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Feeling after reading it

"Cover one's ears and steal the bell" tells a story: one day, a man slipped to a big temple and saw a beautiful and exquisite clock. He thought that such a big clock would sell for a lot of money, so he came up with the idea of stealing. He wanted to lift the clock away, but he couldn't lift it even with the help of nine oxen and two tigers. He thought hard for a long time and finally came up with a solution. That is to break the clock and take it away piece by piece. He took the hammer and hit it hard. ' Bang! Bang! Bang! " It's killing my ears! Isn't that telling the monks in the temple that I'm stealing the clock? So he bet his ears, and sure enough, he couldn't hear it, but he got a group of monks and caught him. Diary diary

After reading this story, I laughed and thought: my classmates and I had the behavior of "hiding our ears and stealing bells".

For example, I usually see some pleasant words, but I don't understand what it means. I make up a false explanation, thinking that people who don't understand can make me very knowledgeable. But people who understand it will laugh because this explanation is not true!

For another example, students in the school to write the teacher's homework, in order to avoid mistakes, directly copy the answer, to deal with the teacher. In fact, as long as we carefully analyze the problem, we can certainly find the right way to solve the problem.

Through reading the story of "cover one's ears and steal one's bell", I understand a truth: we should treat learning seriously and carefully, and don't pretend to understand. Only in this way can we achieve excellent results.

Grade 3, Central East Primary School, Hedong District, Tianjin: Zhang Zhouyao's impressions of watching "Pirates of the Caribbean 3, the end of the world"_ When I saw the American movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 3, the end of the world" yesterday, I not only felt very good, but also learned a lot.

Pirate Jack himself and his beloved 'Black Pearl' were killed by David middot; Jones is imprisoned in the dead. Elizabeth rescued will and United Shao Feng and kelibuso. Use the chart to come to the end of the world, find the dead world, save Jack. But before that, Shao Feng was killed by the powerful flying Dutchman. It was Elizabeth who took his place in the pirate guild. She was elected the pirate king and led all the ships against the Flying Dutchman and the fleet of the East India Company. During the war, will ruled the Flying Dutchman. The last battle is an arrow on the string - it has to be launched.

The most exciting part is the final sea battle. " The black pearl and the Flying Dutchman, the enemy's vice flagship, entered a whirlpool. Both sides of the shell you come and I go, Jack on the 'Flying Dutchman', paid the guard of the soul gathering coffin, the soul gathering coffin is the octopus David middot; Jones' heart. He had to be stabbed in the heart to kill the evil captain. Will and Elizabeth come to the Flying Dutchman one after another. They fight with David Jones. But will became his victim - killed by him. Jack avenged him with his hand. Heartbroken Elizabeth, Jack and monkey Czech fled back to the black pearl.

As they returned to the black pearl, the enemy's flagship, endeavor, was rapidly approaching Endeavor is a sailing battleship. Equipped with more than 60 guns. All of a sudden, there was a huge wave on the sea facing the black pearl The Flying Dutchman returns to the sea. Will is on the boat with Jack shouting 'sail up, turn around When parallel to endeavor. Two boats' fire! Fire! " One after another. " Sawdust splashed all over the endeavor. However, none of the shells were fired. Captain James & mid's content on this page is "read. 4hw. Com. CN" to push dot for you; Norrington was obsessed with the deal. At the end, with himself and the deal; With the rank of brigadier general, they sank into the cold sea with the endeavor. Finally, the pirates celebrated.

For a long time, I only know that pirates represent freedom and fearlessness, but I don't know that they even illustrate a kind of spirit -- pirate spirit. It's a spirit that not everyone can understand. The good and bad of pirates are inherent in pirates. I like pirates, infatuated with pirates, appreciate the spirit of pirates, and even have the absurd idea of being a pirate.

The pirate flag is flying again in the Caribbean Sea. With my love for them, I am heading for a new beginning.

Fifth grade: Wu haokai looks at things from a different angle_ Reading Prometheus stealing fire_ In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus is a kind and brave God. He stole the holy fire for mankind, but he was criticized by Zeus. In the eyes of Zeus, he was a bad God who violated the rules of heaven and should be punished. In people's eyes, he is a kind, brave and just God. So, people look up to him.

We usually use the word "steal" on the bad guys who steal other people's things. Is it disrespectful and funny to use the word "steal" on Prometheus who steals fire for human beings? No, on the contrary, he was full of gratitude and admiration. The same word "steal" has different meanings when it is used by different people!

I think of a story I saw when I was a child: in a country, the king had a strange idea: spread cloth on the roads all over the country, so that the shoes would be clean! He ordered a minister to do it for a month. The minister thought hard and did not come up with a way. No one can lay cloth on the roads of the whole country in a month! He told the king that the king was very unhappy and lowered his official position to three levels. The king ordered another minister to do it. The minister thought from a different angle and invented a kind of shoe cover. As long as the shoes are covered with cloth, the road you walk is not covered with cloth? He told the king the idea. The king not only did not punish him, but also rewarded him. If you think about the same thing from another angle, the results will be different.

Whatever it is, right or wrong, good or bad, beauty or ugliness. As long as we think from a different angle, we can draw different conclusions and opinions. As Su Dongpo, a great writer, put it, "you can see mountains from side to side, and there are different heights from far to near." So we're dealing with things at the same time. We should also look at problems from a comprehensive and multiple perspectives.

Grade five: Wang Shenglan