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Reading thoughts

On Monday, the teacher sent us the book "work hard to build a well-off society". There are three protagonists: longwa, Xiaoying and Dr. rabbit. This book is about Dr. rabbit taking longwa and Xiaoying to investigate environmental protection around the world. When they meet people in disaster areas, they make donations and listen to Dr. rabbit's speech while walking. Diary 100 words

I seem to be one of them. I actively carry out environmental protection activities and donate money to families with difficulties. Surveys were conducted all over the world, while listening to Dr. rabbit's speech. The breeze seemed to say, 'you are really a good child who is willing to help others.' When the sun shines on the ground, it seems to say, 'you're stupid. You spend money everywhere. I don't think you can even afford to buy your homework. Like me, you always sun the poor and let them die early. In this way, you can not worry the government. Ha ha & hellip& hellip;' I think: if so, the sun won't have to be exposed, because if we don't donate money, they will starve to death, won't they? So what the sun said is very wrong.

If everyone is like longwa, Xiaoying and Dr. rabbit, there will be no poor people on the earth. We should learn the spirit of helping others like longwa, Xiaoying and Dr. rabbit! I'm interested in reading 102 touching stories that must be read by primary school students_ In the 250 word summer vacation, I read the book 102 touching stories that primary school students must read. This book made me feel deeply. It not only let me know a lot of truth, but also let me know how to behave.

There are many stories that I remember in this book, such as mouse and elephant. Mouse and elephant tells that the mouse was originally the pet of the mountain god. Later, the mouse asked to go down the mountain to be an ordinary animal. The Mountain God agreed, but only when the mouse defeated the elephant can he return to the mountain god. Later, the mouse thought of many ways, but they all failed. One day, the elephant fell into the huge net set by the hunter. She was trapped. Originally, the mouse could dig several holes in the key parts of the elephant, but the mouse didn't do so, but saved her. Later, the mountain god came to the mouse and told him that he had defeated the elephant. The mouse was very confused. The mountain god told him: 'you have turned your opponent into a friend. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Is there a more perfect result in the world? This story tells us that peace is the most important thing in everything, and we should learn to turn fighting into friendship.

This book tells us touching stories one by one. I have learned from them the experience of being a man and doing things. 102 touching stories for primary school students have added a lot of experience to my life.

Grade 6: Zhu Wenxuan's reading notes on the power of dreams_ The 250 word text "the power of dreams" mainly tells about the 6-year-old Canadian boy Ryan. After hearing the teacher say that African children live in hardship and thousands of children die from drinking unclean water, Ryan made up his mind to dig a well for African children. Ryan gave up playing time and earned money for drilling wells by doing extra housework. After Ryan's unremitting efforts, Ryan's wish finally came true. Ryan can realize his wish because he has a kind, firm and persistent heart of gold. It moved me very much. Reading the power of dreams reminds me of a cartoon. The cartoon shows a man worried about having no water to drink. He thought of a way to dig a well out. But he tried his best to find water, so he sat aside and sighed. In fact, it's not that there is no water where he dug. The water is just below him, but at most 50 cm.

Sometimes dreams are a step away from us. As long as we work hard, dreams can come true. I understand that as long as we make unremitting efforts, never give up, think more and face difficulties positively, our dreams will wave to you.

Grade 5: Jiao Minyu