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After reading the black afternoon of Laughing Cat Diary, 450 words

I wrote the feeling after reading that black afternoon from the diary of laughing cat. The book records 5 & middot from the perspective of a cat; 12 Wenchuan earthquake.

It tells the story of a laughing cat and his children lost in the earthquake, so it embarked on the road to find his wife and children, and encountered one touching story after another in the earthquake. For example: the mother used her body to protect her child, but she was smashed to death. Later, people saw a mobile phone message: baby, if you are still alive, please always remember: I love you! Laughing Cat experienced many life and death along the way, but finally found its children -- fat head, Erya, Sanbao and his wife -- tiger skin cat.

I think this book is well written and can't be put down. Because this book taught me not to give up any hope. If you give up, your life will fail. Of course, it's also because Yang Hongying wrote well!

How many times have I given up hope in my life! Take the recent skating for example. Although I didn't skate well, my friends encouraged me to believe in myself and don't give up hope. But I fell once and gave up, saying I wasn't skating material. It's too late to think about it now! However, after I calmed down and read the book, I realized the importance of hope. Even a cat didn't give up hope to find his family. Why can I wait to give up hope? So, I skated again. Despite the pain in my legs, although I fell countless times, and although I still didn't master the skating skills, I firmly believe that I can't give up hope. I should try to live up to my mother's expectations and give my mother a perfect answer!

I can't forget the joys and sorrows brought to me by this book, but also remember the truth it gives me. I'm interested in reading "Laughing Cat Diary: blue rabbit ear grass"_ 300 words after dinner, I picked up the "Laughing Cat Diary of the blue rabbit ear grass" to browse. Unexpectedly, the thrilling content in the story immediately attracted me.

This book tells about a pair of good friends who worked together and finally got through the difficulties. The hero of this book is a smiling cat of Ma Xiaotiao's sister. His good friend was deaf because of an accident. The laughing cat wanted to cry without tears. One day, she heard that there was a crystal clear blue mountain hidden in the distant mountains, on which a blue rabbit ear grass could cure deafness, so she immediately embarked on the road of the long march. However, the road to blue mountain is not smooth. Giant mountain spiders, fierce female tigers, cruel male minks, and powerful lake monsters and owls can easily kill laughing cats. But Xiaomao overcame all kinds of difficulties with his wisdom and ability and his sincerity to his friends. He got the blue rabbit ear grass, but he didn't expect to be eaten by mice on his way back & hellip& hellip;

When some people see their friends suffering, they not only look at them coldly, but also fall into a well. We must do everything for our friends, and we will not hesitate to go up the knife mountain and down the sea of fire《 After reading that black afternoon_ I believe you are like me. You are a bookworm. Of course, the books you love to read are like countless stars in the sky. My favorite book is that black afternoon.

As soon as you listen to the topic, the students will be confused: 'how can it be black in the afternoon?' You must be familiar with the 5.12 earthquake. In the memory of the hero Laughing Cat, 5. The afternoon of the 12th earthquake was black.

The five members of Xiaomao family live in Wanglong villa. Before the earthquake, Xiaomao's family was in the school of Ma Tianbao, Ma Xiaotiao's good friend. Suddenly, the green hill opposite the playground was split from the middle, revealing ferocious stones; The teaching building in the school was torn open and precast slabs made of steel and cement fell one by one. The Laughing Cat realized the earthquake, so it tried its best to hold his wife and children. However, in the face of natural disasters, no matter what humans, animals and plants do, they are in vain. The laughing cat family was scattered. In order to find his wife and children, Xiaomao embarked on this difficult road to find his wife. Along the way, there were many real stories that moved Laughing Cat very much. When I read that 'mother did not hesitate to use her weak body to block the ferocious rocks in order to protect her children', I burst into tears.

Yes, in front of nature, all creatures are small and vulnerable. However, in the face of natural disasters, some people are good and others are evil. Good people will trade their lives for others' lives, and evil people will escape all this, regardless of other people's life and death. The practice of good people is undoubtedly worthy of affirmation.

Students, please read this book. I believe that you will be inspired and enlightened after reading this book! I'm interested in reading that black afternoon_ 350 word "that black afternoon" is one of the books in the series of "Laughing Cat Diary" written by teacher Yang Hongying. This book describes the moving events that Laughing Cat and its children saw and heard in the Sichuan earthquake. It not only wrote the feelings of the laughing cat family, but also the feelings between people, and even the feelings between people and animals. 'no matter where you are, I must find you! Life and death are inseparable! " These words are the thoughts of laughing cat when it is separated from its relatives. This paragraph appeared many times in the book, so it impressed me deeply, but the impression was not only seen many times, but also because behind this paragraph was the love of smiling cat for his wife, tiger skin cat and three children. What a great family affection! Not only these family ties, but also in other events, I can feel the feeling that blood is thicker than water after the disaster! When I was reading this book, I was moved in several places, and sometimes I cried. Through this book, I thoroughly realized the strong family affection of life and death between animals, and also knew that people and animals can live in harmony. After reading this book, I know a lot of truth, but there is one truth that is most worthy of our understanding: in this world, no matter what love is, it is selfless and great! Summer essay: after reading that black afternoon_ 800 character "that black afternoon" is one of the series of "Laughing Cat Diary" written by Yang Hongying. I like it very much. It's also very good-looking.

