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Read how steel is refined, think of 300 words

In the past, I had a shortcoming: I lacked perseverance and often backed out in the middle. For example, when I started to write a diary, I thought it was very interesting and I could keep writing one every day. After a while, I felt tired of keeping a diary, and gradually became tired. My mother saw that I was half hearted in my study, so she bought a book named "how steel is made" for me to read. Diary fourth grade diary

I read the book in one breath. Paul, the hero of the book. After he was disabled, Kochakin did not lose heart. He also studied tenaciously, worked hard, and began to write literature. Later, he became blind. What a blow to a paralyzed man! However, Paul resolutely picked up the pen and insisted on writing. He had to work hard to write a word. Finally, through his unremitting efforts, he finally completed the novel birth in the storm.

There is a famous saying in the book how steel is made: "human life is the most precious. When you look back on the past, you should not regret for doing nothing& hellip;' Paul is the embodiment of the strong. After reading a book, but one by one in the book makes people sigh of the scene constantly emerge in front of me《 How is steel made? This book is very good. It makes me understand a truth: people must have a page of content. Sihai reading website will push you a goal and work hard towards it. As long as you have the will of steel, you will succeed!

In the future, I will study hard, learn from it and become a strong man like Paul!