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Thoughts on the idiom story of Meng Mu San Qian

Mencius' mother Sanqian tells the story of Mencius' childhood from playfulness to love of learning. Diary Diary of grade six

During the Warring States period, there was a scholar named Mencius. When Mencius was a child, his family lived near the cemetery. He and his neighbor's children play funerals as games. Because Mencius didn't study hard, his mother moved two times in succession, and finally moved to the school nearby.

Because of the good influence in the good environment, Mencius began to pay attention to learning, study hard, and finally became a university questioner.

This story tells us that people should form good habits when they are young. Only good habits can achieve great things.

Grade one of Liaoning Fushun general No.2 School: Li Haoyang's touching story_ This morning, our class saw some people who moved the whole China. Most of them are the people who are moved by filial piety. In fact, maybe we can't do that kind of filial piety now, maybe it's because life is better now and we don't need to do that. However, as long as we have the heart of thanking our parents, I believe that in the eyes of our parents, we are equal to what people who have moved the whole China have done. I believe that parents will be happy from the bottom of their hearts. At this time, parents may say to us: 'child, you have grown up'. After reading so many touching stories, look at the people in the story, and then look at the fact that we now use all the school supplies for our own use. If others want to borrow them from you, you have to change into a good reason to say that you can't borrow them. Even if I borrowed it, I kept saying: 'you must lend it to me next time'. The neighbors want to borrow something. Although we have a lot of money, we still try our best not to borrow it. Even if we are not happy to lend it to others, we are afraid that it will be damaged, so we have to exhort them. Look at the people in the story, and then look at us. How could there be such a big difference? After reading the touching story, I decided to try to be grateful, try to repay, try to treat everyone generously. We should all remember that helping others is helping ourselves.

Third grade: can be proud of reading notes_《 Cao mengde and Xu Chang in the romance of the Three Kingdoms_ The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". The next day, Lv Bu leads the army to meet the enemy. Li Jian, the vanguard of Xiliang army, was not Lu Bu's opponent and was defeated at once. Knowing that Lv Bu was brave and resourceless, Li Bi left two groups of people to hold Lv Bu. The other two people went straight to Chang'an. Lu Bu was really intrigued. When he heard that Chang'an city was besieged by the Xiliang army, he quickly withdrew to the city. Along the way, he was constantly chased by the Xiliang army and injured many people. When he arrived at the foot of Chang'an City, Xiliang soldiers had surrounded the city. Lu Bulian fought several times, but he was unable to enter the city, and his morale was in chaos.

Lu Bu rushed from left to right and couldn't stop him, so he had to lead a hundred elite soldiers to save Wang Yun. Wang Yun insisted on not leaving, but Lu Bu tried again and again, but there was no result.

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