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Reading notes of the mystery of overlord weapon

My favorite book is the military book. In the military book, I prefer the book "the mystery of overlord weapons". Let me introduce this book today. Diary 500 words

There are five chapters in this book, which are close combat, land firearms, sea and air God of war, battlefield strange soldiers and future God of war. My favorite is close combat. There are 18 kinds of weapons, including knife, gun, sword, halberd, axe, Tomahawk, hook, fork, whip, Mace, hammer, Laos, Ho, stick, tablet, stick, crutch and meteor. Among them, the most lethal is; My favorite knife is Qinglong Yanyue knife, also known as' Lengyan saw '. The knife is nine feet and five inches long and weighs 82 kilograms. The body of the knife is inlaid with the image of Panlong swallowing the moon, so it is named. It was the broadsword used by Guan Yu, a general of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period.

In the chapter of sea and air God of war, the B-2 'ghost' stealth bomber is the most mysterious. One night in 2003, the Iraqi battlefield. The radar antenna kept turning, closely monitoring the air. A small bright spot appeared on the radar display. The radar soldier moved quickly. Suddenly, he was nervous, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Because their experience knows that such a small bright spot is just a bird. Late at night, their battlefield turned into ruins in the blink of an eye, and a black ghost was passing through the air. The B-2 has a long operational range. After an air refueling, the range can exceed 18500 kilometers, which is really impressive. B-2 the unit price is 22. $200 million, the most expensive bomber in the world.

These weapons are called overlords.

Grade 4: Xingya 2's composition on reading notes: reading notes of juvenile Pi's fantasy drifting_ 350 words because of the cold air, I was accompanied by a film in the afternoon, a film that won the Oscar for best photography and best visual effect (life of PI)

I curled up in a corner, closed the doors and windows, and stared at the film.

Sula & middot; Shama and a Bengal tiger drifted alone at sea for 227 days, Sura & middot; Shama survived with firm faith and saved the Bengal tiger. On the sea, the wind blows gently and the waves beat heavily. However, Sura & middot; Sharma did not succumb to this, but struggled with it and struggled at sea. The long-awaited day finally came, and the ship drifted to the shore, Sura & middot; Sharma went into the deep forest, stayed there for a night and left. He pulled the boat to the shore. He was exhausted and had no strength to stand up. The Bengal tiger went into the forest and left without raising his head, while Sura & middot; Shama was also rescued.

When we are in adversity, don't panic, but have goals and beliefs, look for something that can help us, and send a distress signal.

With a goal, there is a clear direction, so there is the courage to survive; With confidence, you will have motivation, so you won't starve to death at sea. Welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge.. In short, as long as we have goals, confidence and courage, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

Grade 2: Lai Peili's composition on reading notes: reading notes of secret garden_ 500 words I have read a very good book. The book is called "secret garden". The little hero in the secret garden is Mary. She is an ugly, grumpy and annoying little girl. In a family plague, her father and mother were killed by the cruel fate plague, and she became an orphan without father and mother.

When I saw this, I always wanted to ask, 'why is this book full of unhappy people or things?' I keep looking at this question. As I see another little hero Dicken, I gradually understand that the author first uses the method of comparison to let us see Mary who is lonely, lonely and annoyed with everything. After meeting her friend Dicken, she gradually becomes cheerful and beautiful. Gradually, we see Mary who is cheerful, happy and beautiful.

This book makes me understand the value of friendship. Dicken, who is lively and loves small animals, moved Mary who is annoyed with everything with his sincere heart, moved Colin who is seriously ill and has no hope for life, and made him cheer up again.

If I were Mary, I would hate all people or things, because in this family, my father is a person who always doesn't go home, and my mother goes to all kinds of dances every day. She doesn't care about my existence at all. She only lets the nannies take care of me. Living in such a family, I feel lonely and lonely, A happy me has gradually become ignored by everyone and annoyed with everything. Who wouldn't be like this?

I like the secret garden very much. I hope to have Dicken's valuable friendship. Because of him, the emergence of this book makes me understand that friendship can change everything that others think can't be changed, and even my own life, can't it?

Grade 4: Wu Jiayi