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The impression of rat ash losing its teeth

After reading the story "mouse ash lost its teeth", I know that there are 32 human teeth. Diary Diary of grade one

Grandma said that she was born without teeth. She began to grow deciduous teeth eight months later and changed them at the age of eight. After the growth of teeth, will be accompanied by a person's life.

It seems how important teeth are to people! We have to use it to chew food every day to eat, teeth good health. Therefore, we should take good care of our teeth and form a good habit of brushing teeth every day and gargling after meals. Only in this way can our teeth stay healthy and firm for a lifetime.

The joy of Li Haoyang and grey wolf_ Impressions of 300 words "pleasant goat and grey wolf's happy mood: sheep and sheep pass the year of the snake"

Ignorant human, please stop the merciless actions you are doing now. Now, even the finless porpoise, which used to be very popular in the Yangtze River, is also known as the 'giant panda in water'. It's all our human fault.

The animals in Qingqing grassland live a happy life. However, due to huitaro's evil experiments, the animals' destruction of the environment and other reasons, Qingqing grassland is facing a huge natural crisis. Flood, fire, wind, thunder and lightning make animals have no place to escape. At the moment when the animals were desperate, manyangyang village head accidentally found the Shenzhou left by the snake ancestors. As long as the animals depicted on Shenzhou are found, Shenzhou can operate normally. Now all the animals are gathered, only snakes. Snakes are high-level astronomers who can predict bad weather, but other animals mistook their ability for curse and drove them out of the grassland. Finally, the snake is finally willing to help other animals under the persuasion of pleasant goat. It's a perfect ending.

Please, human. Please be kind to animals and live in harmony. Don't regret until then. There is no regret medicine in the world. Finless porpoise, please keep that sweet smile all the time. We earth people will protect you forever, your smile will be with us. Let's start bit by bit and exchange our efforts for the happy smile of the finless porpoise.

Grade 6, wujiahuang Central Primary School, Yuhong District, Shenyang, Liaoning_《 Reflections on reading "little mouse"_ 1000 words

No one believes that an American family will give birth to a mouse son whose weight is less than 10 grams. No one believes that the American family will support the mouse son and get along well with him. No one believes that the mouse will drive a sailboat and hit a human operated sailboat around. Of course, no one believes that the mouse will establish a deep friendship with a bird, Finally, he wandered all over the world in search of the bird. E & middot; B· White tells us such a wonderful story in the book "little elf mouse".

I think it should have been a sunny morning. When Mrs. little gave birth to her second son, everyone found that the young man was not much bigger than a mouse. He was only two inches tall, with a mouse's pointed nose, long tail, moustache, and even acted like a mouse. This young man is called Stewart middot; Little.

Little Stuart wanted to be a sailor. He came to the pool where the model boat was put in New York Central Park and sailed between the hornet and Lillian. With his bravery and self-confidence, he successfully completed his task of driving the hornet straight and steadily, making the Lillian deviate from the course and turn around the pool. Stewart won applause from the audience.

One day, a little bird named margaro came to little's house, and Mrs. little helped him to heal his wounds. Later, margaro and Stuart established a deep friendship. Stewart saved magalo from his cat, and magalo also rescued Stewart from the far Atlantic Ocean in an accident. Until one day, margaro left little's house because another cat wanted to eat it. Stuart is very sad, set foot on the road to find magalo. On the wandering Road, Stuart met his first love and became a very popular substitute teacher for children. Whether Stewart can find magalo or not, I'm sure he will keep going.

After reading this book, I fell into deep meditation. E· B· What does white want to tell us? Just to tell us the story of an optimistic, brave, self-confident, self-supporting and self-improvement mouse? It suddenly occurred to me that Stewart was different from us in human society. Stewart's content on this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Stewart was born with a disability. He is short and different from the people around him. Living in a loving family, living in a loving society, no discrimination, no doting, which makes him an optimistic little mouse. He has his own dream, and like a normal person, he perseveres and strives for it. The book ends with: 'the sun has just risen from the hill on the right. He looked at the vast expanse of land ahead, and the road looked long. But the sky was bright, and he always felt that he was going in the right direction. "

Life is not perfect, there are always darkness, wind and rain and vicissitudes. Only after experiencing darkness can we have the desire for light; Experienced the wind and rain, to understand the warmth of the sun; Experienced the vicissitudes, only then has the gentle heart. Life doesn't need to be perfect, even if it's incomplete, let's be optimistic and brave like Stuart!

Zhengyu, grade 5, Leishi primary school, Hengyang, Hunan