, you will be silly at that time, because he reads books about animals. Finally, I chose a book, the last war elephant.

I thought the elephant must be very grumpy and difficult to get along with people because of its huge body. However, after reading this book, I feel that animals also have human feelings.

The last war elephant tells that in the spring of 1969, when Shen Shixi cut in line at a stockade in Xishuangbanna, he saw the last war elephant who had fought with the Japanese invaders, an elephant in his fifties. Shen Shixi became good friends with it. One morning two years later, Gavin suddenly asked elephant keeper bonodin to return the abandoned elephant saddle and asked Shen Shixi and bonodin to install it. After saying goodbye to the stockade, he set out on his way alone. Shen Shixi and bonodin followed behind quietly. Instead of going to the elephant tomb left by his ancestors, gacarboxyl went to the place where he fought decades ago, because there was a pit dug by his companion gacarboxyl all night. At dawn, it lies quietly in the pit to meet death. It should always accompany its comrades in arms!!!

After reading this book, I was surprised that elephant has such inspiration. It knows that loyalty and responsibility are the best things in life. I deeply realize its eternal friendship with peers.. The true feelings of the elephant echoed in my mind & hellip& hellip; I never thought I would learn the truth of being a man from an elephant.

Everything in nature is spiritual, so we should care for wild animals

Fifth grade: Mao lazily read the last war elephant_ 500 characters like gentle character, is people's partner, but it is only an animal. However, after reading the last war elephant, I felt that animals also have human emotions.

The text tells about an elephant that survived the war - Gawain. It knows its life limit, so it puts on the elephant saddle again, goes to the beach to remember the past and mourn the battlefield. Finally, it came to the 'hundred elephant tombs' where its comrades in arms were buried, dug a pit and buried itself solemnly.

This is a 'nostalgic' War elephant. Originally, he had to go to the elephant tomb left by generations to sleep, but it didn't. I think it must be unable to give up the war time and forget its comrades in arms. It tells us that history cannot be repeated, and history cannot be forgotten.

This is a 'pure' War elephant. GA's heart is not the desire for fame, not the pride of his achievements, but his comrades in arms fighting side by side, the loving bonodin, the kind villagers, and the peace and tranquility it has long longed for. Indeed, nothing can be eternal, but we must protect what we cherish most. Only in this way can we have the pure land of spirit pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you. Gavin knew this earlier than we did, so he had a pure heart for 26 years. In front of its feat of moving everyone, we are all so small.

This is also a 'loyal' War elephant. " Loyalty 'is because it puts on an elephant saddle when it is dying. It hopes that it will be the last war elephant and that the world will always be peaceful. When I read this sentence in the text, 'after 26 spring and autumn, the elephant saddle has been worn out and still shows dignified and luxurious. Putting on the elephant saddle adds a heroic spirit.' From it, I understand the solemn history recorded on the elephant saddle, the loyalty recorded on the horse, the hero in the twilight, and the broad mind is still there!

After reading this text, it is memorable and stimulating. I really admire that animals have such noble feelings!

Grade 6: Cui Yunyi