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Impressions of the adventure tigers

"Adventure tigers" is a set of adventure novels, but terrible. Diary Diary of grade six

I can't sleep or have nightmares with the little tigers, but I still like it. It tells the story of the adventures of biggie, Patrick and rock. I think the most terrible thing is the resurrection of the Pharaoh. After reading this series of books, I fell in love with exploration, so we organized an 'Dragon' exploration team, and I became a vice captain! This set of books became the 'Dictionary' of the expedition.

"Adventure tigers" is really good-looking. It has become one of the two great books in my heart.

The second grade of Xinzhou Experimental Primary School in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province_ 400 words a few days ago, I watched the adventure of little carp on TV. It tells the story of the rogue snake occupying the Carp Lake, hoping to get five dragon scales and become a real dragon! In order to protect his hometown and save his grandmother, little carp fought bravely. On the way to stop the naughty snake, he met several friends. The naughty snake always watched them with a magic mirror! Every time I got dragon scale, I experienced a lot of hardships, and I got dragon scale through a lot of hardships.

The rogue snake sees from the magic mirror that they have got five dragon scales, so they are going to open the dragon's gate and become the little heroes of the aquarium. They don't want to give up like this. They choose to die together. They want the aquarium to be destroyed, and they trigger volcanic eruptions! But the lobster and fat catfish around him are afraid of death. They betray the naughty snake and secretly go to santoufeng to inform him. In order to prevent the naughty snake from being injured, santoufeng still spares no effort to rescue the aquarium near the volcano. It takes them to Longshu Bay and asks them to wait for the little carp to come back triumphantly. Little carp, they passed all kinds of tests, and Longmen finally appeared. But the naughty snake wants to jump over the dragon's gate and become a real dragon. Little carp, they united to defeat the snake, but the poison of the snake's fangs turned into the snake. In order to destroy the little carp, Longmen absorbed the snake's venom. The little carp successfully jumped Longmen. The aquarium was saved and peace was restored. However, the residual venom of the snake was found in the water. They wanted to find the snake's fangs, Thoroughly eliminate the naughty snake, do not harm the aquarium!

Through this film, I learned from the small carp, they are united, brave spirit, can overcome the power of evil. In the future, I will unite with my classmates and be brave. I can't flinch when I encounter a little difficulty.

Second grade of Xinghuo Road Primary School in Lianhu District, Xi'an, Shaanxi_ In the winter vacation, my mother and I went to the Oscar theater and watched a movie, which benefited me a lot. The name of the film is & lsquo; Little flying tigers. There are three distinct characters in it, namely & quot; Huzi, Xiaoyin, Dazhuang. They are smart and brave. They don't use any weapons, but they can make the enemy confused. They can't tell the southeast from the northwest. They admire the Flying Tigers very much. I like Dazhuang the most. He seems to be a bit stupid, but he has done a good job in guerrilla missions. This is him. Dazhuang is resourceful and brave, and he is fearless in the face of danger. One day, in the reeds, an uncle told him a very important piece of information that he wanted Dazhuang to give to Lao Hong. When I saw one scene, I couldn't help laughing, I didn't expect that Dazhuang was so clever. He told the devils a false message that he would not pee at night, but he would be in a panic if he didn't pee. Those confused officers even asked the translators to translate it with this sentence. Hahaha, I have a stomachache. This movie makes me understand more about the hardships and difficulties of the war-torn era. By contrast, it's so bad, I also know that our life now is not easy, they are our example, we should learn from them, we should study hard, work hard when we grow up, and build our motherland stronger and better. No matter what method the devils use, they can't get information from Dazhuang and others. Why is this? The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you, which makes me puzzled. After thinking about it, maybe it's the determination that is harder than gold, which makes Dazhuang rather die than surrender and never reveal any information. In modern life, this spirit has been carried forward. For example, patriotic Yang Liwei, regardless of the danger of his life, resolutely walked into the cockpit of Shenzhou V, triumphantly roamed the sky, leaving China's footprints in the universe, or Liu Xiang, the track and Field Champion of the Olympic Games, set a new historical record for China. These are not the manifestations of patriotism, Let's take good care of our home from now on.

The first day of junior high school