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Dialogue between Nobel laureates and children

Nobel Prize is an award that attracts worldwide attention. Nobel Prize winners are people who have made outstanding contributions in various fields. Talk to them? It's unthinkable! Diary Diary of grade one

However, we humans have a unique way of communication, that is: reading. When I read the book dialogue between Nobel laureates and children, I feel as if I am communicating with wise people.

There are 21 stories in this book, and 21 Nobel Prize winners in mathematics, politics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, economics, literature and other fields are invited to write stories for children. Nobel Laureates in economics discuss why there is poverty and wealth The content of this page of Nobel physics is pushed to you by "" to analyze "why is pudding soft and stone hard?" Nobel Prize winners in literature: who invented drama The Nobel Peace Prize winner uses his story 'how do I become a Nobel Prize winner Encourage me to be aggressive.

Through reading this book, I find that the wisdom of the master can be told in simple and easy to understand language and humorous and vivid stories. I have found convincing answers to the questions I have asked, the interesting phenomena I encounter in life and the things I don't understand. I can't help laughing when I read some things. Every story can be read between the lines. These outstanding people take great pains and ingenuity to write. I wonder if it is more difficult for them to write such a small story than to write a thesis? Because they have to use the words that our children can understand to tell the truth! The knowledge in this book is quite different from that in the encyclopedia. We can see the patience, care and love of these great figures for children. This is really a unique book.

Fourth grade: Reflections on Gao Yezhong's "a promise worthy of a lifetime"_ 650 words

Honesty is an essential quality for everyone. The book "a promise worth sticking to for a lifetime" tells the importance of honesty. I appreciate the article "interview" in the book most.

According to the interview, Xia, a college student who has not yet been involved in the world, went to his favorite company for an interview. During the second interview, a person asked her to buy a cash detector for the company and gave her 2000 yuan. When Xia bought the cash detector and issued the invoice, the boss asked Xia how much she paid. Xia was very surprised and asked the boss to issue the invoice at the actual price. As a result, the company accepted the college student because she was honest and trustworthy.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it's not strange to write a little fake invoice to get a little small profit. But in Xia's eyes, it seems a little incredible and makes her feel stunned. She adheres to the motto of her life - integrity, she does not want to fall into the field of aphasia, but let us see her noble personality. Should we conquer the world with honesty and appease our conscience just like Xia.

One test, I got full marks, which is a surprising and surprising news, so I am very happy. When I looked at my full score paper, I suddenly found a wrong question. However, the teacher didn't find it. Next to this question, there was a red and beautiful tick. I was very surprised. Why didn't the teacher find it? It made me happy and sad. " 100 'is so conspicuous on the paper, how can it be fake? I don't want to tell the teacher, just take advantage of the teachers and students don't pay attention, a little change is good, no problem. So I raised my shaking right hand and stuffed the paper into the drawer. However, when the tip of the pen touched the paper, I suddenly withdrew my hand. After all, it was wrong to do so. Therefore, under the condemnation of my conscience, I finally summoned up the courage to stand up tremblingly and walked to the general stage: "teacher, I made a mistake in this question, but you didn't find that I didn't really get a 100." Unexpectedly, the teacher looked at me kindly and said to me: 'it's right to do this. Although you didn't get the full mark on the grade, you have the personality of & lsquo; Full marks & quot;! ' I smiled happily. If the nib fell on the paper just now, I would not only be praised by the teacher, but also be condemned by my conscience.

Should we also learn from Xia, possess the treasure of honesty, become the rich people in the world of character, and gain the trust of others.

Sixth grade: Why are there fewer Nobel Prize winners in China than in the United States_ 500 words, actually, won the Nobel Prize. For many people, it is a very difficult thing! But why are there more Nobel Laureates in America than in China? In fact, the key lies in education! I will analyze it for you!

In the United States, some children don't have to study in the morning and evening every day, and they don't have to take exams every time. After primary school, they can directly enter middle school. Everyone's textbooks are different. But it's the same to enter junior high school or other! They have a school bus every day.

We can see that American children have a better education than Chinese children. However, we can draw some truth from the analysis of some Nobel Laureates in the United States, such as Einstein. In primary school students and schools, they are very poor and destructive for a long time. For example, many Nobel laureates study very poorly in primary school or junior high school. But why can they still win the Nobel Prize! Because there is very little time to go to school every day in the United States. There are also some manual lessons, others. Primary school can choose their own interests! Thus in primary school can carry on the specially big development to his interest hobby. In China, children have one day's class every day, and those who don't study well have to go to school! Poor study is his shortcoming! But he has many advantages! But in China, learning is always the first, so that some children who are not good at learning and have other advantages abandon their own advantages. Do you think that compared with American children, Chinese children are not as relaxed as they are.

Maybe some people will say: "learning is important." But some people can't learn at all! He loves physics, geography and so on. If you force them to study. So will they lose their physics and geography? To learn. But they don't learn and end up failing.

I hope everyone who read this paper can explore their potential! If you don't study well! So choose a special subject and learn it well! No matter what others say. I believe I can succeed

Grade one: Wang Zhilin

Wang Zhilin, grade one of junior high school in Fuchi Town, Yangxin County, Huangshi City, Hubei Province