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Feeling after reading Xiaobing Zhang GA

The content of this page is pushed for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". After reading the text "little soldier Zhang Ga", I deeply feel that today's beautiful days in the motherland are hard won. Zhang GA spent his childhood in a hail of bullets. It was the unremitting struggle of revolutionary martyrs like him that brought us today's happy life. Their blood dyed the flying five-star red flag and our red scarf. Diary pupil diary

During the Anti Japanese War, Zhang GA, a little boy living in Baiyangdian, central Hebei, was witty, brave, lively and lovely. He is dependent on his only relative, grandma. In order to cover the Eighth Route Army reconnaissance company commander Zhong Liang, who was wounded at home, grandma bravely died under the Japanese Bayonet, and Zhong Liang was also captured by the enemy. In order to avenge grandma and save uncle Zhong, Zhang GA went through hardships, found the Eighth Route Army and became a small scout. Once, Zhang GA was unfortunately captured and locked up on the ground floor of the devil's turret in the West Village. The devil said that there was a fire outside the guard building. He thought: it must be the Eighth Route Army. So when the puppet army guarding him didn't pay attention, he knocked him unconscious, lit his clothes with kerosene in the oil lamp and threw them on the ladder. In order to make the fire more prosperous, Zhang GA kept holding the straw into the watchtower. Make great contributions to the Eighth Route Army's taking down the turret! In the era of war, soldier Zhang GA was indomitable in the face of the enemy. Today, we are lucky to grow up in New China, which has given us a peaceful and stable reading environment. We are the flowers of our motherland and have a happy life, but we stop when we encounter difficulties and don't have a down-to-earth way to overcome them. Compared with soldier Zhang GA, how cowardly we are. In life, we eat more than we wear, not more than we study. No one wants to do more on duty and haggle over every detail all day. We did not inherit the excellent qualities of the martyrs and study hard for the construction of the motherland.

After reading this book, I want to say to all my classmates: let's act quickly, cherish time, love work, study hard and do everything well. We should apply Zhang GA's resourceful, brave, fearless and indomitable spirit to real life and learning, overcome difficulties bravely, be not afraid of challenges and setbacks. Strive to master knowledge, grow up with wisdom to build, defend and contribute to the motherland!

Grade 5: Yu duo, Xiaobing, Zhang GA_ 300 words today, I read the book "little soldier Zhang Ga" on the recommendation of my teacher. The book tells about a little boy named Zhang GA who lives on his grandmother's side. Later, grandma died to protect uncle Zhong of the Eighth Route Army. For revenge, Gazi found the Eighth Route Army and became a small investigator. Gazi tried every means to get his own gun, but it was always confiscated. Later, Gazi made meritorious service in the battle and finally got his beloved gun. I was deeply impressed by Zhang GA's witty and brave personality. What impressed me most was the plot of Gazi exploring the enemy for the Eighth Route Army. Gazi boldly said he would send eggs to the Imperial Army and tried his best to get in. He fought fiercely with the devil and rescued Yuying.

Gazi faced the fierce enemy, fearless in the face of danger and vowed to resist to the death. Compared with Zhang GA, we live in this beautiful today. Unlike Gazi and them, we live in fear all day, poor and hungry. How happy we are. Today's happiness is hard won. Our happy life was bought with the blood of our ancestors decades ago. Zhang GA defeated the enemy again and again with his intelligence and wisdom in the Anti Japanese war. We should also learn from Zhang GA and face difficulties bravely without flinching!

Sixth grade, Aksu second school, Aksu City, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang: Professor 666 "our iron head can do it"_《 I'm interested in reading little soldier Zhang GA_ 250 character soldier Zhang GA, the name, I think, no one will feel very strange, because he is a witty, brave, frank and stubborn little boy, but soldier Zhang GA is a little hero. Soldier Zhang GA, she was born in a terrible period - the war period. He spent his childhood in a hail of bullets. Looking back, we now live in a beautiful era of peace and harmony. How happy we can read in a bright classroom! Facing the Japanese army, he was witty and brave; Facing his relatives, he is strong and filial; In the face of friends, he has love and righteousness; In the face of justice, he fought tenaciously. This is the place where Xiaobing Zhang GA is worth learning and the most eye-catching place. His wit, his courage, his frankness and his stubbornness are so dazzling everywhere! Everything about him washes the hearts of the people all over the country! Read the red classics, let us regain the memory of the past years; Read the red classics, let's review the feelings in the history of humiliation! 90 years of ups and downs have baptized China and made China; 90 years of ups and downs have changed China and made our motherland stronger and more brilliant!

Grade 6: Zhuang junnan