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Read the little wolf, the little wolf has a feeling

My mother bought me a collection edition of little wolf, little wolf, which was written by Jiang Rong. Seeing the book, he said, 'this is an incredible and eye-catching book. He will let today's children read it once and use it for life.' All this fascinates me, because I like wolves as well as wolves. Diary pupil diary

This book let me know the story of the Mongolian wolf. There are Chen Zhen and Yang Ke in the story. Chen Zhen was very nervous about taking out the wolf cubs for the first time. The reason why he took out the wolf cubs was that the female wolf took away his beloved lamb under his eyes. In a rage, he took out her seven wolf cubs, of which five were dead, two were alive and one was walking on the vast grassland. At this time, the Mongolian old man said, 'wolves can be killed, worshipped and raised.' But Chen Zhen still gave the little wolf milk, meat and millet porridge. At this time, Chen Abba said, "you want to lead the little wolf. I want to tell you, the tiger can lead, the bear can lead, the elephant can lead, and the prairie wolf can't lead." But Chen Zhen still danced with wolves and built deep feelings with wolves.

Towards the end, Xiao Lang was cut off four sharp tooth tips by Chen Zhen, one of which had its root cut off, and the blood flowed into his throat. I don't know why there was a lot of blood in his throat. He fell down and got up again; He fell down and got up again. Finally, he fell in the snow and left the prairie and Chen Zhen's side forever.

Through this book, I learned that wolves are social animals. Wolves are real soldiers. They can fight night warfare, guerrilla warfare, green curtain warfare and tunnel warfare; Its team spirit, freedom, independence and indomitable spirit are worth learning from.

Grade one: Cai Xingyi's Reflections on the wolf_ 350 word wolf is written by Sidon, known as the father of animal novels《 Wolf has been popular all over the world for nearly 100 years, with nearly 100 million copies sold all over the world. It is inseparable from his unique observation vision and novel narrative way.

"Wolf" is about: on the Karen bubble grassland, as soon as spring comes, layers of frozen soil melt. Grass stuck out its head, bison and antelope rested in Karen, and people began animal husbandry. But there is a wolf clan that makes this vibrant field full of killing opportunities.

Lao Bao, the wolf leader. The whole body was shiny, and the gray black fur sent out bursts of cold. For the wolf family, everyone envies the 'white sister' around Lao Bao. Sister Bai, a silver haired girl, is the hope of old violence and protected by old violence. Another prominent member of the wolf family is a yellow wolf, who is a grain and grass collector. It is said that he has captured antelopes for the wolf people many times.

The rise of this wolf tribe has aroused the opposition of herdsmen, who have never stopped their rectification. At first, brucine and cyanide were poisoned, then hunting dogs and shotguns were used, and finally wolf catchers and lassos were used. But the wolves were not fooled once, but beat many hounds and horses to pieces.

People issued a reward order to ban wolves. People seemed very helpless in front of the reward order.

Finally, Bai Jie and Lao Bao were caught and executed. But Lao Bao doesn't want to leave sister Bai. But I think, how many times will siblings be fratricidal among the same race. Can achieve such perseverance. It is something we must learn and think about.

Grade 5: Wu haokai's "Wolf Totem: little wolf, little wolf" is interesting_ 400 words "Wolf Totem: little wolf, little wolf"

During the winter vacation, I read a book "Wolf Totem little wolf, little wolf". I was moved by the prairie wolf's spirit of self-improvement.

This book is about a Han Chinese living in the grassland. Because of his wireless love for the grassland, he is full of infinite curiosity about the mysterious grassland wolf and wants to understand why the wolf can become the totem ancestor and spiritual leader of the grassland people.

Prairie wolf is the spiritual symbol of Inner Mongolia. It is very sacred. It will not yield to anyone. Think of their natural and unrestrained figure running on the prairie; Think they bow their legs and howl at the moon; When you want them to hunt prey and eat ferociously, you will know that wolves are inviolable, not to mention their self-esteem. Human beings constantly hunt prairie wolves because of their selfish desires. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Now, they are on the verge of extinction. However, people did not expect that the wolf is a very important animal to maintain the biological chain on the grassland of Inner Mongolia. On the grassland, there are many animals that destroy human life, including rabbits and mice & hellip& hellip; And wolves can help humans get rid of them.

In order to satisfy their curiosity, the Han people took out a wolf's nest and raised a little wolf. So he lives with people and dogs. Unlike other animals, wolves don't eat or drink when they are caught. On the contrary, when the mother dog is for the children, it pushes the puppies aside and sucks their milk. The wolf's genetic ability is not generally strong. The little wolf has never seen his parents and has never been trained. It is very warm against the strong sunlight. We all thought it couldn't work, but it dug a hole by itself. It was not deep or shallow. Just right, the little wolf lay in it

Grade 4: Zhuang Yuxi