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Reflections on animal farm

Yesterday, I read the animal farm written by George Orwell in one breath, and I was once again impressed by its profound implication. George Orwell was born in 19XX and died in 1950. Animal farm was first published in 1945, but it has completely foreseen the social development in the next 1XX years. Diary winter vacation diary

The scene depicted in animal farm is like a living history of national and social development. Every detail can be found in my historical memory corresponding to the characteristics of time or era. The book describes the Clever Pig among the animals, who led the animals to overthrow the 'human' manor 'manor' which crushed the animals, and then established the 'animal manor', the creed of 'animalism', that is, all animals with four legs are good, and those with two legs are bad. All animals are equal. Animals can't hurt animals. Animals can't live in human houses or use human tools, No clothes, no bed, no trade with human beings, no use of human currency, that is to say, completely cut off contact with human beings.

Due to the independence of the animal manor, the animals in other surrounding human manors were in turmoil. The humans were afraid, so they helped Jones, the old manor owner of manna manor, reverse the content of this page, and "" pushed you to attack the animal manor, but under the desperate resistance of the animals, they failed. Since then, other human manors began to squeeze their animals to prevent their uprising.

Gradually, the pigs disagreed on the development direction of the animal farm. Napoleon, who was more resourceful in breeding pigs, raised a group of weaned puppies by himself and trained and educated them into a violent dog team that only listened to him. Xueqiu, a clever pig, advocated economic development and productivity improvement. However, xueqiu was finally swept out of the house under the persecution of the violent dog team, In the future, it became the eternal enemy of animal farm.

The living conditions of ordinary animals themselves have not changed much, but their hearts are stronger, because they feel that they are masters anyway, and they also feel that the pigs are right. However, due to the low productivity of the animal farm, it is difficult to rely on the animals to produce their own food and build windmills. The lives of the animals are going from bad to worse. However, Napoleon's pig sounder publicizes the news of the bumper harvest and yield increase of the animal farm every day, monopolizing the right to speak and confusing the animals. And pigs gradually live in human houses, wear human clothes, eat human food, and hire the worst lawyers as middlemen to trade with human beings. Although they are cheated, bullied and discriminated, they still strive to trade with human beings. In the middle of this, some pigs and other animals constantly raised questions, but all of them were eliminated.

The strongest and most capable but also the most stupid male boxer, although he felt that the pigs' thoughts and behaviors were contradictory, he could not say clearly, and finally paralyzed himself with more hard work; Although the mare alfalfa is also strong and capable, the bottom line is not to hurt herself. She understands the change of the manor, but it is impossible to say; Donkey is a wise man. He always thinks that manor and animal manor are the same, so his life is still low-key and cautious. Sheep are a group of brainless guys who just repeat what others say.

Finally, animals usually do not see Napoleon, can only see the sound and violent paparazzi. When they reach the required age, they still need to work and can't retire at all. There is no change in their houses and their living standards are similar.

Later, the boxer got old, fell ill and was completely abandoned. Napoleon sent him to the slaughterhouse, but claimed to the animals that he was going to the veterinarian. Later, a lot of new animals came to the animal farm. Most of them were stupid and didn't understand the past of the animal farm. Later, pigs and humans were almost the same, trading with each other, but squeezing other animals, and renamed the 'animal farm' as' manor '.

This book gives me a deep understanding of the significance of ideological independence, and also touches every nerve of me like a vivid historical play. I feel that the historical development of TC is exactly the same as that predicted in this book, but it is not yet at the final stage, that is, to announce the name of 'animal farm' and reopen the name of 'manor'.