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It turns out that I'm so good. After reading 550 words

Originally, I'm so good is an inspirational short story that inspires self-confidence. The book describes a female classmate named Xiao Yu who changed from introverted, shy and timid to strong and confident after participating in the study camp. This story tells us that as long as we have confidence, we can't do anything.

Xiao Yu in the story was originally a classmate who lacked perseverance and confidence. One day, the monitor was transferred and the head teacher said that the monitor took turns to be the monitor. But Xiao Yu said the opposite of standing up and saluting because she was not confident and timid. She was embarrassed one day when she became the monitor, and she didn't have any confidence in the future. Later, when her mother saw her daughter's timidity and lack of confidence, Resolutely enrolled her in a study and training class. In the 7-day study and training camp, Xiao Yu continued to grow through day-to-day training and challenges, gradually improved his courage and self-confidence, knew how to overcome difficulties, and strengthened his confidence and perseverance. Especially when the captain Xu Dongzhou left because of a stomachache, Xiao Yu took the post of captain under the condition that she couldn't get rid of it. Although she was very afraid, she resolutely overcame many difficulties with the team members and arrived at the training camp. However, her brave and self righteous teammate Fang He and another partner could not find their way back because they got lost, Later, he returned to the training camp safely with the help of his teachers, Xiao Yu and other teammates.

Cheng Wen, brave and magnanimous Xiaoyu, performed very well in this matter. Her self-confidence and perseverance changed Fanghe's view of her and admired her very much. When Xu Dongzhou in the hospital learned about Xiaoyu's performance, he was even more excited about Xiaoyu's excellent performance. Xiao Yu's self-confidence and strong perseverance are inseparable from the encouragement and training of the teachers in the study camp and the support and encouragement of Captain Xu Dongzhou.

When she got home, Xiao Yu was very different. She was not only confident, but also polite, so that her parents were not used to it! When they saw the big change of their lovely and sensible daughter, they were very happy, and gave Xiao Yu a thumbs up. Xiao Yu jumped up happily. Change is coming. What can I do to save myself_《 Who moved my cheese_ 3000 words in the world, there is only the truth that 'everything is changing'. However, in the face of the ever-changing future and the life full of changes, we are irresistibly pushed by changes. How to deal with the sudden crisis, Spencer & middot; Dr. Johnson used his work "who moved my cheese" to answer perfectly.

During the summer vacation, I finished reading this book and felt that the word "willing to change" was undoubtedly a key point in this book. It plays a decisive role for hem and haw and even their readers.

Cheese, like us, is a kind of mellow, fragrant, mild and delicious food for the protagonists in the book. The difference is that for the former is happiness, life is all. Compared with us, the meaning of happiness is quite broad. But the same thing is, aren't we all looking for happiness? In this book, we can see that in the face of the same result of 'loss', sniffing, scurrying and thinking children make different decisions. The former's simple thinking commands them to take positive action to seek more and better. The latter's brain is full of complexity, disorder and resistance. All day long he asked, "why?" Why should I lose it? " Who moved my cheese? ' Guard at the empty Cheese Station C, firmly believe that the cheese is his and will come back. Is he the so-called 'don't say give up'? It's just stubbornness and mistakes again and again, deducting the consequences of refusing to change.

In the comparison, we will think, why are complex thinkers trapped in bad situations? Is it thinking that hinders progress? In fact, sometimes simple and casual, things will be much easier. Maybe the change will bring us more delicious cheese. It depends on whether you still look for it. As long as you take action, the cheese is right in front of you. Complex thinking, perhaps change a concept to practice, will do better than those little mice. Therefore, it is important to have creative thinking and believe that the future must be better, hopeful and persistent. For hem and haw, breaking the old thinking mode and updating the traditional ideas must be a key problem that can not be ignored. Perhaps, change is self innovation. Only by trying to capture the opportunity of self-development can we simplify the heaviness and profundity in front of us. Otherwise, it will only be consumed day by day. If we don't change it, we will fall into the trap of complacency. For hem, haw was much luckier. In the end, haw succeeded, but it was a bit more frustration. But maybe hem couldn't cross the fence of old-fashioned ideas until the end, and he was still stubborn.

Now let's explore the words left on the cheese wall!

'with cheese, you have happiness.' In the ease and enjoyment, they regard cheese as the only one, take everything for granted, and think they will always have it. Why do you have it? Because once I tried, there will be eternal return?

'the more important the cheese is, the more you want to keep it. ' This seemingly ordinary psychology has dealt a blow to our hope. I don't know what to keep? Despair, emptiness and depression. It is the sadness after frivolity and joy.

