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Dog's house

One day, the kitten wanted to play with the dog at the door. The dog thought it was' boring ', so he suggested to go to the river. The kitten was afraid of seeing the wolf and the rain. In the end, the kitten came up with a way. He said to the dog, let's take the house with us. The small house is very heavy, and the dog finally carried the house to the river. In order to make the cat happy, the cat let the dog go fishing, and it went fishing. The dog went up to the tree to catch grasshopper, and the dog went up to the tree to catch grasshopper. But the dog couldn't climb the tree, so he fell unconscious. This deeply moved the cat, it uses its wisdom and efforts to push the dog home. Diary Diary of grade three

After reading this story, I think of me and my mother. Sometimes my mother is like that little dog, taking care of me all the time. And I'm just like the kitten in the story, a little wayward, but I think if my mother is in trouble, I will take care of her like the kitten.

The second grade of Gongle primary school in Daoli District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province_ 200 words have you ever seen such a teacher? She never called and scolded her children. She didn't blame her children for doing something wrong. Her student's cat had a difficult labor, but the student's mother didn't like the cat. The student had no money, so she had to call her. She even sent money to the student.

Do you know who she is? She is Milan, a beautiful and loving teacher.

The master of this story is Milan and her students fat cat, bean sprouts, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. There are also some interesting people, such as their students, and two people who want to pursue Milan, one is a dentist, the other is a vice president. Who will catch up with Milan? I can't say that. Maybe Milan treat them as friends!

I think Milan is very good, because Milan does not treat them as students, but as their own friends. If our teachers treat us as friends, we will respect our teachers more and our study will be better and better.

Fourth grade: Reflections on Siyuan's fragrance of grass house_ All the time, the most read is all kinds of fairy tales and science fiction. Today is a fine day. I sat at the window and read the book grass house. For the first time, I cried for the characters in the book.

It fascinates me like magic - the story of Yaumati primary school, which is full of laughter and laughter, and the story of Yaumati primary school, which is very touching. The teachers in Yau Ma Tei, Jiang Yilun, Wen Youju, sang Qiao and Bai que, seem to get along with their friends. They have nothing to say and almost no secrets to hide in their hearts. In Yaumati, students Sang Sang, Zhi Yue, Xi Ma and Du Xiaokang are cheerful, gentle, lovely and lively. No one is not moved by them. Qin's grandmother, Qiu Erye, Qiu er's mother, and their farmers are simple and kind-hearted, which is shocking.

I was not only attracted by its charm, but also deeply moved by the plot of the story. When I saw that Sang Sang was ill, I cried. I was afraid that sang would die. I prayed in my heart that sang would survive. What impressed me most was that Granny Qin jumped into the water to save a South melon from Yaumati primary school. Just a tiny pumpkin, she can take it as an adult, regardless of her own safety, jump into the water to get it. Unfortunately, such a good person just for a pumpkin and do not wake up the world. When I saw this, two lines of moving tears came down my face again. How I admire the spirit of Granny Qin. Isn't that a good example for us to learn from? Isn't this the Lei Feng spirit that we advocate?

Grass house is a good book. It's so tear jerking. If I have time, I will read it again, even for the third and fourth time & hellip& hellip;

In last year's campus book market, I bought a copy of "grass house". I just left it aside when I got home. After a period of time, I inadvertently turned to it and was gradually attracted by it. Like other interesting books, it can make people laugh at any time, and it can also make people think deeply and enlighten.

The protagonist of this book is Sang Sang. He spent six happy, unforgettable and thought-provoking years in Yaumati primary school. In the past six years, he has grown from an innocent and naughty child to a mature and sensible young man. In this unforgettable six-year life, his friends Lu He, Zhiyue, Du Xiaokang, Ashu and Xima have lived together; Teacher Jiang Yilun, Wen Youju; As well as his father, mother, Qin granny, white sparrow sister and so on, let himself have the understanding of life. They may let him know love, patience, honor, happiness and pain. The content of this page is pushed and helpless by hellip; There are some things that we city people can never learn. It gives me new perspectives, new feelings and new outlook on life, so this book is particularly precious.

The second time I read this book, I learned from it that Lu he's sending charcoal in the snow, and I don't remember the past; Learned the paper month unknown dedication, do a good job without leaving a name of the spirit; He learned Du Xiaokang's noble moral character of being flexible and outstretched and daring to do things; I learned the hard work of Granny Qin to do something & hellip& hellip; Every time in the dead of night, their figures always float in front of my eyes.

Childhood is not only happy, Sang Sang also experienced pain and despair. He had a strange disease called mouse sores. There was a lump on his neck, which was very painful. Sang Sang and his father went all over the hospitals and clinics, and ate countless bitter medicines and folk prescriptions. Finally, he conquered the evil disease. In these gloomy months, Sang Sang became sensible and strong, and at the same time, he didn't pay much attention to fame and gain. Wenyouju weak teacher gave him hope to live, so he finally strong to live. It's said that people who walk along the edge of life and death will cherish every bit of life more. That's what Sangsang is like.

After reading this book, I found many shining places in my life. If you can't find your own advantages, it's hard to achieve. At the same time, we should learn to be tolerant, appreciate others and cheer for others.

"Grass house" is a book worth collecting forever!

Grade 6: Chen Long