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Love education after reading

My mother bought me a book "education of love", which is a good book to teach people how to be a man. Diary summer vacation diary

It took me a few days to finish my study. The content of the book is in the form of a diary. It tells the story of the growth of a little boy named amritco, and records what he saw and heard in school, family and society in a year. There are many little friends in it. Although some are poor, some are rich, some are disabled and some are backward in study, Amric never cares. He has a good time with them and slowly gets an education from happiness.

I like the little people in the book very much, such as the righteous and kind-hearted carlon, delosi who is excellent in both character and learning, stedy who is strong and diligent, the funny little Mason, karofi, the son of the grocery store owner, and the little blacksmith polixi who has extraordinary perseverance and moving filial piety. It is all about the education and Enlightenment of our elders to our children. It teaches us to always have an enterprising, kind and sincere heart, love the motherland, love the people, and sympathize with all the misfortunes and sufferings of the people.

I like the teacher's words in the new teacher very much: 'I love you and hope you like me too! I don't want to blame and punish any of you, and I believe you will make me happy. I will be proud of you students! " If only I could meet such a loving teacher!

After reading this book, I feel immersed in the ocean of love. Love is a beam of sunshine in the dark. As long as you are willing to pay, you will get amazing harvest.

In November 2013, he won the wonderful pen award in the 12th "summer reading good books" activity in Xiaoshan District.

Grade 2, class 203, Guangming Central Primary School, Xiaoshan District: after reading Yu Yucao's education of love_ In the summer vacation, I read many books. I think the most meaningful one is the education of love. It is about a little boy named Amric. Many touching stories happened around him. He recorded them in his diary. Among them, I like the monthly story told by amritco's teacher: "father's caregiver". It tells the story of the rural teenager Cicero who heard that his father was ill. He got up early in the morning in the rain and rushed from the countryside to the city hospital to visit his sick father. He couldn't help crying when he saw that his father was very ill. He takes good care of his' father ', or arranges the quilt for him, or drives flies for him, or touches his head with his hand, or feeds him soup and medicine, and so on. Until one day, welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge., When Cicero's real father came, he found that he recognized the wrong person. It turned out that the patient was not Cicero's father, but Cicero still guarded the patient. Later, because he was too ill, he finally died, and Cicero reluctantly left. I admire him very much. He heard that his father was ill and was anxious to find his father. No one knew that he had made a mistake. He also cared about others. Later, he knew that the patient was not his father, and served him warmly until he died. I think: we must learn from Cicero's quality of caring for our parents. My father works very hard. He often comes back when I fall asleep. When I get up in the morning, he goes to work. So, before going to bed at night, I heated a glass of milk for my father. There was a note under it, which said, 'father has worked hard!' The next day, my father praised me because although there was only one sentence on the note, it represented my heart to my father. I was very happy!

Grade one of Xiyuan school in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Shandong: Jia Junxiang's composition on the feeling after reading: the feeling after reading the education of love_ 900 words in this happy winter vacation, I found a book in the big bookcase called "education of love". Maybe her cover is not very attractive, but the content inside deeply attracts me. When I read an article in it: "the young scribe of Florence", I felt that Giorgio was very concerned about his father.

The story tells about a young man named jilio. He is the child of a railway worker. His family is not very rich. Fathers can be tolerant of their children in everything, but they are always very serious when it comes to learning requirements. In order to support his family, his father has to copy more than 500 letters a day, but he can only earn 3 lira. His son jilio sees his father too hard and secretly helps his father copy letters when he goes to bed at night. The good times didn't last long. Because jillio had to go to school during the day and secretly copied letters for his father at night, he was tired and his academic performance decreased. His father was very disappointed when he saw jillio's lack of love for learning. It was not until one night that his father knew that he had wronged his son jilio, and he felt very guilty.

Reading this, my heart is as sweet as honey, because the father in the story knows that he has wronged his son. I think Giorgio will be very happy because his father will praise him for it. Compared with gilio, my family conditions are much better than him. What you want, live a 'little princess' life with clothes and food. Academic performance is also very good, usually the first in the class.

I remember once when my father said he would take me out with my sister and brother, I was very happy. And when I had a good time and came home, my mother asked me to write a composition.

I don't want to write a composition because it's a holiday and I have fun going out. I frowned, there were a hundred unwilling in my heart, and I was still immersed in the happiness just now. I said angrily, 'I don't write.'

"Just playing every day makes you very happy, but it makes you unhappy to study." Mother was very angry.

As soon as my mother scolded me, I came down with tears. Seeing me like this, my mother eased her tone and said to me sincerely: 'my child, my mother doesn't mean to blame you. Only when you love deeply can she blame you. My mother just wants you to understand the importance of learning and cultivate a serious and focused attitude.'

I nodded and wiped away my tears with the back of my hand. Suddenly, jilio's figure seemed to appear in front of me. I strengthened my confidence and said proudly to my mother, 'I'm going to write a composition now.'

After reading this article, I know how happy my life is. Jillio, a 12-year-old child can bear the burden of supporting the family, and I am also an 11-year-old child. I can't even study consciously, not to mention supporting the family. It's really inappropriate. From now on, I must take gilio as an example, learn from him and become a good child in the hearts of teachers and parents. come on. I believe I can do it!

Grade 4: Wu Jiayi