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After reading_ The monkey fished for the moon

Father monkey heard the cry and ran to the well. He craned his neck, looked like a well, and shouted in surprise: 'no, no, the moon has fallen into the well!' Diary 400 words

I read the story of monkey catching the moon. I know that there is a shadow of the moon in the water. The real moon is in the sky. I can't learn from them. I should learn to be careful and serious!

My real name: Liu Shulin

This composition was written in the summer vacation. It was the second grade of primary school at that time. Now I am a third grade student. I will continue to work hard!

Grade two: Liu Shulin's Thoughts on the bright sky_ 600 words

Maternal love is an eternal topic. The bright sky tells the story of a mother's love for her son:

The son in the story lost his eyes and light by accident. When he knew that his mother wanted to donate his cornea for him, he resolutely refused. Later, his son became an excellent broadcaster to solve problems for the audience. However, he was informed that his mother was a patient with advanced cancer and asked the hospital to give her son his cornea after his death.

The mother in this story is so great that she is willing to give all she has to her son. When she learns that she has cancer, what she thinks first is not herself, but that her son will see the light again. She is happy for this. In fact, every mother is great. They will give everything for their children. The real maternal love can be realized only in every bit of life. We should be grateful to them, love them and repay them.

Once, my mother was sick and had a fever. She rested at home, but she got up early in the morning and made breakfast for me. Before I went to school, my mother told me to take an umbrella. I saw that the weather was fine, so I refused my mother. Unexpectedly, it rained cats and dogs after school. I regret it. I wish I had listened to my mother. I have no choice but to go home in the rain. But as soon as I walked out of the door, I retreated back. The rain was too heavy.

'Yingying!' The sound was so familiar that I ran out and saw my mother standing at the school gate with a red face. She hugged me and put on my clothes: 'come on, cough & hellip& hellip; Go home. " Mom, don't you have a fever? Why are you running here? " I asked suspiciously in my mother's arms& Ldquo; the content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN"; Because you don't have an umbrella. " This sentence turned all my doubts into warmth and deeply hidden in my heart.

All mothers are great, just like the mother who donated corneas to her son. All mothers want their children to be happy and give their children a bright sky. My mother felt that it was not enough to accompany us as adults. She would send her children one way after another until she couldn't move any more. This is the greatness of maternal love.

Grade 6: Purple moon queer is interested in reading who is your moon dog_ 300 words a few days ago, I read a book called "who is your moon dog". This book is one of the fourth grade graded reading in the south.

I benefited a lot from reading this book. What I remember most are: the drink made by my brother Elia (excerpt) and the fox eating books《 The drink made by my brother Elijah (excerpt) mainly says: MOTU's father died, and life at home is very difficult. But at the age of nine, he did not understand the bitterness and heaviness of adults. In his eyes, life was still full of all kinds of new and interesting things. Mo tuer's brother studied the secret collection of getting rich and made his own drinks. Mo tuer caused great disaster with his tossing and turning, resulting in a worse outcome《 The content of the book eating fox is: Mr. Fox loves books as much as his life. Every time he finishes reading a book, he will eat it all with salt and pepper. When he had nothing because of buying books, he slipped into the library, stole books, robbed books in the bookstore, and finally went to jail & hellip& hellip; However, in prison, the hungry fox actually thought of writing his own book and became a famous writer. Mr. Fox's talent is really amazing!

Students, come and read this book! I recommend this book to you to give you a taste of the joy of reading. I hope it can become a small sail and take you to the vast sea of books.

Grade 4, Liangtian second primary school, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong: Chen Jiayan