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The mountain king's thoughts after reading

"Mountain King" is the representative work of Japanese writer Starling hatoyashi. He is a very famous animal novel writer and has written numerous animal novels. Diary diary 500 words this book tells that taro found a wounded bear in the mountain, raised it at home and named it black star. However, as the content of the black star page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you, the villagers find that black star often makes trouble and decide to kill it. Taro didn't want to hurt the black star, so he let it return to nature, but he ran back again and again. Finally, black star finally understood Taro's good intentions, escaped the hunter's pursuit, and returned to nature. This book let me see the friendship between people and animals, let me see the mutual trust and harmonious relationship between people and animals. I was deeply moved by this feeling. It let me find that there is no distance between human and animals, and let me see a scene of peaceful coexistence between human and animals. Although we don't know the living habits of animals, we can still break the separated door and make the relationship between human and animals more beautiful.