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After reading the old man and the sea

After reading, the old man and the sea had nothing to do during the holiday. He devoted himself to reading the old man and the sea again. When reading, he couldn't help feeling deeply. It seemed that he was not reading a boring book, but reading a vivid heart, a red heart, a beating heart full of passion. That was something I didn't realize years ago. My feelings began from this. Diary second grade diary

Concise, or refined words, coupled with exciting narration, even short novels can succeed and affect the hearts of readers《 The old man and the sea flows in Hemingway's thoughts, full of hot liquid and never cooled.

The preface to the Tengwang Pavilion, written and sung by Wang Bo through the ages, once said, 'when you are old and strong, you'd better move the white head, be poor and strong, and don't fall into the ambition of green clouds.' This is not only a person's ambition, but also a true portrayal of the old man Santiago. It is the most appropriate description of his soul. It is a meaning of life, a magnificent tragedy, or an insight into life. When the balance of the world does not tilt to everyone, the total employer will be symbolized by the other end of bad luck. The content of this page is pushed high for you by "". Without confidence, bad luck will easily devour the empty heart. People are really strange animals. Why do they have the courage to face death, but they don't have the courage to face failure? Is failure really so terrible? The cold sea breeze is mixed with blood. Maybe this is what people really fear. Only an uninhibited soul can fight against the sea, nature, the world and fate. Such a soul can be truly great, even if he has never succeeded.

The old man and the sea tells a story. An old fisherman in San Diego failed to catch fish for 84 consecutive days and was regarded as a loser by his peers. However, he persevered and finally caught a big fish. The big fish dragged his boat on the sea for three days. Finally, he was killed by the old man and tied to the other side of the boat. The old man was attacked by sharks again and again on his way home, but he was still full of fighting spirit. Like a gladiator, he fought tenaciously in the cruel arena of the sea and experienced many difficulties and dangers. Although the old man's fish left only his head, tail and a spine on the way home, it did not weaken the old man's strong will.

Travel thousands of miles into the sea. Just for a fish? In the final analysis, people's real victory can only be spiritual victory. No matter how great achievements people have made in material matters, they can not win our high respect. Only the victory of spirit and spirit moved me and made me cry for his tragedy like the children who follow the old man. There is no denying that as long as people are flawed. When a person admits this defect and tries to overcome it instead of succumbing to it, no matter whether he can finally overcome his defect, he is a winner, because he has overcome his compromise to the defect, and he is the winner of his courage and confidence. The old fisherman is the winner who dares to challenge his own defects and his own courage and confidence. From the perspective of secular victory view, the old fisherman is not the last winner, because although he defeated the big marlin at the beginning, the big marlin was eaten by the shark in the end. He just returned to the shore with the big marlin's white bone shelf, that is, the shark is the winner. However, in the eyes of idealists, the old fisherman is the winner, because he has never compromised and surrendered to the sea, the big marlin, or the shark.

'a man can be destroyed, but not defeated.' The external body can be tortured, but the internal will is sacred and inviolable. Falling on the one hand is just standing up on the other. In a dream like scene, there will be a victory. This is the soul of Santiago and the spiritual level that he will not fall anyway. I think this is the definition of greatness.

Old people, ugly in appearance, magnificent in heart, and brave. In any case, no one dares to say that he is not a hero.

Heroes may have a strong body, praiseworthy deeds and a good reputation spread everywhere, but these are not the most important, or even dispensable. A hero has a giant of spiritual power. The so-called heroes dare to do what people dare to do, and dare to be what people don't dare to do. The so-called hero is strong and resolute, losing and fighting repeatedly. He controls himself and becomes a person who will never be knocked down. In the spiritual field, he has no record of failure, no omen of failure, or even the concept of failure. Self confidence, persistence, unremitting, hard work, the story of an old man and the Enlightenment of a hero.

What about me? Maybe I think the so-called hero is too far away from me, but distance produces beauty. And beauty is around us. I'm not a hero, maybe never. But it doesn't matter. I have the ambition to be a hero. That's enough. What it tells me is not deeds, but spirit and quality. Its existence is a noble character. Perhaps I am doing nothing, but I will not let my pace of success stagnate, nor will I let the Phoenix fall. Do not succumb to difficulties, do not bow to failure, be down-to-earth and persistent, turn unworthiness into worth, and turn impossibility into possibility. That's what I want to do, what I should do. If so, I tell myself that I am strong and successful. Like the old man, I never give up and never give up.

I realized the meaning of being old and strong. I think it is the efforts of a hero. He failed in reality, but reached the peak in spirit.