This book describes a sudden earthquake that struck Cherry Valley at the foot of Wanglong mountain on a dark night afternoon. Suddenly the mountain fell apart. Cherry ditch, water, immature cherry red and purple, all disappeared in an instant. In this earthquake, Xiaomao and his wife and children were separated, so in the pale sun, Xiaomao embarked on a difficult way to find hellip& hellip;

What moved me most was that after Xiaomao found Erya, he met a weak ewe and gave birth to a lamb. Xiaomao broke the umbilical cord for the lamb. At this time, the ewe died, but the Lamb 'Baa Baa' shouted. What should we do? Fortunately, dexterous Erya found a dead baby's mother dog. The laughing cat came up and asked, 'Mom dog, I have a lamb here. Can you feed him?' The mother dog immediately said, 'OK, I have milk. I'll feed the lamb.' When feeding, a kind smile reappeared on the dog's mother's face. After reading this paragraph, I cried.

In the face of natural disasters, all creatures seem so small. We should protect and respect nature. Keep all natural disasters away from us.

Yantai Nantong Road Primary School Grade III e composition network summer essay scoring standard scoring standard division score 1

Subject content (30 points): 6 points for each item, and 3 points will be deducted for non conformance. 1. Whether the subject is clear and has ideological value and practical significance( 6 points) 4.52. Whether the material selection can express the theme, rich and vivid( 6 points) 53. Whether the content and theme are unified( 6 points) 54. Whether the title of the article is appropriate, eye-catching, concise and novel( 6 points) 55. Whether the feelings are sincere( 6 points) 5 II

Genre structure (20 points): the full score of each item is 4 points, and 2 points will be deducted if it does not meet the requirements. 1. Whether the style can be determined( 4 points) 42. Whether the clue context is clear( 4 points) 3.53. Whether there is text eye( 4 points) 34. Whether the levels (chapters and paragraphs) are clear and reasonable( 4 points) 3.55. On the whole, whether the layout structure of the article is rigorous, natural, complete and symmetrical( 4 points) 3

If the language expression (20 points) is not in conformity, 3 points will be deducted for each item. 1. Whether the language is smooth and logical( 7 points) 62. Whether the writing skills are properly used( 7 points) 5.53. Whether the details are appropriate( 6 points) 4.5 IV

Innovation and highlights (30 points): the full score of each item is 10 points, and 3 points will be deducted for non conformance. 1. Whether the material idea is fresh and whether the opinions have personality characteristics( 10 points) 72. Whether the article has literary talent( 10 points) 73. Whether the composition structure is unique (10 points) 7 supplementary notes 1. 10 points will be deducted for missing questions 2. It will be confirmed as plagiarism and disqualified from the competition. 3. 35-40 points for off topic essay solicitation. 4. If the title of the contribution is not marked, it will be deemed invalid and will not participate in the final award. Total score: XXXX Laughing Cat Diary_ After reading blue rabbit ear grass_ The 300 word story tells that the school cat found the tiger skin cat in the cave, but the tiger skin was busy and deaf. Xiaomao wanted to take the tiger skin cat to the human hospital for treatment, but the tiger skin cat was used to ringing the bell for human beings. The old mouse told Xiaomao that there was a blue rabbit ear flower on a mountain, which could cure the tiger skin cat's disease. Xiaomao had to go alone on the road to the blue mountain, It was dangerous and almost died. But he did not turn back. When he arrived at the mountain, he found that the blue rabbit ear grass had been eaten by several rabbits. At this critical moment, the disillusioned Laughing Cat suddenly thought of Ma Xiaotiao's home. The green Hairy Turtle told the laughing cat that as long as there was love in his heart, a miracle would appear & hellip& hellip;, Finally one day, when laughing cat was talking to tiger skin cat, a miracle happened. Tiger skin cat's ears were better.

After reading this story, I finally understand a truth. Everyone has love in his heart, even bad people are no exception. Love can change everything and shape everything. As long as there is love, miracles will be born. If you love others, others will love you.

If there is a natural disaster, there will be many casualties. I promise that at that time, I will definitely stand up and give my love. As long as you have love, the world will become a better place.

Wulaocun primary school read "Laughing Cat Diary: blue rabbit ear grass" for the fifth time_ 1100 words in my bookcase, there are many kinds of books, such as the Encyclopedia of youth, the wizard of Oz, 80 days around the earth and so on, which are my favorites. However, the book I read the most and my favorite is blue rabbit ear grass.

The main content of the blue rabbit ear grass is that the Laughing Cat finally found the beloved tiger skin cat after a long journey. However, because the tiger skin cat was deaf because of ringing the bell in the clock tower, the laughing cat wanted to cure the tiger skin cat's ears, but he didn't know what method to use, so the Laughing Cat couldn't eat and sleep. In despair, the laughing cat learned from the old mouse that there was a crystal like sapphire Nanshan hidden in the distant mountains. On that mountain, there was a blue tree like a rabbit's ear