'if you don't change, you will be eliminated.' He told us the subject, didn't he? Willing to change! So what does elimination mean? Backward, out, eliminated, eliminated, discarded. On the contrary, it is promotion and victory. Between comparison, we should have a clear attitude towards change.

'what would you do if you were no longer afraid?' A distinct emotion, fear, a strong psychological or physiological reaction that is at a loss because of unpredictable and uncertain factors around. But what would you do if you knew everything and didn't know what to do? Should be brave to move forward to pursue it! Remember, action is the driver of success.

"The content of this page is pushed for you by" read. 4hw. Com. CN ". Often smell the cheese so that you can know whether it is still fresh." What we should pay attention to here is to cultivate reverse consciousness, think about suffering in happiness, notice whether it is approaching ourselves, and encourage ourselves to continue to seek. Always be on guard, be vigilant and be careful with cheese.

'move in a new direction and you'll find new cheese. ' It should remind the haws who are working hard, help them get the motivation to forge ahead and catch the reality of development. They also use cheese to entice and encourage the hem who are full of cheese.

'when you overcome your fear, you will feel relaxed and comfortable!' When people are in a state of panic and emergency in the face of real or imagined dangers, this tense emotion, when overcome, will produce a kind of happiness and relaxation from the heart. Just as in "Camel Xiangzi" II, "hope makes him happy, and fear scares him."

'imagine yourself enjoying cheese, which can help you find new cheese.' Psychologist Pavlov believes that "suggestion is the simplest and most typical conditioned reflex of human beings." For us, every idea in our minds will try to become a reality, and we are also trying to make cheese a reality. Believe, be pious, and have confidence in cheese, which is the premise of self suggestion. The more confident you are, the less you will be disappointed and the more you can get the results you want. Cheese, for example.

'the sooner you give up your cheese, the sooner you can enjoy your new cheese. ' You can only get if you give up. It's called giving up. If you know how to give up in time, you can have a better future. A moment in the morning will make things much better and bring you more rich.

'searching in a maze is more secure than staying where there is no cheese. ' Work hard, at least in order to leave a hope for yourself. I don't know despair and pursuit. In fact, it's not just cheese, but a kind of life. Only in the process of progress can we get strength.

"Abandon old ideas and find new cheese." Ruili's innovation is the cornerstone of a successful life. Only innovation can lead to a new world of creativity. Dare to respond to changes and know how to adapt people is the winner.

As long as you believe that you can find and enjoy new cheese, you will change your behavior. Whether you have achieved something depends not on whether you have changed, but on what you think of change. Said a man died on the roadside. The first man saw it and left. Then the second man saw it and buried him,. In fact, neither of them is wrong, so many times, there is no right or wrong concept. The concepts held by hem and haw are also normal, there is no right or wrong, but there is also a serious personal cleanliness habit. The floor is clean and people can't walk around. People ask him to keep it clean not only for cleanliness, but also for comfort? Therefore, when the concept of crude oil has come to an end and can't go any further, we should change our thinking. It's not wrong for him to love cleanliness, but when it's painful, it means it's over. During this period, haws were called 'transferees'. And hem is a stubborn person who adheres to the rules. They must be corrected, otherwise they will be eliminated by the collective. So you should open your mind like haw, put down yourself and live in the present. Clean, casual, calm, confident and free and easy. " I am confident that if I live for 200 years, I will hit three thousand miles when the water blows. ". Let's also learn haw, face difficulties with a smile and challenge life with self-confidence.

Pay attention to small changes early, which will help you adapt to big changes in the future. Ignoring any details will bring unexpected consequences. Therefore, only by starting from the details, preventing micro innovation, persevering, and grasping every place all the time, can we lock the safety, be prepared for all aspects of unsafe factors, and take aftercare emergency measures to deal with emergencies (such as deterioration of cheese, eating of cheese, etc.)( At least it's not like humming. Good preparation can prevent the expansion of the accident, like kissing and smelly, hanging the shoelace around the neck, and anticipating psychological preparation). Effectively reduce the impact of accidents( Smelly, hurried and prepared. After the accident, he set off here directly. Hem and haw said hello. Unexpectedly, hem refused to change, and haw delayed for a long time). Preparation is related to the timeliness and effectiveness of accident handling. At Cheese Station C, hem and haw failed to notice the small changes and even caused an accident. He was not aware of the cause of the accident and could not adapt to the results.

Change with the change of cheese, and enjoy the change. Life or cheese will not change. We are not the roles that bear the things we should bear. Therefore, shouldn't we change with its change? Those who go against it will suffer the consequences. The change of everything and even cheese is the law of development. It exists objectively, is eternal, and does not change according to personal will. Everything should change in accordance with changes. In addition, it is to enjoy change. I remember someone said: 'life is beautiful because we all pay attention to it