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We should learn from Lei Feng

'if you are a drop of water, have you moistened an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you illuminate a darkness? If you are the smallest screw, will you always stick to your post? " Whenever I think of this paragraph, I can't help thinking of Uncle Lei Feng. Diary pupil diary

Although Uncle Lei Feng has died for more than 50 years, his kind of beautiful spirit still remains in people's hearts and slowly sprouts and sprouts. His spirit of sticking to his post forever can also be seen in today's teachers. Teachers stick to their posts like nails, silently contribute, selflessly teach children, and don't give in to the mountain of homework books. It's late at night, but I'm still correcting my homework sentence by sentence in the spark lit Office & middot& Middo welcome to follow wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. t;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;

In fact, in life, there are many people like Lei Feng who help others, which is worth learning from. It was a hot noon. Somehow, the sky suddenly changed, and several dark clouds floated from the clear sky. For a moment, 'Sha Sha, Sha Sha & middot& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;' The sound of rain sounded, and strings of crystal clear raindrops fell from the sky, and the ground was wet. The children who had just finished school ran home one by one. On the rainy street, an old man over 60 years old was soaked by the rain, but young people with umbrellas walked by as if nothing had happened. The old man was very helpless and walked silently. " Cough. " The old man coughed a few times. At this time, a passing little girl saw the poor old man and took two or three steps. She stopped and thought: go home for dinner. Her parents are in a hurry! But she thought again: Hey, don't mom and dad often teach us to be good people and be as helpful as Lei Feng? The old man was wet by the rain. He was cold and hungry. How pathetic!

So, driven by her kind heart, she clenched her fist, turned and ran to grandma, and put her umbrella on Grandma's head,

The little girl looked very tall and beautiful when she helped the old woman cover the cold rain.

Grandma seemed to find someone behind her and turned slowly. The old woman was stunned and tears seemed to jump out of her eyes. The old woman said excitedly, 'this child is really kind and will certainly make great contributions to the society in the future. Thank you for helping my old woman shelter from the rain.' You're welcome. This is what I should do as a primary school student. " The little girl said politely. As soon as the little girl's voice fell, she helped her grandmother to the front and slowly disappeared on the horizon in the rain & middot& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;

"I will devote my limited life to unlimited service for the people." Lei Feng wrote in his diary, how moral and responsible a good soldier he is! Therefore, from now on, let Lei Feng become the beacon of our life. Let's study hard from Lei Feng!

Grade 6: ZYX learn from Lei Feng and strive to be a pioneer__ Lei Feng is right beside me_ 400 words to learn from Lei Feng and strive to be a pioneer

---Lei Feng is right beside me

Author: Bai Jiaqi, class 3, grade 6, Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental School

Instructor: Chen Jingya

There are many living Lei Feng in the world. Today, I met a living Lei Feng. He is a PLA.

How did I meet you? Please listen to me carefully: I just finished swimming and came to the bus stop. Because I forgot my goggles, I went back to the men's dressing room. That's why I missed a No. 19 bus. That's why I found a living Lei Feng living in the army.

As soon as I got on the bus, I found a window seat in the back. I hurried to find a captain of the Nanjing Military Region and then a major. I was surprised! Usually it is difficult to see officers above lieutenant on the bus, and this time there are still two.

When I was looking at the major, the major stood up and helped a pregnant woman to her seat, but he stood. When he saw a seat next to me, I looked around and saw him standing alone. Then he sat down.

He saw that I had been staring at his two bars and one star epaulet with big eyes of respect and worship, and he was still talking: 'major, how powerful!' So he said to me, 'you know it too & hellip& hellip;'

Halfway through his self introduction, a middle-aged woman got on the bus and had no seat. He immediately got up and gave his seat to the people. It's a pity that I missed the opportunity to chat with him again.

After five stops, he got off. I looked at his Lei Feng like back and slowly went away. I really want to catch up and get off with him. I hope I can see him again!

Grade 6, Xiamen Wuyuan experimental school, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian: Bai Jiaqi and Lei Feng are around us_ March is Lei Feng's day. Let's learn from Lei Feng!

In this March when everyone learned from Lei Feng, whether primary school students, retired grandparents, workers or cadres, they all enthusiastically learned from Lei Feng. However, I always think that learning from Lei Feng was in the 1960s and 1970s. Therefore, I don't want to get a seed to learn from Lei Feng in the spring breeze. However, one day in March, I got a golden seed and buried it deep in my heart.

I remember a scene in a TV advertisement: after school, it was raining heavily. A man held an umbrella for a little boy. When the little boy's mother came to pick him up, the three smiled at each other. Then the little boy ran under his mother's umbrella, and the man turned and left. At first, the audience thought they were father and son. In fact, they were just strangers. Let's be deeply moved. Is this helpful spirit Lei Feng's spirit? The answer is yes.

Now, let's open the camera and turn to our school. A fourth grade classmate picked up 100 yuan. When everyone thought he would steal it, he took the initiative to give it to the school. The owner found the money, and he also won a good reputation for himself. After this, he was not only praised by the school, but also let the students have a better evaluation of his personality. I think the moment he gave the money to the school, he didn't know what he was doing for. Perhaps this is Lei Feng's spirit, because he knows how to consider others. Between interests and conscience, he chose to be worthy of his own conscience.

Continue to look for the figure of 'Lei Feng' on the bus. That day, the long lost father-in-law of the sun came out, but I still didn't feel the slightest warmth, and my legs kept shaking. In front of me sat a mother and daughter. The little girl was seven or eight years old and dressed in bright red clothes. Wearing braids and laughing with two sweet hearts, I still think his clothes are very funny. When the car is driven, the people on the car are full, which makes people feel calm. Soon, at another station, an old woman came up, leaning on a crutch and coughing constantly. Was she ill? No one asked. There was no vacant seat in the car and no one was willing to give up their seat. They all thought it was none of their business. Me too, but I don't know why, I'm a little nervous. After a while, the little girl in front of me said, 'grandma, sit with me!' The gentle voice was so sweet. The car was silent. It seemed that the air stopped at this moment. The little girl gave up her seat to the old woman. The girl smiled naively, and the old woman's face showed a kind face. Suddenly, my heart was hot and I really wanted to find a ground seam to drill in. However, it also taught me the most important lesson in my life. I understand that people should help each other. Is this Lei Feng's spirit? Yes.

Lei Feng, an extremely ordinary person, has done countless extraordinary things in his life, such as carrying this, that old aunt in the rain, helping people suffering from floods in Liaoyang, etc. I still remember he said: 'I will devote my limited life to the unlimited cause of serving the people.' Yes, time is changing and people are changing, but only the great Lei Feng spirit is passed on from generation to generation.

Grade 5 of Guangrao County Central Primary School, Dongying, Shandong: Yang Fukang