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After reading forest newspaper

Forest daily is an encyclopedia of children's forest. It is not only interesting in content, but also extremely novel in writing method: the encyclopedia is divided into four volumes in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each book will make you love it. Vibianki, a famous popular science writer in the former Soviet Union, regards March 21 as the beginning of spring. Before reading the forest newspaper, you can't believe that so many happy programs and sad events will happen in the forest in a year: in March, the bald nosed crow flew back from the south, opening the prelude to the spring of the forest. In April, migratory birds returned and vipers were basking comfortably in the sun. In May, the animals held a concert in the forest, and the Yangji returned home on foot from the distant African continent. In June, flowers and plants began to store sunlight, and hundreds of birds were busy building nests and laying eggs. In July, birds began to raise their offspring, and strawberries and blackberries began to mature. In August, young birds began to learn to fly, and spiders flew in the air with filaments. In September, migratory birds travel quietly, and the Samara of maple tree is looking for its destination in the wind. In October, the west wind began to collect leaves. Squirrels wore mushrooms on pine branches as winter snacks. Autumn comes in November. In December, countless bodies were buried in snow. In January, everything was covered with snow. In February, when the bald nosed crow reappears, the new year will start all over again. Welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. Diary second grade diary

In the forest news, we can see experienced hunters come up with various ways to catch prey, we can hear the loud noise of elk fighting, and we can also see the funny stories of domestic chickens walking through Europe. Through the pen in his hand, the author presents the news stories in the forest in front of us, so that those of us who are more and more unfamiliar with nature and always live in reinforced concrete can re understand the charm of nature.