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Believe that you are an eagle

[story] believe that you are an eagle

A man caught a young eagle in the nest on the top of the mountain. He took the young eagle home and raised it in a chicken coop. The young eagle pecked, frolicked and rested with the chicken. It thinks it's a chicken. The eagle grew up with plump wings. The owner wanted to train it to be a falcon, but because of mixing with the chicken all day long, it had become exactly the same as the chicken and had no desire to fly at all. The host tried all kinds of methods, but it didn't work. At last, he took it to the top of the mountain and threw it out. The eagle like a stone, straight down, panic, it desperately flapping wings, so, it finally flew up! Diary grade five diary

[secret] hone the power of calling success.

After reading

To myself--

A lot of people are used to the living environment, they fix themselves and get used to it. Just like the eagle in the article, because there are chickens all around, I don't know who I am. In fact, each of us is different. We should all have our own dreams and pursuits. However, when people around us are not enterprising and blindly cope with life, we will also be affected by them. I think what we have to do is to try our best to keep our nature, our dreams and our enterprising spirit in such an environment. I think in this way, no matter when and where, we are ourselves. Only by doing our best, can we prove our strength when the opportunity comes. Of course, our efforts are not to prove anything. The most important thing is to do ourselves well, to be the best of ourselves, to publicize our strengths and to make up for our weaknesses. In fact, such requirements are basic for everyone.

The content of this page is pushed to children by ""--

We must educate and raise children according to their characteristics. Never let children lose themselves in our improper education. Originally, the child is a good child, but we suppress, we criticize, we 'Guide', and we use a unified standard to measure the child, so that the child gradually loses self, so that the child can not find the direction. In fact, when many parents raise their children by raising chickens, their children suffer. When their children lose themselves, it is their parents who suffer. As parents, we must let our children know themselves, develop themselves and surpass themselves. Let the children better and better day by day, let the children grow up freely and happily in their own world. We should create opportunities for children to exercise, to show, to feel the happiness of growth. Never raise an eagle like a chicken