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Read the belief that bad luck can't break down

In the five years of study in primary school, I know many great men: Su Xun, a writer who worked hard at the age of 27, Edison, an inventor who failed repeatedly but never gave up & hellip& hellip; They all touched me a lot. But the historian Tan Qian deeply regretted me. Diary third grade diary

After more than 20 years of struggle, Tan Qian, a historian in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, finally completed the national debate that can be handed down for generations in his 50s. Unfortunately, locked in a bamboo box, Guolun was stolen by thieves who mistook it for valuable property. Such a blow is fatal to everyone, not to mention the frail and sick elderly. But a man with a strong heart can't be defeated by any force. Tan Qian has compiled a more detailed and wonderful new national debate.

Every time I read his biography, the unyielding figure of Tan Qian will appear in front of me. All the hard work of more than 20 years disappeared overnight. How many people can bear such a heavy blow? The inner powerful Tan Qian resisted, and the indomitable Tan Qian stood up. He put aside the dark clouds of despair and returned to his desk. He went around collecting relevant information. His perseverance, his courage to explore and his meticulousness let us see a great work Guolun《 Guokuan and Tan Qian's stories have been handed down from generation to generation and are well-known in history. In the face of difficulties, if you flinch, the cloud of despair will block your way forward and it will rain cats and dogs. However, if you don't give up, a beam of sunshine will pull away the clouds and lead you to a better future.

Fifth grade: beixiaozhiyou is a person who abides by the rules and is not tempted_ I'm interested in reading the revelation of fishing_ When I opened the Chinese book with 350 words, a text came into my eyes, that is the Enlightenment of fishing. It mainly tells a touching story. From his own growth experience, the author deeply realized the truth that "if you receive such a strict education as putting the big bass back to the lake, you will get the courage and strength of moral practice".

There is a clip like this: 'I looked up and looked around. It was quiet everywhere. Under the bright moonlight, I couldn't see other people's shadows and ships. I turned my begging eyes to my father again.' it can be seen from here that even if my son took the fish home, no one knew, but my father still obeyed the rules and put the fish back, Highlighted the father's resolute attitude in moral choice!

There is another paragraph that I still remember, that is, the one that my son sighed. From it, we can see that his father's behavior that night gave his son the courage and strength of moral practice and a spiritual wealth that can't be exchanged for money!

In life, few people obey the rules so much. For example, some people run the red light when they drive at the traffic light and see that no one around them! Some people are at school. Seeing that there are no weekly students around, they play in the corridor, or stand on the guardrail next to the window and look down. Behavior like this is a violation of the rules! It's all dangerous! We should also stand the temptation and not be indulged by money, status, power, fame and wealth, or something good for ourselves! Finally, I want to say to you: however, we start from an early age and become a person who abides by the rules and is not tempted!

Sixth grade of primary school attached to anci District, Langfang, Hebei: turned back composition on reading notes: I'm interested in reading if you give me three days of light_ 350 words read "if you give me three days of light", as if I got the true meaning of life.

The text says: 'Helen & middot; Adams' is a blind child, but because of Helen's never giving up spirit and teacher Sullivan's hard education, I don't know how much hardship she has suffered, she has become a famous writer. I was deeply moved and benefited a lot from it.

Time is infinite, like the Yangtze River, surging forever. However, the time everyone can use and enjoy is limited and the most precious. Just as Uncle Lei Feng said, 'we should devote our limited life to infinite service for the people', how happy it is to teach us to use our time to do more things that are beneficial to people and society!

At the end of the article, 'reading boot' raises a thought-provoking question: if you were given three days of light, where would you look? Three days, only three days of light, how cruel and how precious. Well, if you give me three days of light, I will buy the best things for my relatives on the first day and do my filial piety. The next day and the third day, I will study hard to make myself not blind in Braille in three days.

Parents and teachers often teach us that an inch of time is an inch of gold, and an inch of gold can't buy an inch of time. Yes, only those who cherish time will not miss time; Those who waste their time must regret it in the end. Only now do I understand the true meaning of this sentence.

Fourth grade: even son

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