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Reading experience of mysterious Shige Island

"The mysterious Shige island" tells: a group of mice living in the city do not want to live in fear any more, so they decide to find a boat and go out to sea to find an island of their own. After a long journey, they found a small island of their own, called Shige island. Diary Diary of grade one

However, the mice found a huge footprint. They thought it was a big monster, so they tried to catch Shige. But they are all wrong. Shigege is just a weak animal. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". When the water comes out, the mice and shigege live a happy life together.

I think the mice are really brave, others have never been out of the sea, and they challenge the difficulty and go out to sea. When they encounter a big monster, they think of many ways to defeat the monster instead of escape. I think the brave spirit of the mice is worth learning. In the future, I will try my best to solve any difficulties I encounter and face them bravely. There is also the spirit of unity and cooperation, a strong and courageous heart, who is good at using their brains to solve problems when they encounter problems!

Grade one of red torch primary school in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou: Lu Jiaxi and Lei Feng's spirit that will never be forgotten_ In the twinkling of an eye, March has come to us quietly. Everything is the same, just & hellip& hellip;

Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, I thought: Uncle Lei Feng, how are you? Time flies. 51 years have passed. Your spirit of helping others has spread all over China. Every Chinese is proud of you!

Although you are an ordinary soldier, but with 22-year-old youth, writing his brilliant life. You have moved many great people by your wonderful deeds, and made them write down "learn from Comrade Lei Feng!", This inspires people of all ages to promise their vows in their posts: hard work, hard study, willing to help others & hellip& hellip; Your name has been deeply in people's hearts, become the most perfect star, I respect you!

Although Uncle Lei Feng is no longer here, the spirit of Uncle Lei Feng still exists forever. Others' borrow 'your pen, please' pass' one; When someone falls, please give him a hand; Please help others when they ask for help. In March, let the dream fly; In March, helping others is fun; In March, learn from Lei Feng!

We must strive to be Lei Feng.

Sixth grade: Yang shangqun mysterious thunder tower_ 250 words of phone calls, I remember that when the Flying Tigers were ready to go back to the base, the Flying Tigers received the task call and said: 'Flying Tigers, you have a task. I heard that the biochemical manufacturing laboratory is underground in giant city. You just need to go through the hole where Titan came out'. The Flying Tigers said: 'am I alone? Is there anyone else?', and the phone said: 'yes, we will send fox hunters, blade and spirit fox hunters'. The Flying Tigers immediately saw them waiting in the big hole of giant city.

The spirit fox said: 'Flying Tigers, we are sent from the headquarters, please give us instructions'. The Flying Tigers said:' let's go '. When they came to the laboratory, they found something like a spider. After a while. Lines of robots show up. They have electric shocks. The Flying Tigers said, "kill them.". After a while, the robot is all over. Suddenly there are many monsters. The Flying Tigers immediately said, "destroy them.". They're all dead right now. The Flying Tigers saw the spider coming out. They killed the spiders. At this time, a child appeared. They had to have the heart to kill the child.

The Flying Tigers said: 'the mission is complete, I'm back'.

Grade 6: Wang Junsheng