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Introduction to historical records

The historical records was written by Sima Qian. The book of historical records written by him introduces in detail the history of 3000 years from the Yellow Emperor to the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty《 The content of historical records is divided into five categories: Benji & middot; Table & middot; Book & middot; Aristocratic family & middot; biographies. Diary fourth grade diary

'Benji' specifically refers to the emperor's rule over a large territory, which is equivalent to the emperor; ' Table 'means that something generalizes;' Book 'is to write some ancient knowledge;' 'aristocratic family' is about princes from beginning to end; ' Biography 'is about someone and what happened to him.

"Historical records" this book let people know a lot of historical stories, let us know more ancient celebrities and wise men; Know a lot of good tricks of ancient people; Understand the wisdom of ancient people and what happened to them; Know a lot of ancient people's knowledge.

The things in this book are very interesting & middot; Very good-looking. Because his writing is very specific and vivid.

This is the historical records written by Sima Qian after 13 years of hard work.

Sophomore year 1: a brief introduction to the author of the romance of the five kingdoms of a good place_ Introduction to 250 word author

Author name: Jin Fengzhao

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Date of birth: June 9, 2001

Favorite color: Blue reason: blue symbolizes the sea. People should have a broad mind like the sea.

Hobbies: writing, watching movies, traveling, playing mobile games, playing football

Wish: finless porpoise can live forever in our world, people can be kind to animals and live in harmony.

Motto: pride is the egg laid by success, and what hatches is failure.

Suffering is a stepping stone to genius.

Adored writer: Yang Peng

The purpose of writing: let everyone relax and be silent in the plot of the story.

Works: tug of war in childhood

Grade 6 of wujiahuang primary school in Yuhong District, Shenyang, Liaoning: Jin Fengzhao's reading notes_ Excerpt from the introduction of naughty horse jumping_ No one would have thought that Ma Xiaotiao, Tang Fei, Zhang Da, Mao Chao and other people would establish a 'Tiao TV station'; No one will expect that the content of this page will be pushed to you by "", and the works shot by "jump TV station" will be broadcast for two consecutive nights. Ma Xiaotiao, who became a 'man of the moment', felt depressed next: another wonderful new DV work they shot was' shot 'by the director of the TV station. The head teacher, Mr. Qin, wanted Lu Manman to take over as the director of the' jump TV station '. Tang Fei and Ma Xiaotiao' broke up '& hellip& hellip; What should Ma Xiaotiao do?

Ma Xiaotiao, Tang Fei, Zhang Da and Mao Chao were late again, which made teacher Qin very angry. What made teacher Qin even more angry was that they actually 'lied' and said that they met an aunt driving a beetle car and wearing a pearl necklace on the road. Her car ran out of oil and couldn't drive, so they helped her push the car to the gas station & hellip& hellip; Teacher Qin said, 'just make it up!'-- Ma Xiaotiao doesn't understand why teacher Qin doesn't believe them? What is more surprising is that Mr. Qin asked the headmaster to separate the four of them into four classes & hellip& hellip; My God? What about the four iron brothers?

Ma Xiaotiao revealed to his iron friends that there would be a new student in the class. He was an American boy. He was as tall as Zhang Da. His eyes were like two green glass marbles, and his nose was like an exclamation mark hanging in the middle of his face. His name was Ben & hellip& hellip; Tang Fei couldn't help laughing - how can someone call 'stupid'? How strange! What's more strange is that Ben gave himself a Chinese name called 'cowhide'. Cowhide and Ding Wentao are not the same, which is different from what Ma Xiaotiao and Tang Fei want. Cowhide invited Ma Xiaotiao and his iron friends to the snow mountain for new year's day. Unfortunately, they encountered an avalanche & hellip& hellip;

Grade 2 of No. 2 middle school in Qingxu County, Taiyuan, Shanxi: Hou Xiang